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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 7, 2011, 5:59 PM…

ha ha yes. I wrote about this before but...
I was waiting for her to officially announce a change to her contest in a journal. That way I could link to it, and that it looked/seemed more.... official :XD:

Journal Link: [HERE] and [HERE]

"Due to the lack of entrants for Category 2, I am allowing those who have entered Category 1 to enter for Category 2 IF THEY WISH TO. You don't have to, but it means there could be more entrants for category 2 :D, but it then also means thast only 1 of your characters can win, not 2 of them I'm afraid "

:above: is her change!
And yes D= there needs to be more villain characters!
I'm totally going to be entering Category 2 myself =D
Who will I use?
Well Micheal of course!
I'm going to make an AU ref sheet and condensed profile for him |3 just like I did with Jovan

Updated Teen Jovan Ref Sheet by Aisuryuu Condesned Profile - JovanName: Jovan [last/middle name undecided]
Nicknames: Jo [dunno about others atm]
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Deep/dark red-brown
Eyes: brown
Skin: pale
Zodiac: Pieces
Bloodtype: A
Region Origin: Kanto
Hometown: Viridian City
Physical Condition: Fit and healthy. Though she enjoys candy and sweet food, she sees it more as a treat and eats a healthy diet. She also travels by foot a lot and enjoys exercise.
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer, Battle Researcher
Hobbies: swimming, diving, skating, skiing, training pokemon, being with friends in general
Signature Pkmn: Mainly her Gyarados, but may also be her Pikachu.
Age: 16
Clothes: she had a tendency to wear Capri's, shorts, or skorts. She has a deep dislike for dresses or something frilly, lacy or with a cute and girly print. That aside her only real preference for tops is sleeveless or fitted. S

I'll be working with Mich's teen outfit:
Mich Doodle Sheet by Aisuryuu

And because Jovan is 16 in her profile, that'll make Mich about 20 It's only one year off what's listed on his doodle sheet there. But it IS an AU anyway, so it's okay IMO XD [might change his last name XD what is written there is more a joke and placeholder. But it'll have to start with a "w" and be related to plants/etc. b/c of the professor's link XD seeing how his mom was a professor and how I have an AU where he'll get together with Jovan and she'll become a professor]
Oh god though... Just thinking about doing a ref sheet for him in his teen outfit sounds challenging. I'll also have to draw an image of him without his jacket on and showing the design on the back of his t-shirt XD [which has never ever been drawn].
I'll also have to figure out exactly what kind of white shoes he's wearing. And why the hell they're white [and stay white] when he's always out in the wilderness I'll never know XD;
I'm sort of looking forward to and dreading making a condensed profile for him XD
Already have one for Jovan... and Wallace? *checks* yeah, I have one for Wallace too xD
I'll probably re-read they're profiles before I write-up Mich's. He'll probably be just a little different for the villian. I think I can easily make him a villian, rather than being one of the 'good guy' main characters he is canonically. He was originally a side-character! But somehow he became a main OTL
A main who actually has an entire side-story line of his own and his own side-characters *facepalm*

It'll also give me a chance to figure out his team of six 8D
I know three he'll have at the very least
*Char [Male, starter, shiny charizard]
*Tinnt [Female houndoom]
*Fluffy [Male Vulpix]

And I'm already planning on having him be very interested in Heatran |3 he is a fire-type trainer after all! And canonically speaking he was suppose to meet the pkmn post-wd anyway XD [when he's out travelling the Survival area of Sinnoh with Rene].

BUT I guess that's all I'll say about this for now.

Just please take a look at her contest and maybe promote it!
I'm actually a bigger supporter of anti-heroes and villains rather than heroes in general XD; I'd like to see some awesome bad ass chara's and bad guys >D
:thumb126354320: I Love My Villains by NocturnalMelody9 No Heroes - Mad Scientists by Scarecrow--Stamps
["Super Villain" - Nicole Scherzinger]

And for the record Jovan is actually one of my least favorite OC's XD; but she fit into category one tighter than a pair of skinny jeans! /brick'd

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