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EDIT 2 - [ - 44,444 kiriban approaching! - ]

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 28, 2010, 4:27 PM

:iconrainbowheartplz: :iconpidge-fc::iconkris-mich-fan-club::iconrainbowheartplz:

|D yeah, felt like making a journal to say that. it was @ 44,352 last time I checked?
I'll give away a simple request if you catch it and show me proof~


Only a few more! it's in the 44,400's!

and to take up space... a couple meme's |D

Pokémon Meme:

Stolen from :iconboo--xo:

1) What was your first Pokémon game?
- Pokémon Red!

2) Can you remember who your starter was? If so, who?
- Bulbasuar~ because everyone and their mom was choosing Charmander. Though I like blue I was more into grass-type pkmn at the time.

3) Did you ever complete the Pokédex in any games? Which one(s)?
- I love to brag that I was the first in my circle of gamers to complete it in Red! no cheating! only trading~

4) Did you watch the Pokémon animé? Who was your favorite character?
- Gary Oak was so my favorite. Then they changed him D< so it was Paul~

5) Do you still watch the animé?
- ha ha hardly.

6) What's your favorite Pokémon type? Explain.
- Dragon, because I'm obsessed with them. Blue dragons are my fav b/c blue is my fav colour next to black XD and yeah, they're powerful.

7) Who's your favorite Pokémon? Explain.
- I always had trouble answering this. I tend to say Gyarados. Because it's blue and I seem to raise one every generation. And it's always one of the key players of my team.

8) Which Pokémon do you dislike the most? Explain.
Igglybuff? I hate the jigglypuff family. I didn't even like igglybuff's dex entry = I dislike most baby pkmn as a general rule. They're stats suck and so does their movepool. Though I also deeply dislike Torchic.

9) Which is your favorite region? Explain.
- Kanto. Because it was the beginning and the trainer greater than god [red] is from there |3 Kanto is for winners!

10) Which is your favorite Pokémon series (ie, Kanto 1-151, Johto 152-251, Hoenn 252-386, Sinnoh 387-493)? Explain.
- well... I don't really know. I can't decide.

11) Can you say a series Pokédex, without a reference, in order?
- ha ha I don't think so

12) Do you know all the type advantages, disadvantages and all the super-effective moves for each type?
- well I'd get stumped on a few. I know sometimes mid-battle I get stuck and ask Wal if he remembers XD; but he'd cheat. he used to use his Poketch in Pearl to find type effectiveness =

13) Did you prefer Pokémon before the new ones, or after?
- I sort of prefer the old ones I guess. Some of the new ones are neat. I've liked less and less of the new ones with each generation however. I do like new type mixes though!

14) Have you got an Original Character who is a trainer?
- PFFF Do I? I have too many! OTL

15) Have you ever wrote a fanfiction story about Pokémon?
- Yeah. Generally they are with my OC's.

16) Was the OC based on yourself?
- Well... one of them was SUPPOSE to be. but we are like... so nothing alike XD;

17) Who is your favorite Gym Leader?
- gym leader? I tend to prefer champions XD; I'll have to check bulba for all the gym leaders then see-
Wait, what am I saying?! I shouldn't need to think about it before saying Green! but then I always think of him as a former champion rather than a gym leader |D;

18) What about Elite Four trainers?
- Hmm... I remember Loreli used to be a favorite of mine. Because I loved ice types. [I actually NEVER liked Lance ever... go figure.] I don't remember playing Emerald that much so I can't say one of them. I liked all the E4 other than Flint for Sinnoh |D; so I guess I'll stick with Loreli

19) If you lived in the Pokémon world, who would your starter be?
- EEVEE! *dodges bricks* I'm Kidding! Well a Riolu would be nice |D; but if I had to pick a starter of one of the regions... probably a grass-type.

20) Which city would you live in before you started your journey?
- I'd so want to live in Snowpoint.

21) Would you travel just in the one region, or spread to other places?
- I'd definately travel as much as possible. So spreading out to other places is a given.

22) Would you train just one type or different ones?
- I'm so training more than one type. I like to try for a balanced team.

23) What kind of Poké-Person would you be-- Trainer, Breeder, or Gym Leader?
- Trainer. I'm going for the championship baby! POKEMON MASTAH!

24) Would you collect Gym badges or keep Pokémon as pets?

25) Who is your ultimate two-on-two team? Explain.
- man... double battles are always hard for me to choose for. I can't remember who I used to use in Platinum... I generally go for single battles. Probably Gyarados and Lucario?

Girly Meme?

stolen from :iconshadowab:

1. How long do you need to get ready in the morning?
Uh... depends on if I HAVE to look nice [like for an interview or some kind of semi-formal social function]. I don't take long to get ready. a few minutes. it's WAKING UP that takes me a long time XD;

2. What is your girliest habit?
er... I'm not really sure XD; maybe ensuring I have my accessories on right? like realigning my necklaces so the clasp/knot is at the back of my neck. playing with alinging my rings, or adjusting my earings if I'm wearing any? My gloves are for praticality. I need them to keep my hands warm [yes, even in summer. I have cold hands wtf?]

3. Your favorite perfume?
don't have one. I don't wear perfume. and I'm sensitive to scents.

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
ha ha that I'm not hording b/c I ruined them and they are unwearable? I have like ONE pair of runners, one pair of dress boots, maybe 3 pairs of sandles... and I guess that's it? I still have a few pairs I have to throw out b/c the heel's are all F'd up... but I can't D8 I get attached to favorite pairs of shoes. Wearing them until I can't anymore. then hanging onto them for ages after XD;

5. Do you go to flea markets or garage sales?
oh I love garage sales. haven't been to a flea market in ages. would love to though!

6. Do you drive a car daddy bought you?
LAWL dad buy ME something? I think not.

7. Do you record soaps from TV?
PFF no. I hardly even watch TV period!

8. Daily beauty routines?
uh... none really. sometimes I even forget to brush my hair XD; or teeth right away... >_>;

9. How often do you buy new clothes?
OH GOD. I don't like clothes shopping. I can never find anything that fits. tops are too small around the bust and too big around the rest of the torso. pants are never long enough. shoes never fit right. it's a nightmare. I try not to shop for clothes unless I need them. or if there is an insane sale on something I'd actually wear. Which is almost never. Fashion was always pretty stupid but what's coming out NOW I'd not want to put on!

10. The daily newspaper, tabloid or a fashion magazine?
if anythign it's the newspaper I read.

11. Are there any male celebrities up on your walls?
ha ha non fictional ones? No. it's all anime/manga guys [plus a couple spider-man images], dragons, and other non-human things.

12. What is your wardrobe like?
uhm... do my random stashes of clothes count as a wardrobe? isn't there suppose to be some sort of pattern to a "wardrobe"? I just buy/wear whatever I like or find comfortable |D
lots of jeans. My shirts are all over the place style genre wise, but what I have most of would probably be t-shirts. I'd really like some 1/2 and 3/4 sleeve shirts though. and I MUST get more men's dress shirts to go with my ties!

13. And your candy stash?
ha ha same as the other reply. I don't stash the candy, I eat it asap |D

14. Do you invest on decorating?
do I what? I don't know what that means XD; I just toss whatever I like into any spare spot in my room. and it's hella crowded in here. Never really 'decorate' because I rent and I see no point b/c I'm leaving anyway.

15. When in a group, are you one of the guys or a giggling girl?
One of the guys. the tend to forget I'm female most of the time |D

16. Your taste in underwear?
hmm... lately I've been getting more into bikini underwear. I dunno, like just elastics on the side. NOT THONGS OH GOD. but I actually prefer men's boxers best~

17. Is it important to have matching clothing?
LOL NO. something my bro can't stand about me.

18. Does your Facebook account have shopping listed as a hobby?
no face book account for me

19. What about Sex And the City as a favourite show?
uhm... I think I've seen an ep or two? never much cared for it. I know when I was going to college they used to put the eps on the big screen in the fancy ass Kiva [campus café].

20. What are your friends like?
Pervy nerds?

21. Do you have girls' night outs?
ha ha I was just telling pidge some time ago that I don't know what that's like XD;

22. What music are you listening right now?
LAWL "rughs from me to you" by Owl City just ended. Then this piano [remix?] version of Red's champion theme just started:…
wild jump? yes. But that's how I roll.

23. Do you sunbathe, go to solarium or use self-tanning products?
wtf is Solarium? and no, I don't sunbathe or self-tan.

24. Is watching sports the one thing you don't understand?
only certain sports. I hate soccer/football, American football, and baseball. I love golf, curling, tennis, and [for you American's I'll add "ice" to the start? ha ha] hockey though.

25. Is your dream to work as a salesperson in a clothing or a shoe store, an interior decorator, a fashion designer or a flight attendant?
OH GOD NO. I'd so not want to do any of those. well, maybe flight attendant is the least of those evils. I gotta respect a girl who can do any of those WELL.

26. A hair product you couldn't live without?
probably conditioner. I can't brush my hair without it. stupd fine hair tangles so easily. and I can't stand to have it everywhere! so without conditioner I'd have a rat's next that would annoy me b/c it'd get in my way |D;
I don't use hair gel, hairspray, or anything else. just shampoo and conditioner for me |D

27. Do you change clothes to go partying?
partying? I don't... go partying period XD;
but I guess I usually do, depending on where I'm going and who I'm going with. Keep with being comfy though.

28. Do you like pretty boys, unkempt rockers and/or world healing hippies?
Not really into pretty boys IRL. Not so sure about unkempt rockers either. and what the hell are 'world healing hippies' exactly? I'd actually prefer a little bit of each in the three. The cleanliness of a pretty boy, the causualness of a rocker, but the honesty of a hippie? ha ha so went on a tangent there

29. How much clothes do you own?
well my closet hanger is full. but I don't even wear half of what's in there. it's in the closet b/c I like... usually don't ever take it out XD; I have a couple small drawers of clothes by my bed. but I only actively use maybe 4 of the 9 drawers |D; I tend to forget I have some certain articles of clothes. Been trying to vary my clothing rather than being like my bro and just wearing like 2-3 pairs of clothes [washing them regularily of course!]

30. Do you get manicure/pedicure?
Mom actually got me to get a manicure this summer for the first time.
Ugh. I had 'the new girl'. She certainly was new. she made my fingers bleed a little. And I guess the reason why ppl go to get their nails cleaned of the shit they get put on during a mani/pedi is b/c it's shitty as hell doing it yourself at home XD; what a mess!

31. Do you wear jewelery?
Yeah. prefer 2 certain neckalces, a couple certain chokers, and a rings. I used to wear all differnt kinds of necklaces. but I'm finding I just stick to my gold and pearl crucifix, fake silver bullet [on leather cord] and my collar/chokers. I like rings but most rings I buy only fit on my pinky. my ring finger if I'm lucky. Though I do have a couple spin rings that fit on my thumbs!

32. Is chocolate the cure for everything?
no. that's stupid. ha ha I don't even like chocolate that much XD;

33. Do you chat with your BFF every day?
ha ha I'm not sure who I'd consider my "BFF". but that'd be a no regardless.

34. Do you buy things on impulse?
sometimes. If I happen to actually have extra cash. but it's hard for me part with my hard earned money on something I can't see being practical.

35. Ever been on a sex party?
lol no

Edit 2:

Well someone did catch it!
Kiriban won by Lightsagah

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