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Ah that time of year again |D


:bulletblue: Sefem Sonak
-My current student~The first is his most recent outfit, but any of the others is fine as well
AoH - Sefem Sonak - S7 - Winter by Aisuryuu  AoH - Sefem - Azu Uni by Aisuryuu  Sefem Sonak - Winter - S6 by Aisuryuu  S5 Exam Ref - Sefem - Airship Pirate Battle by Aisuryuu  Sefem Sonak - Supreme Kai of Time by Aisuryuu

:bulletblue: Draco Vesylia
-My graduate character |3
AoH - post S4 exam ref by Aisuryuu  Draco Vesylia - 'Hero' or work outfit by Aisuryuu  Hairspray and Denim by Aisuryuu  Sakura Fest 2015 Draco-flats by Aisuryuu

:bulletblue: Lendys 
- Tanis' student~ I have permission to put her on my list!
AoH - Winter Ball 2014 by DarkDragonTanis  Lendys Aoh Cs  by DarkDragonTanis   Combat Class 2  animation link  in descrip. by DarkDragonTanis  S6 class outfit by DarkDragonTanis  Combat Class 1 by DarkDragonTanis


Other OC's
:bulletblue: Juliet Vesylia (Draco's lil sis)
- Ha ha tbh She's only a few years old atm. But I use her in AU's so she has designs where she's older. I drew her in the Azu uniform just because. But seeing how she's an Ice Dragon it'd take a few human decades before she's even a few years old in Dragon terms so unless there is some giant ass time skip or something for AoH I don't think she'll ever be able to attend XD
Ref - Future Juliet by Aisuryuu

:bulletred: Micheal Woods
- One of my many Pkmn OC's. This is actually his teenage outfit. for my main story he's generally in his 20's-30's |D; but for his own storyline this is probably when he had some of the most development? He was also just a lot of fun at this age XD 
Updated Teen Mich Ref by Aisuryuu
- If you wanted one of his designs when he's older... he actually becomes a ranger once he settles down and you can see his pkmn
Ranger Mich - 25+ by Aisuryuu

:bulletblack: Rory
- my shameless self-insert Pkmn OC XD
Pkmn - Trainer Troubles by Aisuryuu  sketch dump - self trainer by Aisuryuu

Fan Art
Uryuu Ishida from Bleach - [1] - [2] - [3] - [4]

:bulletblack: Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-man (the top right grumpy looking one. But I suppose any of the three of the is fine |D. Lavi on the left, Allen bottom middle)
DGM-Allen-Lavi-Kanda by Aisuryuu
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Submitted on
December 2, 2015