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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 8, 2008, 6:52 AM
  • Listening to: Ding Dong Song [Tra la la] - Gunther
  • Reading: 'salem's Lot
  • Playing: pkmn or HM:ToT
  • Drinking: my own saliva



Man... my eyes were totally dried out when I woke up this morning. and my blanket wasn't totally on  |D;
even on low it seems the heater was too warm >_>;
but it's usually cold when I wake up XD; why was today different :confused:

I also woke up WAY too early D<
dayum man... it was like... sometime after 4 am when I woke up. I didn't check the clock though, that's just a guess. I felt like crap and still tired... but my body wouldn't let me go back to sleep T_T

Also... Andrew didn't come home when he said he would last night -_-;
he put on the white board that it'd be at 5 or 6... it was like eight or nine and he still hadn't shown up.
I only got like 3.5 hours of sleep yesterday (and that was a 'long nap' in the morning until the afternoon). So I did not feel up to waiting downstairs until like 2 am for him to come home.
If he wants to go out drinking he can sleep wherever he was drinking if he won't even be coming home when he said he would. [either that or he can sleep on the stoop]

mom told him she didn't even want him drinking period >_>;

I've dealt with other ppl who drink all my life. I'm not going to be putting up with it from Andrew. Sure he's family, but all the more reason I won't put up with partying bull-crap.

Which reminds me how epically dissapointed I am with dad.

He started drinking again.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I found out he'd stopped!

And then when I went back to the village for Grandpa's urn burial and feast I found out he started up again...

Can't say I'm suprirsed. It's something I figured would happen, but hoped it wouldn't.

Still... just like before his meds are NOT suppose to be mixed with alcohol...

^^; anyway...

wow... I noticed an increase in Geass doujin's at the one site I go to. Most of them are SuzaLulu X3

8D; also, I was reminded last night about my love for ze Mole from South Park XD;
Man... I wish I were able to find more comprehensible clips of him on You Tube instead of needing to watch the DVD over again |D;
It was so weird watching that movie again after so many years XD;
I hadn't watched it recently, more like a few months ago.

it was b/c of emixoOs latest submission that I was remidned of ze Mole x3
Iscribble Party by emixoO

and HOMFG! I saw cosplay pics of ze Mole and Gregory X3
Viva la Resistance again by JustOldPurpleAngel

Gregory reminds me of Fredrick and ze Mole reminds me of Micheal |D;

Hmm... though this one reminded me that I had some idea in mind at one point in time... that had something to do with Mich and Fredrick... and some iron bars?
Viva la Resistance by JustOldPurpleAngel

X3; and this one... made me think of Mich + Fred x Wallace... |D;
He is mine by Himnar

XD but I just love ze Mole in general:
ze mole by Kit-kits

There are lots more awesome Mole pics here on dA XD; I just haven't saved them recently.
I do have a small collection of SP fan arts though 8D;
I think :iconemixoo: makes awesome SP fan arts though though :heart:…

>_>; wait, wth? I was so sure I had a lot more fan art in that folder/collection.... ^^;

Oh right... and before I forget I'll post a couple meme's I filled out. The first being the one I made Pidge and Kiko-chan give me list for their characters before I gave them the questions X3

Rules: First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

01. Micheal
02. Fredrick
03. Rene
04. Jovan
05. Wallace
06. Lita
07. Gwyn
08. FanGirl
09. Hoops
10. Gary Oak
11. Steven Stone
12. Riley/Gen

Have you ever read a Six/Eleven (Lita/Steven)fic? Do you want to?

Ooh... not exactly, but I must x3

Do you think Four (Jovan) is hot? How hot?

XD I think she's cute. She gets on my nerves personally... but she seems to be attractive enough

What would happen if Twelve (Riely) got Eight(FanGirl) pregnant?

O: FanGirl and Riley?! HOMG... Wallace would flip-out xD;

Can you recall any fic(s) about Nine (Hoops)?

LOL no |D; sorry...

Would Two and Six (Fredrick and Lita) make a good couple?

8D; oh yeah, perfectly

Five/Nine (Wallace/Hoops) or Five/Ten (Wallace/Gary)? Why?

Wallace/Gary for the win! <333 it just rawks. That's why X3 Wallace/Hoops is more one-sided on Hoops' end XD; but that can be fun too.

What would happen if Seven (Gwyn) walked in on Two (Fredrick) and Twelve (Riley) having sex?

8D; she'd... wanna join in? but take pictures first XD; if not video...? |D;

Make up a summary for a Three/Ten (Rene/Gary) fic.

*cough*cough* sorry, I can't stretch my brain that far >_>;
yet... |D; maybe later.

Is there any such thing as One/Eight (Micheal/FanGirl) fluff?

Hell yeah, I'm sure I've made some before xD; not that anyone would've seen it |D;
and it's not drawn. It'd be just in my mind, or little notes/ideas jotted down.

Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve (Gwyn/Riley) hurt/comfort fic.

Does that mean Gwyn is the hurt one? I can see Riely comforting her <3 it'd be fluffy!
"Stars beyond the heavens do not shine more brightly than you"
LOL just the first thing that came to mind. but hell, that's long XD;

What kind of plot device would you use if you wanted Four (Wallace) to deflower One (Micheal)?

XD; that's... impossible |D; sadly. Though... there has been a lot about the reverse XD;

Does anyone on your friends list read Seven (Gwyn) slash?
Oh yes..

Uh... she's a fancharacter XD;
I know I would <3 and Kiko-chan would SO claw at me until I gave it to her XD;;;;

Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven (Steven)?
Well, Pidge does sometimes. I don't think anyone else does. I do sometimes too <3

Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five? (Fredrick/Jovan/Wallace)

Oh, I'm sure Pidge would want that XD;! I don't think Kiko-chan would write it... but she'd want it too ^-^;

What might Ten (Gary) scream at a moment of great passion?
homg... please don't make me imagine XD;
Wallace's name... 8D;?

If you wrote a song-fic about Eight (FanGirl), which song would you choose?

Well... recently there was the idea of using "What Hurts The Most" by Cascada... though "Emergency" by Paramore and "Through Glass" by Stone Sour also came to mind XD; I can't think of others atm.

If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve (Micheal/Lita/Riley) fic, what would the warnings be?

uh... I don't know. Mich and Riely are quite different XD; and things can get angsty with Mich and Lita...?
Maybe just warnings for the kiddies b/c it likely wouldn't be a fic for anyone underage to read XD;

What might be a good pick-up line for Two to use on Ten (Fredrick/Gary)?

Well, you know Fredrick can make any pick-up line work. XD And besides, I'm sure he'd try more than one if it didn't ~<3

When was the last time you read a fic about Five (Wallace)?

LOL the last time I looked at my gallery and ran across it?

What is Six’s (Lita) super-sekrit kink?
LOL that'd be a question for Pidge...
but maybe borrowing Gwyn's Dominatrix gear, or being dominated by a guy she likes XD;?

Would Nine shag Eleven (Hoops/Steven)? Drunk or sober?
XD; I think Hoops would be drunk... maybe somehow mistaking Steven for Wallace...? LAWL omg XD;

If Three and Seven (Rene/Gwyn) get together, who tops?

How would you feel if Seven/Eight (Gwyn/FanGirl) was canon?

8D; I'd feel sort of sad for both Wallace and Hoops. it sounds cute though ~<3

“One and Nine (Mich/Hoops) are in a happy relationship until Nine (Hoops) suddenly runs off with Four (Jovan). One (Mich), broken-hearted, has a hot one-night stand with Eleven (Steven) and a brief unhappy affair with Twelve (Riley), then follows the wise advice of Five (Wallace) and finds true love with Three (Rene).” What title would you give this fic? Name three people on your friends list who might read it. Name one person who should write it.
"Just Another Aisu-style Fic"
1. Pidge
2. Sarah
3. Kiko-chan
XD that actually... sounds a lot like something I could maybe write myself XD; [or something Kiko-chan would be surprised I haven't written yet]
I know Kiko-chan wouldn't be able to end it with Mich/Rene. So I guess it'd be Pidge to write it XD;
Though, the only problem I have is Mich and Hoops being in a relationship, let alone a happy one XD;

Second One

I warn you there, some shippers or fans of certain characters may get offended. So if you think you can't handle any negativity to something you ship or a character you love... don't bother reading it, neh? I'd rather not get into a pointless argument with someone. These are just my personal opinions/preferences, neh?

Pokémon Shippings Meme
[including OC's...? 8D;]

1. Your current shipping obsession?

Hmm... I guess... that could be most shippings involving Wallace XD;
Mostly Mich/Wal, Wal/Lita, and Wal/Steven atm

2. Favorite shipping/s involving Ash?

so totally Palletshipping XD
though... I've developed an appreciation for Comashipping [Shinji/Paul x Satoshi/Ash] (I watch RAW not dubbed)

3. Favorite shipping/s involving May?

AUGH. I hate her... I avoided Battle Frontier and Advanced anime like the PLAUGE. I'm just accustomed to seeing contest shipping though. Woudln't say it's a fav. LOL but whatever Harely x May is... that's gotta be great XD Just for the fact that Harely makes anything epic XD

4. Favorite shipping/s involving Misty?

UGH. I actually hate Misty a lot too. XD; I really dislike Pokéshipping and Egoshipping...
|: but... I think it's Mothershipping, Misty x Togepi that's closest to anything I like shipping Misty with. That's so cannon. But I hate Togepi more than Misty XD; I just don't like shipping her period.

5. Favorite shipping/s involving Brock?

LOL I don't know really. I kind of like him as is. I just don't really like him with Ash or Dawn XD;

6. Favorite shipping/s involving Dawn?

Awe man... I'm not even sure XD; Whatever the shipping for her and Ash is... I guess I like it? Yeah X3 though... I have a thing for Cavaliershipping. Gary x Dawn. <3 and I like Ikarishipping too XD; I'm not very serious about shipping her with anyone at all though.

7. Favorite shipping/s involving Max?

I don't like him. And May x Max disturbs me XD; but I guess I like that one to an extent? As long as you aren't shoving graphic p0rnz in my face of the shipping. Believe me, I've seen it already... and I don't want to see more XD;

8. Favorite girl x girl shipping/s?

man... that's hard.
LOL how about Jenny x Joy? The only females I ever really remeber liking would be Cynthia and Dawn. [I F****n' love Cynthia!] I don't ship them though.
but with my OC's... I like Jovan/Lita and Rene/Lita X3
Wait... also Cassidy x Jesse XD;

9. Favorite guy x guy shipping/s?

a few XD; well, that's an understatment |D;
Emoshipping (my OC's Mich and Wallace)
Originshipping [Cannon!Wallace/Steven]
Jun x Hareta [Pkmn DP Adventure Manga]
I can't remember others atm

10. Favorite human x Pokémon shipping/s?

I actually don't ship humans and pkmn...
though, I have been sort of teased about Wallace x Lucy XD; (my OC and his female Luxray)
|D; and I had a weird dream about Jovan and her male Lucario...
well... maybe James x his pkmn XD

11. Favorite Pokémon x Pokémon shipping/s?

never cared about those much...
[I hate Ash's!Pikachu x Dawn's!Bunnery though. >_>; and I heard about Vineshipping or whatever. That would be shipping both May and Ash's bulbasaur together. Luckily she doesn't have a Bulbasaur anymore XD; I'm sad it's a Venusaur now though v_v; I know, it's mean, but I don't think she's good enough for that pkmn XD; I didn't even like her having a Bulbasaur or Eevee XD]
but I guess:
Gary's Umbreon x Wallace's Luxray Lucy
Wallace's Lucy x Lita's Umbreon Nero
Jovan's Pikachu x Ash's Pikachu
Wallace's Nidoking x Gary's Nidoqueen (or his Nidoking XD)
Jovan's Ditto x Micheal's Shiny Charizard

12. Favorite poly shipping/s ?

too many...? I seriously wouldn't know which ones to list but I can try XD
Mich x Wallace x Rene
Mich x Wallace x Lita
Mich x Wallace x Jovan
Mich x Wallace x FanGirl
Fredrick x Wallace x Gwyn
Rene x Jovan x Lita
Jovan x Lita x FanGirl
Wallace x Steven x Lita
Wallace x Steven x Fangirl
Fredrick x Everyone [XD]
Mostly Anyone x Wallace

13. Favorite Pokémon x other anime character (known as crossover) shipping/s?

XD never thought much about crossovers for cannon... anything really. I just don't do crossovers much at all in general.
but LOL my YGO OC ended up getting shipped with Micheal xD
Mich x Aisuryuu
and then there was talk of Seto x Wallace |D;

14. The first shipping that you supported?

lol prolly Palletshipping? Either that or Rocketshipping

15. How many shippings do you support now and have liked before?

Pfft, I can't number or count them all xD

16. First unnamed shipping you named?

I've only named one between my OC's XD; Emoshipping for Mich and Wallace.

17. Shipping/s that you support which you made a fanfic out of?

Only really made them out of my OC's. I have written some Emoshipping. And some Wallace x Gwyn. Maybe some ficlet things of Wallace x Lita? Nothing else really. Got ideas, but haven't written it. I usually draw mini-comics or just random images for them over fics.

18. Shipping/s that you think you're the only one who supports it?

Hmm... I'm pretty sure there are other Cavaliershippers out there. Maybe Riley x Cynthia?

19. Shipping/s which you were surprised to know that other people also supported it?

Anything with my OC's XD; That always surprises me. Maybe also Rocketshipping |D; don't see those anymore these days.

20. Shipping/s that you support which influenced other people into supporting it?

LOL anyone x Wallace, but mostly Emoshipping or Gary x Wallace? And... maybe anything with Riley X3

21. What's your favorite pedo shipping/s?

uhm... I don't know really XD;

22. Favorite het shipping/s?

Gary x Jovan, WalJo, WalLita, MichRene, Prof.OakxDelia [Ash's mom], Walt x Gwyn, Wallace x Gwyn, Walt/Wal x FanGirl, Mich x FanGirl, Steven x FanGirl, Cavaliershipping, Jun x Mitsumi [DP Adventure Manga], Jimmy x Marina

23. Favorite incest shipping/s?

I don't know...
Though May and her whole family seem to be into incest XD;

24. Favorite anime shipping/s?

Rocketshipping, Palletshipping, Prof.Oak x Tracy XD, Jimmy x Marina

25. Favorite manga shipping/s?

Never read much of the Pkmn Special Manga [B/c I f'n hate Yellow with a passion]. but for Pkmn Diamond and Pearl Adventure:
Jun x Mitsumi
Jun x Hareta
Riley x Roark [XD;]
Galactic Grunt x Galactic Grunt [again XD;]
Jupiter x Mitsumi

26. Favorite shipping/s in the Pokémon RPG games?

Riley x Cynthia, Originshipping, Red x Blue (that'd be the character Red from the Red and blue versions with the 'gary'/rival character X3), I'm probably forgetting some.

27. Pokémon x Pokemon Shipping/s you have created/liked ever since you started playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?

Have never played Mystery Dungeon.

28. Favorite shipping/s from the Pokémon Ranger game?

Never played that one either.

29. Shipping/s that you used to like but got annoyed because of the fanbase?

OldRivalShipping. I hate that shipping now. And it depresses me just thinking about it. And whatever Flint x Volkner is.

30. Shipping/s that you really despise no matter how you look at it?

Pokéshipping, so totally. And... Egoshipping...? None others jump to mind atm.

31. Shipping/s that you started to like after reading a fanfic?

LOL Championshipping...? That's Lance x Ash isn't it?

32. Shipping/s that you started to like after seeing fanarts of it?

Ikarishipping and Cavaliershipping (before Gary was even shown in the Diamond/Pearl anime). Also... Contestshipping too I guess.

33. Shipping/s that your friends support which also influenced you to support it?

XD; Richie x Ash? b/c of Jch |D; I actually used to really hate Richie XD; Though, I don't even like Ash very much XP

34. Favorite movie shipping/s?

Mew x Mewtwo and sir Aaron x Lucario. I didn't really like the movies after the first two, and I stopped watching em after three. I have seen the one with Lucario [and ended up seeing the one with Jiraichi?] *owns it*, and saw the ending of the one with Celebi with Wallace on YTV years ago.

35. Popular shipping/s that just doesn't have any appeal to you at all?

Pokéshipping. It's so friggin' popular it makes me sick. The fans of it are so rabid. It sickens me b/c it reminds me of the insane Sasuke fan girls. Also... I just don't like Misty, or how the shipping was being forced into the dub. I don't know... what else is popular atm? Prolly also Flint x Volkner.

36. Favorite CotD (Character of the Day, a.k.a. minor characters) x Main Character shipping?

lol I don't know. Can't remember any atm.

37. Interested in Coordinator x Coordinator shippings?

Well... not really. I don't like contests remember? XD; Other than maybe May x Harley or Walt x Gwyn likely none between two co-ordinators.

38. Favorite CotD x CotD shippings?

XD I can't think of them atm

39. Favorite actual canon shippings?

Are there even any real cannon ships? None that I can think of that I support. Seeing how I don't feel there are any perfectly solid, and stated as being cannon, ships XD;

40. Shipping/s that your circle of friends supports, but you don't?

Egoshipping, Pokéshipping.

41. What year did you start to get into the shipping fandom of Pokémon?

XD I can't even remember, it's been years

42. Do you think your taste for Pokémon shippings has changed from the year you started?

Yeah, I've gotten a lot more picky xD

43. Are you fine with one shipping going against the other shipping?

Yeah, sure <3 that can make it more interesting x3

44. A shipping you like that doesn't have a fanart/fanfic yet, which you wish it would have one?

Steven x Lita, Steven x FanGirl, MichRene, (and WalLita?) [for fanfics]. I can't say for any non-fan chara shippings... I don't read fics much, and I can't say I go out looking for fan arts XD

45. Shippings which you think are gay ?

I'm not sure how to take this question XD;

46. Shippings that you think should never had existed in the first place? D=

D: Pokéshipping. Other than that, I don't really mind any as much. Hell, I can tolerate Egoshipping [and appreciate fan art of it], just not Poké. Miya is the only reason I don't go all out on Pokéshipping XD; Though... I'm so pissed off that out of my ENTIRE gallery... my one crappy [Pokéshipping] Oekaki scribble I drew for Miya is my most popular image >_>

47. How long did it take you to finish this survey?

LOL I wasn't keeping track XD;

48. Do you even remember the time you started?

LOL no |D;

49. Do you wish to kill the person who created this survey? XD

Nah, I choose to take it in the first place xD

50. Got any more questions to add to this Pokémon shippings survey? XD

eh, I dunno. *shrug*

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Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself. Footer by Ginnchi
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