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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 1:03 PM

This is for things I recieved from others but also includes some collabs. I have not listed anything I've given to others

Please note me if I've forgotten something that you've given me or that we've worked on so I can add it to the list :aww:


[ - 11-09-09 - ]
new request from rubymight |3

[ - 10-27-09 - ]
HOLY CRAP this badly needs to be updated XD; I won't even list my updates [but they all should have a little new emote next to it], just know it's been updated... for now.

Yeah, I'll just list my received gift art, requests, kirban katches, collab's here.
It'll be short, and I'm doing this because I forgot what I was suppose to be doing, or what I was going to do first

HO SHI- this entry got huge XD;


From: :iconsireinita:
[LINK] <-- Jovan + Pikachu

From: :icon1black-saber:
[LINK] <-- "Roses Tears"
[LINK] <-- Rose + barbed wire

[LINK]<-- For Aisuryuu
[LINK] <-- Happy White Day for Aisuryuu

[LINK]<-- L
[LINK]<-- Gary Oak
[LINK]<-- Aisuryuu the Killer

From: :iconjessicii:
[LINK] <-- Shikamaru and Stanler

From: :iconflare-mezurashii:
[LINK] <-- Fan art of Wallace! MY Wallace X3

from: :icongaaraxeraxmatsuri:
[LINK] <--- <3 Arcanine sketch!

from: :iconshigeru-chan:
[LINK] <--- my OC Wallace <3


By: :iconnicirara:
[LINK] <-- Gary Oak

By: :iconlaurbits:
[LINK] <-- Kissing Meme: IchigoXIshida

By: :iconlxmatsuda:
[LINK] <-- Death Note Project Runway

By: :iconmatsudaxmikami-ftw: [contest prize - second place]
[LINK] <-- WIP - Ishizu Ishtar
[LINK] <-- WIP - Seto Kaiba

By: :iconrubymight:
[LINK] <--- <3 My OC Micheal |3 [Post-WD version]
[LINK] <--- Lucario~ :new:

By: :icongozenyuji:
[LINK] <--- Pixel doll of my OC Micheal >D [teen version]

Kiriban Katches:

Artist: :iconjessicii:
#: 3,333
[LINK] <--  WIP

Artist: :icondestinywheeler:
#: 2,000</b>
[LINK] <-- Riley (from Pkmn)

Artist: :iconlyurii:
#: 4,444
[LINK] <-- Ishizu Ishtar

Art Trades:

Artist: :icontawna222:
[LINK] <--- Riley~ <3

Artist: :iconkiwi-chan269:
[LINK] <--- Varon from YGO's Doma Arc~

Artist: :iconpichu22cj:
[LINK] <--- ha ha looks like her interpretation of Jovan... but I forgot what I had initially asked for |D;


not my sketches, but I did line art and coloured

Artist: :iconsireinita:
[LINK] <--- Super old sketch from around when we first introduced our pkmn OC's to each other |D; [Wallace + Lucy, Jovan + Pikachu, Lita + Nero]
[LINK] <--- used a couple of her sketches, line arted them, coloured them, then used them as a banner for the club header [Lita and Naia]
[LINK] <--- XD; random quick/doodle comic I LOVED [this was so hard, and I still have things to edit + add on here] [(My OC) Wallace, Steven (Stone), Lita, and Chasity]
[LINK] <--- Another set of doodles I loved. Intended to be viewed together or one after the other. Initially on two separate canvas' SUM LUV FER WALLACE! [WalLita + WalGary]
[LINK] <--- THE manshake |3 another old sketch of hers I adored and wanted to try see some colour for. [Wallace + Micheal]
[LINK] <--- XD random Aisuryuu (YGO OC) and Naia
[LINK] <--- random Clare and Carly doodles |3

lineart I coloured

Artist: :iconliving4him:
[LINK] <-- Find Me

Artist: :iconroyswordsman:
[LINK] <-- Sano Sketch
[LINK] <-- Wallace [WIP]

Artist: :iconmagikpantz: [found at color-me-club
[LINK] <--- Shiny Charmeleon~

Artist: :icontheboyofcheese:

Artist: :iconilovestrawberries: found @ color-me-club
[LINK] <--- Random boy

Artist: :iconharu-shoko:
[LINK] <--- some lizard I f'd up XD;

Artist: :iconsireinita:
[LINK] <--- a doodle of pidge's I splashed colour onto

My lineart coloured by:

Artist: :iconroyswordsman:
[LINK] <-- Gary Sketch
[LINK] <--- my OC's Mich and Rene as a Cool Couple Set preparing for a Double Battle >3

Artist: :icon1black-saber:
[LINK] <--- <3 my Double Battle Cool Couple MichRene line art

Artist: :icontawna222:
[LINK] <--- MichRene Double Battle Image again |3

On iScribble

Artist: :icon1black-saber:
[LINK]  <-- Pkm and Naruto randomness
[LINK] <-- Sasu + Chidori + Itachi's Eye
[LINK] <-- Mostly Naruto
[LINK] <-- Pkm + Naruto
[LINK] <-- Gary Oak + birth of Write-Out-Loud
[LINK] <-- 3,000 Kiriban (Sasuke and Gary)
[LINK] <-- Prof. Shiny-butt (she helped)
[LINK] <-- Sasu + Snakes
[LINK] <-- Bleach shounen-ai

Artist: SaphireStar (not on DA)
[LINK] <-- Pkm
[LINK] <-- Random scribblz with Jch

Artist: :iconsireinita:
[LINK] <-- Pkm scribblz
[LINK] <-- Pkm - Posing for photo
[LINK] <-- School Rumble
[LINK] <-- Mostly Ash
[LINK] <-- Richie and Gary
[LINK] <-- Random scribblz with Sarah
[LINK] <-- Random Snail and RP scene

Artist: :iconlyurii:
[LINK] <-- Pkm themed... but I forgot who added the red text
[LINK] <-- Gary Oak (older and younger versions)
[LINK] <-- Pokémon Trainers (Micheal, Wallace, Jovan, Gary)
[LINK] <-- Prof. Shiny-butt

Artist: :iconlilineko:
[LINK] <-- Un-expected Run-in
[LINK] <-- Egoshipping
[LINK] <-- Mouse Drawn Pkm Scribble
[LINK] <-- Prideshipping (Seto X Yami)
[LINK] <-- YGO: tAS (scribblz)

[For more collabs that are NOT listed here, check out Write-Out-Loud]

Commissioned [By me]:

Artist: :iconihatecollege:
[LINK] <--- "Screw The Rules I Have Money!"

Artist: :iconbotanofspiritworld:
[LINK] <--- Suigetsu Chibi

Artist: :iconsireinita:
[LINK] <--- <3 Gwyn, Wallace, and Chasity


Skin by psychol-bob (modified by Aisuryuu)
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