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Edit:[ - Point Commission Price Increase Soon! - ]

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 9:01 PM

Okay, so I've made my changes and the prices for points commissions match the paypal commissions. [The journal] reflects these changes, and so does the widget on my front page.

Just thought I would make a reminder post!

I'll be bumping up the prices of my :points: commissions to being the same as my [paypal commissions] soon.
Sometime next week is likely when I'll make the change.

So if you wanted to get a commission off of me before the increase now is your chance!

Points Commission Sale Info:
CLOSED! [ - Quick Digital Commissions Sale! - ]Thanks for having an interest in my work! Sorry, but these commissions are closed now. You can check out my [points commissions page] or [general commissions page] for more information on commissioning me though!
I need to get back into drawing more often... I haven't been drawing enough. So I'll be opening up some discount digital commissions to help me practice!
These will available for a limited time. I will likely close these quick commissions next month near or before the end of summer, so sometime in August. I will update this if I get a specific time for closing it when/if I reach it, or if my slots are full and I do not add more.
I have other digital commission offers available in the commissions widget you can view on my profile page. If you want
Pay Here - Quick Headshot Flats by Aisuryuu  Pay Here - Quick Bust Flats by Aisuryuu  Pay Here - Quick Halfbody Flats by Aisuryuu
[ - Points Commissions! - ][Paypal Commission Info] --- [Subscription Commission Info]
These are for digital commissions! If you want traditional art check my main commissions journal for prices:
Also, These commissions do NOT include a background! If you would like an image with a SIMPLE background please check out my main commissions journal entry.
:bulletwhite: I reserve the right to reject a commission request.
I will tell you if I think it is just beyond my capabilities. Then (hopefully!) we can compromise to something I think I can handle drawing!
:bulletwhite: I will post the images I draw for points commissions into my gallery.
:bulletwhite: I will draw OC's, but I'll need a colour picture reference or two in order to do so! So please have tho

I do also give a free sketch when you buy any of my stationary in this post!
[ - Stationary For Sale! - ]Edit: Okay! So I was able to lower the shipping price XD;
It's a flat $5 atm. I'm thinking I might be able to fit about 2-3 packs of stationary into the same package for that price? I'm not 100% sure on that but I hope so. That would be just for US and Canada though. I'd still have to check on shipping to other countries. No real idea how much that might cost off the top of my head. But just send me a note if you're interested and I'll look into it for you!

Like with my bookmarks I've built-up quite a bit of stock. I finally had some free time to get all this gathered together so I am making a journal with them all gathered in one place~
I hope to clear these out so I can get some new stock for Farmer's Market this year.
I am also giving free sketches with orders! See below for more information on this.

  Stationary Sets:
:bulletblue: PokeOC's 1
 [Stationary For Sale!]

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August 18, 2013