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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 19, 2015, 1:37 AM

Saw these awesome looking youtuber cards recently |3

<da:thumb id="527031113"/> BattleOfTheYoutubersSet 1 ONSALE

I thought that was a pretty neat idea 8D

Looking forward to seeing more. Though unfortuantely I personally don't know a lot of youtubers. Or at least I don't follow a lot of the really popular ones? I mostly like diy and duct tape or craft related ones. I only follow a few gamer youtubers. Markiplier is probably my favourite, even if I've only watched a handful of his vids so far. I actually tend to watch a lot of his vlog uploads XD; I'm just still dealing with anxiety atm so I can't feel comfortable watching too many scary game LPs. I also don't want spoilers for some games I haven't played yet so I tend to watch vids for games I've already completed XD; (which isn't many because I haven't been able to play games as much as I want for years, let alone own my own copies of all the games I want)

But if my obsession with YGO[Duel Monsters] (and it's many gaming incarnations) was any indication I kinda really love card games XD; I've played all kinds and have a range of different card games (or at least a starter/structure deck) of various card games. YGO was always my favourite, but I used to play a lot of Pkmn when I was a kid. I just kinda dropped out of liking YGO after GX came out because I didn't like the cards or decks, I sorta dabbled back in with 5Ds but didn't have the funds to buy many. I don't even know what the hell is going on with the incarnations after 5Ds. I tend to just buy decks or boosters for the series' I know XD;

I do have Naruto decks but only one person I know who doesn't buy them anymore was who I could play the game with. I have InuYasha cards but my brother only wanted to collect the first booster series and he never wanted to actually play. I got a bunch of Magic the Gathering cards from a yard sale but never bothered to look into playing. Seems like the rules change all the time from what I've heard of players and people from the card and comic book shops so I don't feel like getting into a series like that.

Before Pkmn came over to NA I know I used to play playing card games a lot (if it wasn't video games).

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April 19, 2015