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EDIT x 2 [ - Absent - ]

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 14, 2008, 6:37 AM
  • Listening to: Your Guardian Angel

Please don't punish me, sensei!


Yeah, I'm going to be away most of tomorrow. I should be in bed actually |D; gotta wake up early tomorrow. Mom's got an appointment in [Prince] Rupert, and she's gotte be there by 10 am >_>;

Luckily she was sort of able to get a few things worked out for it ^^; we were worried for a while.

was watching old 80's (are they all from the 80's? I remember them as a kid anyway XD) music vids today, sent em to Pidge to watch later |D; after all that I don't feel like posting them here in my journal, but I can list them:
:bulletblue:U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
:bulletblue:Bad - MJ <-- mostly this one
:bulletblue:Beat It - MJ
:bulletblue:Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
:bulletblue:Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice (and a parody on this by Jim Carrey XD; and a mix of some Justin Timberlake vid with this song instead)
:bulletblue:Step by Step New Kids On The Block

but two sounded like they'd be from the 80's XD
by Calvin Harris.
sorry, the first one needs spaces in the URL b/c dA screws up the link otherwise
[http ://www .youtube. com/watch?v= p1S3JCknQJ4] <-- "Acceptable in the 80's"
and "The Girls"

It was acutally "The Girls" that I saw first. It was on my profile page on My Space for a while XD;
and I breifly had "I get all the girls" in my dA name |D;

So yeah, I will probably not have much to post (art-wise) tomorrow either.

though... thanks to this old 80's music, and talking a few things over with Pidge, I have some new fan arts ideas |D; though, how I can get some of the ideas I did while listeing to Bad makes no sense...

But no, I'm not posting spoilers this time, Pidge will be the only one to know!

but yeah, I really should be logging off now... I just felt I had to post this journal first, neh?

ttyl! ~<3

--- Edit ---


T_T I didn't get any sleep at all... instead...
>_>; I got stuck watching more Trigun...

ls;ktha'awejaslktwhe'takjse;'d >_<!

*sighs* well, if mom's appointment is at like 10, we should be leaving at like 7:30 or maybe even seven... I guess I should take my shower at 6:30 |D; that's in like *checks* about 40 minutes.

*deep sigh*

augh... why do I feel so depressed recently? I have Pidge to talk to, and I've even been able to talk to some people I haven't talked to in ages, and that I missed...

Still, I feel so tired and pretty worried too I guess.

Oh yeah, if I haven't told you guys/girls here yet, I might lose the internet. Hopefully not.

But mom and I are getting into dire straights for money.
I may have to try squeeze out an extra $100 for rent this month T_T;

so please, if there was EVER a better time, commission me?
I'll give you double the work for half the price of it...


though I know no one is doing much better than I am. Times are hard everywhere, I know.

I'm just really worried about my parents. Neither of them are in the best of shape.

I already lost grandpa. I knew he was going though. It's a miricle he lasted as long as he did. He was really sick too.

There is so much death back in the village right now. And violence here in the city has gone up pretty bad too.
I live on Southside, it's not as bad as the other side of the tracks but... it's not all that great either.

Not that I should really be posting any of this |D it's none of your business and you can't do anything about it anyway...

I don't think I'll be able to write for Wallace Decides as soon as I'd like to.

It's so dramatic, and I feel aweful around now. I need a break from it, I hope you understand. I think I'll write something from futher back in the story for Wallace and Jovan and everyone. Something less Emotional, maybe more comedic and less angsty.

I know how much you all want more Wallace Decides. Believe me, I want to write more, I just can't right now.

Heh, and I started listening to "Your Guardian Angel" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
[And somehow, that guy sounds like someone I know, or hear a lot... though I probably just listen too it too much, he sounds pretty familiar]
I know this may be a  spoiler, but whatever.
Somehow one of the first things to come to mind with this song ended up being Wallace x Lita.

I know I never draw it, write it, or talk about it. But it's always been a shipping I liked.
And maybe Emoshipping fits them better than Mic x Wal XD;

But yeah, whatever. Somehow it just seems sort of like Wallace to say something like that. I tried to imagine some Micheal x Jovan to those lyrics... but I didn't feel it the same way as Wallace x Lita.
I couldn't see Fredrick saying something like that, maybe not. Same with Hoops. It seems to far of a stretch for Hoops.

And Wallace decides has me agonizing even more about who to pair Wallace with.
I can strongly see Wallace and Micheal, but I also can sort of see Wallace and Lita as well.
Though, I don't know how well that would work.

Of course, I have crack Gary x Wallace and WalGary ideas...
Maybe even Wallace x Gwyn and Wallace x Jovan.

But... I can also see throwing someone else into the mix before having him end up with someone else in the group.

Also, Hoops will be getting a bit of a make-over.
We'll be seeing him again, though, I don't know how many of you really know Hoops in the first place ^^;

I sort of want to post the letter I had Wallace write to Lita...
and I was considering colouring some of the sketches pidge drew but...
Colouring takes so long, and it's not easy for me.

So, anyway, I have two things I might work on instead of Wallace Decides. either the Mystery Co-ordinator Arc, or write up the first meeting with Fredrick.

I already talked over things with Pidge for her characters involving some plot for both of those ideas.

And I'm really sorry that I havn't worked on anything for my collab comic with Kiko-chan either.

But Wallace Decides and other things relating to my characters and things going on with me had me reminiscing and such...

I also still feel guilty about liking Micheal and Wallace together so strongly. Somehow he seems to have sort of become bisexual or something >_>;
Also, like I said before, Wallace and Micheal and my pkmn OC's started off being based off of ppl I know so... pairing them together is still a little weird on me.

I do really want to scribble some Wallace x Jovan though, seriously I do. I think the poor guy deserves that much. Something. I mean, he's been in love with her for so long. I can't just have him drop that and move on. Though... I don't know.
I think he's been trying to get over it for a while now already.

Also, I was considering having Gary and Jovan in a relationship, even for a somewhat short time, but just to have them paired at some point.

I still can't decide if Micheal will make a move on Jovan while Wallace is gone though.
Did any of you know he's also got feelings for her?
There is a bit of a love triangle between the three of them... I guess.
Though the more obvious one was Gary-Wallace-Jovan.

But then, I like Walt x Gwyn too.
|D and Walinda and Gary, if not Walinda x Jovan >_>;
And no, I still have NO CLUE how Wallace turned into a girl for a while <_<

But I really really like Steven x Lita >_<#

and Jovan x Lita... or Lita x Jovan.

Gwyn and Jovan don't seem to have a whole lot in common...
but there are ideas for having them bond too.

I really  need to find a way to make Wallace and Steven friends too. I mean, sheez, they should be friends!

And I need to write/draw more involving Riley...
maybe more for Jovan than Wallace. And maybe some Roark for Wallace [and Steven?]

I'm not sure how early to make Wallace loving Jovan. It would be before they meet Fredrick, so sometime in Kanto likely (if just before Johto?), b/c they meed Fredrick in Hoeen. So far I have it set to being shortly after they meet. Not imediatly maybe, it would take a short time at least to get Wallace to be more social. But thanks to his falling out with Hoops, he'd be feeling a little lonely and vulnerable, and it would be easier for him to form bonds with Jovan b/c of her personality, and with Micheal because he'd look up to him. He is five years older than Wallace after all. He'd see him as a role model until he gets to his later teens, then it would be more like a best friends relationship.

So yeah, he'd likely be displaying obvious feelings for her, but be fighting against it because he wouldn't want to accept falling in love with someone. (obviously he does in the end XD)

But originally I just have him falling for her rather quickly, and it just getting stronger and stronger quickly after he realizes he's really in love with her. But he'd be a little intimidated by Gary (more about Jovan liking him than anything though, so more for him being a rival in love, but he's also a trainer rival). He can see Jovan likes him, and he's never been on friendly terms with Gary. I am going to make it so that Wallace knew Gary before he met Jovan. (it would be through Prof. Oak)

Well, I've been blathering on for a while now, I think I should end this and get ready do shower |D;

I also got tagged by :iconbeckyanime: it seems XD;

1. Choose 10 of your closest friends on dA (you don’t have to know them in RL).
2. List them down in no order.
3. Write a paragraph explaining what you like about them.
4. Post your favourite of their deviations below (Non-subscribers can name and describe the deviation).

augh, this is going to be hard >_<

1. :iconsireinita:
Of course, I'd be putting her here. I met her years ago, don't even know how long ago now XD but way back in the day when Neopets used to be an alright site to be on |D; I consider her one of the few ppl I'd trust with pretty much anything, and I love her art and ideas, and even our random chats.
Contract by Sireinita
some of my favorite things of hers aren't on dA |D;

2. :iconlyurii:
Yeah, I forgot when or how we met, but she is one of the most awesome ppl ever! :XD: she's cute, funny, random, and best of all... marred too |D
5. Seeking Solace by Lyurii

3. :icongaaraxeraxmatsuri:
Yeah... her sketches are nice. Fun person to chat with! I don't really know what else I can say XD;
Mahado x Mana by GaaraXEraXMatsuri

4. :iconkiko-chan-64:
We're Canadian, eh? One of my rare and far-in-between Canadian buddies XD! I love you so much Kiko-chan! and having you away for two weeks is torture T_T I'm all emo like Wallace in your absence...

5. :iconflare-mezurashii:
Uhm... I don't think we actually talk much XD; but I love her art! o_o she also surprised me with a fan art of... Wallace! My baby! <3333

6. :iconlilineko:
Oh Lili... it's rare for me to meet someone like you! we are same age (right?) and have similar interests! We have things in common that I can't even begin to post |D

7. :iconneeds2damoar:
o_o how did we become friends? XD she was like, a fan of mine I guess. And her cuteness is so adorable it's infectious to like her. <3 you know I love you little girl!

8. :iconroyswordsman:
Oh hell yes. We've had some super rough times! >_>
but things seem all good now? LOL
Grimmjow Jaggerjack Coloured by royswordsman

9. :icon1black-saber:
<3 like a long lost sister. I don't remember where we met, but when I think My Space I think of you XD (well, and Ginny too, but that's besides the point)
for aisuryuu by 1Black-Saber

10. :icontawna222:
A fellow Gary fan |D she's fun to chat with, and has cute submissions!

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---->>>"Leaving dA" article by Kiko-Chan-64<<<----


Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Pokémon, Gen/Riley (c) Satoshi Taijiri. Wallace, Jovan, Dragon design(c) myself
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Sireinita Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008
You should get more sleep, missy! XD Roffle, I should be one to talk. It seems our sleep schedules are equally wonky... and, at times, nonexistant.¦D;

Mmm, I was barely born in the 80s (1989, baby!), but it's my favorite era of music. @w@ The fashion and anime produced during that time also appeals to me a lot. I'll probably be watching those vids over and over once I get back to school. X3

Ah, I sincerely hope things get better for you! It seems we're both down in the dumps lately, but your problems are much more concrete than mine, so I hope they're resolved as well as they can be as soon as they can be... :heart:

And don't worry about updating Wallace Decides quickly. Of course we love it and are eager to read and see more of it, but not if you're not having fun with it. Besides, those older stories are sure to rock hard, too! d(^_~)b

Aww, I looked up the lyrics for Your Guardian Angel, and it's such a sweet song! I can definitely see Wallace singing it to someone; he just seems like the type that wants to protect people from getting hurt. <3

Haha, as for the final pairing of Wallace Decides, we all know that Wallace is going to return with Ash on his arm, because Ash is a fucking haxxor who wins at everything. :| But in all seriousness... I don't mind who he ends up with. ¦D;;; Wallace is one of those characters I luvvle to bits and like with everyone. XD Haha, if this were a DVD, there woud be, like, a million alternate endings in the Extras section. XD Haha, I don't think I realized before how much of a pimp Wallace (plus his other forms) can be. ¦D

Well, having Wallace like Micheal might not necessarily make him bisexual... like, maybe he generally likes girls, but likes Micheal for himself? Haha, it's kind of hard for me to explain, but what I mean is, just because he likes Micheal doesn't mean he's attracted to guys, just Micheal. But I know what you mean about the awkwardness revolving around pairings characters based on irl people. XDDD

Hm, I think that since Micheal knows Wallace likes Jovan, he would be loyal enough to not "make a move" on her while Wallace is gone, but something might come up that inadvertantly draws them together? Haha, I feel like openly hitting on her would be a dick move, but seeing him try to be indifferent to her, for the sake of his friend, but failing to do so because of external forces would be oh-so delicious. @@ <333

As for all the other pairings you mentioned, I like them all, too! @w@ Haha, it's fun to see each happen, at least slightly, at some time or another. X3

Yeah, I definitely think Steven and Wallace would be good friends because of their mutual love of rare stones and training. Maybe they could meet at a stone museum/store, convention, or dig site (haha, I still remember the scribble idea of them involved in a "friendly" digging competition). If not then, they'd inevitably meet each other through Lita and Gwyn.

I really like the ideas you have so far for beginning Wallace's feelings for Jovan. They sound very practical, especially the first one, about his falling out with Hoops and being vulnerable as a result.

Roffle! My off-dA scribbles... I think I have the most fun doing those. ¦DDD

Hmm, I didn't comment on every little thing this journal as I suppose we'll chat about it tonight. >w<
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
XD; yeah, nonexistant at times seems rather accurate...

I was like half-way XD '85
Though, I do have memories from as far back as when I was two! LOL
Oh yes, those vids are awesome |D

Yeah a lot of ppl seem to be stressing recently. I hope things start getting a little better myself. My body can't handle so much stress as well as it used to |D;

XD yeah, thanks for the support Pidge. I hope they are well recieved.

Yeah, that song sounds like a real Wallace song. He certianly tured out a lot better than I thought he might. and I figured he wouldn't be that popular XD;

Oh hellz yeah, we know it'll end up being Ash |D that guy gets everything without even trying.
XD; oh yes, if it was a DVD he'd have a totally seperate disc just for alternate endings!
I know... he seems to be able to be paired with just about anyone... and for it to have some feesibility XD; I think the most crack-tactular pairings would be him with Ash, Fred, and Gary. Though... I do like him with Gary too XD;

Well, it's not just because of Micheal though. It's also b/c of pairing him with Gary or other guys |D;
but yes, I can understand what you mean about him liking Micheal, but still being attracted to girls.
Him being bisexual is more a joke on how he can pair up with anyone XD;
I just don't want to complicate things too much by pairing him with a bunch of ppl >_> but with how long the timeline is, it doesn't seem too bad to have him slightly paired with or at least hinted at being paired with others.
Still, I wouldn't mind actually seriously drawing something (or a few things) of him paired with Jovan. Especially when he comes back. Though my strongest pairings would be for Micheal and Lita still.
Yes... awkward much! It's Micheal's base that has the most trouble with it I think XD; more than my bro. My bro is more like, *sighs* "yeah... yeah... -_-;"
which... actually seems to be opposite personality traits to the characters they are the base for XD;;;

I used to have a bit of trouble with pairing another couple of characters that were sort of based on IRL ppl too |D not so much anymore though.

Yeah, I couldn't see it in his character to make a move on her while Wallace is gone either. I guess that's why I had a few things in mind that may end up drawing them together |D I already told you one of them... and yeah.

XD; I know... so many pairing options... it is nice for a storyline to be so open, for the fans at least. But it can be difficult to write, or to let it stay that way |D; It seems to flow alright for me. I mean, by the time Wallace is about 18-19 and he can still have so many pairing options XD!

Yeah, I would prefer if they meet one another at a store/convention/or dig site, and them maybe realizing later that they both know Gwyn and Lita XD

|D eh... and then I could see awkwardness if Wallace does really end up falling more in love with Lita, or starts trying to display an interest in her.

Seems he's always got competition for his love interests XD;
Well... yeah, except maybe Micheal. But... |D; then that's still complicated and different in itself.

Oh yes, I still really want to try scribble out that idea for the digging competition XD;
And I really need an outfit design for Wallace and Jovan between Sinnoh and Kanto. Though... I don't really like their Kanto outfits as is |D;

Yes, that's just the way I can see it being. With his type of personality, it's VERY unlikely for him to just fall for someone completely and be accepting it at first sight.
Also, his sort of protectivness of her would've sort of started b/c of her clinging to him in Viridian Forest XD;

|D oh yes, I don't NOT post much on dA XD;;;;

Oh yes, we'll have plenty to chat about tonight XD;
Sireinita Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008
Oh yeah, I completely forgot about pairing Wallace with Gary or the other guys. ¦D; But this is true; the timeline is of a decent length, so hints here and there aren't going to hurt anyone. >w< That way, fans of every pairing have something to go on. Hee hee, and of course I'd love to see some Wallace x Jovan stuff, it was my first fave pairing with him, of course. X3

Haha, I like Wallace and Steven meeting beforehand better, too. It'd be funny to see them calmly get acquainted, then eventually start geeking out over stones. XD

Ah, yes, Wallace seems to have the habit of choosing complicated love interests, roffle, but that's why we love him. X3 This makes me think of the "Stop the Wallace Abuse!" type pic you did a while ago. XD;
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
XD; yeah, exactly. He was even paired with Fredrick at one point b/c of a scribble I mad >_>;
but yeah, the Gary x Wallace is a bit of a given. and I sort of see some Wallace x Hoops b/c of how Hoops is with Wallace XD; though it seems mostly unwanted on Wallace's end.

Yeah... I hardly ever pair Jovan and Wallace |D; I really would like to try more sometime.
I didn't do it much at first b/c of Kris, and how those characters were initially based off my bro and I XD;
Though... you know how things may end up with her probably/maybe being his half-sister anyway XD; I also considered maybe Wallace telling Lita about finding that out one time, in the middle of her either going over, or trying to start one of her plans to get them together |D and maybe being kind of emo about it.

Yes, I can totally see that. especially since I think they'd not find people like one another all that often XD

Oh yes, that does seem to be why we love him so XD;
I know... I think about that image a lot |D;
Jch started to love his "emo rock" b/c of it XD
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