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[ - Born Just A Little Too Slooo~w - ]

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2009, 10:51 AM
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-----> dA Family</b><-----



No, title doesn't really have anything to do with anything XD;

I'm feeling in a better mood today and no headache 8D Praise RA!

lol j/k

But yeah, I figure I'll do it anyway. Not that I expect to get any comments XD;

Priya did a thingy where she said she'd type stuph out for anyone who comments on that entry, neh?

If you comment, the praise will come.

Let there be comments!
And then there were.

omg... sorry |D; I'm seriously NOT trying to offend anyone or anything. but I'm in an off-the wall mood atm |D; and got no one to share it with so I'm  making a journla entry 8D;

but yeah, if you comment THIS journal entry, in the next one (or will I just edit this one? not sure yet) I shall type something for you about a reason (or reasons) why I love you |D
In-a-non-sexual-harrasment-way of course! or is it...?

filled out a handwriting meme!
Handwriting Meme by Aisuryuu

Dissidia FF- My dear Boco by meru-chan
Oh yesh, I remember Wallace being so broken up about his Chocobo beign poached in Tactics |D;

Wallace wants to face Kuja so badly XD it's like, one of his fav villians in the FF franchise, though he usually thinks of him in his Trance for I believe. near the end of the game:…
and lawl
I just lub Squall |D;;;;
Gamestation - Squall Leonheart by sate-bang-somad Squall - Ship-wreck's contest by cocowash Squall Leonheart by Itachi-of-Akatsuki
I want his gunblade.... NAO.
D: I hate him being called Leon... the names SQUALL Leon is in his Last name |D;
Final Fantasy VIII- Squall by twinfools Squall Leonheart by SitarPlayerIX
Squall by papillonseven

8D; Squall AND Seifer! ~<3
:thumb69924617::thumb20032611: Seifer and Squall in tux by netang4da1iluv Squall And Seifer by stubacca100 Seifer and Squall by sutashi04 Leon and Seifer from KH2 by KyojiSan
moar Seifer |D;
Seifer by xXxTifa-LockheartxXx

Mature Content

Seifer Is by walktothewater
Selphie Seifer Love Bee Comic by valval FFVIII - Seifer and Quistis by KatiraMoon KHII: Seifer be trippin' yo by vejiicakes

D: I also think Squall and Riona together sucks pretty bad...
Quistis and Seifer LOVE THEM by allisonsp11MD

I do like her outfit... I want it. but other than that I don't like her |D;
Quistis is better  <3
Quistis by giostigma Quistis Trepe by LaurenMontgomery Quistis Portrait by DiamondReflection:thumb13219873::thumb68194976:
[yes, her weapon IN-GAME does happen to be a whip X)]

this makes sense if you've playd the game XD;
Quistis Revenge by LauraSan

hee hee~!
Dissidia FF- Fight Picker by meru-chan Dissidia FF-Battling Lonliness by meru-chan

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Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself.
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January 10, 2009