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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 20, 2010, 10:47 AM

Ha ha I know it was 2 days ago. But I didn't have time until now to post about it!

wow! I got some bday wishes and even a cake badge HOMG!

LOL I loved Lili's comment so much XD THANK YOU.
I appreciated all the bday wishes I got~

Ooh! and I got some art too |3
This was a huge surprise!
For Aisuryuu by pichu22cj
Thank you pichu22cj! I lurv eet! One of my top fav characters >D
We should totally be talking more often XD; sorry about that OTL

hee hee and cherry-san uploaded her half of our AT for my bday |3
AT + Birthday- Mich and Jovan by MarthMcPancakes
It looks awesome! I like your style~ eye eyes look cool |3 and the cell shading~

BUT HOLY DAMN. Mom bought me a WII for my bday! An F'N WII!
And it's the red one |3 Came with Super Mario Bros.~
heck yeah, Hoops and I were having a blast XD but b/c we were so tired from working at the fair we were doing so HORRIBLE too XD;;;; [I've also never played the game before, and it's been years since I played a Mario game XD;]
Well now that the fair's over we can play it more :D
and just last night I rented Star Wars Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels |3 so want to try playing that soon 8D
I went to get some points on my bday too and bought super mario bros. 3 XD haven't played that in YEARS! so much fun~
I'm actually not that big a Mario fan, but I have my favorites. SMB3 is just so full of nostalgia |3
But I've so been playing Pokémon Battle Revolution lately |D like last night <3 can finally upload my SS team 8D I ended up taking up two or three slots on my bro's Wii XD; Diamond and Platinum |D; you can only get 4 save files per Wii. and you can't transfer the files as far as I remember |D;

ah... I can't think of anything else I was going to put here XD; multitasking atm so I forgot OTL

But I'm freakin' though. I'm trying to remember anyone I might have missed for xmas gifts this year XD; I think I have the most important people out of the way though... I HOPE.

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December 20, 2010