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[ - AoH Secret Santa '11 - ]

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 18, 2011, 4:14 AM

I'm glad this was set up again this year~

Okay! Got some free time so I searched and found 3 characters I would prefer~ [but a pairing would be great too!]

:pointr: Draco Veslyia - AoH character
ha ha yeah... just because I'd feel weird not asking for my AoH chara for the AoH Secret Santa event XD;
He's got a lot of outfits... I haven't been able to update his ref's for a while now ^^; but these are the most recent (for now, as he's suppose to get a(n) haircut and update soon >_>; ) and probably easier outfits to draw. [I dare not subject another to drawing his S3 final exam outfit, though I love it so]
He would generally be wearing the blindfold, but you can put on the sunglasses or contacts. His eyes are too light sensitive to not be wearing any of those, as they aren't human looking at all anymore |D;

AskDraco - note taking by Aisuryuu AskDraco - Dragon Form by Aisuryuu <---Pretty much the same as his S2 outfit minus the sweater XD; and what he'd be most likely to actually wear
Father + Son Doodle by Aisuryuu Hairspray and Denim by Aisuryuu <--- LOVE THIS ONE MOST BUT IT ALMOST SEEMS OOC ;_; His hair is just in a low ponytail with the bangs out in the second image. I'm... not sure why I gave him a half-ponytail like that in the monochrome image anymore =\
AoH - Draco - Home Visit by Aisuryuu <--- Most recent but... just for traveling or when he's trying to pass off as human |D;
sketch - Draco's Updated Hair attempt by Aisuryuu <--- An attempt at his new hair |D; hopefully I can somehow get a better image drawn up soon XD; If you wanna keep with drawing the long hair instead... sure thing <3

:pointr: Micheal Woods - Pokémon OC
For a normal human male character! :dummy:
[would have asked for Wallace but I don't have any ref's of him I like...]
Mich pretty much one of my favorite OC's |D; I guess I'll just stick with his teen outfit below though.

Updated Teen Mich Ref by Aisuryuu Don't Think Too Much by Aisuryuu just set them up -  - coloured by Aisuryuu A paradigm of lies by Aisuryuu

:pointr: Rene - Pokémon OC
In case you prefer to draw girls over guys! I don't really draw my female characters much... but Rene is probably my favorite! I only have a few finished pics of her in my entire gallery XD; BUT HERE GOES. The cowgirl version of her 8D;
Cowgirl Rene by Aisuryuu wanted by Sireinita
Yeah, the second one was a commission, but still my girl! [and probably a more decent reference image...]

Misc. Chara info: If it interests you
*Micheal and Rene used to be a double battle team

:pointr: Draco Vesyila
* height - 6'4"
* quiet and serious, tends to be a bit formal and tries to be polite. Not slang savvy.
* depends on cold logic with little understanding of emotions/feelings
* pacifist despite his deep love of training and gaining strength and knowledge
* blunt and direct, not very capable of lying so he's very honest with his opinions
* outdoorsy
* prefers to observe rather than participate. Rather asocial with little to no interest in relationships [but has an understanding of sexual relations] and very oblivious to attraction/flirting.

:pointr: Micheal
* height - 5'10"
* always smoking or with a cigarette/tooth pick in his mouth
* very quiet (whisper-like speech volume), laid back personality. Vulgar language littered with slang.
* outdoorsy
* low-energy/lazy around others, but can be very active and is a superb fire-type pkmn trainer. [rock climbing, intense battling/training, etc.]
* childhood friends with Rene. Tends to go between being distant and intimate with her.
* prefers to be observing on the sidelines as opposed to in the thick of things

:pointr: Rene
* height - 5'9"
* outgoing, friendly, flirtatious, uses a lot of slang
* outdoorsy
* competitive, loves to battle [uses grass and dragon types], trainer skills on par with Micheal
* expensive taste, a bombshell with strong character
* loves attention and action
* very perceptive

:pointr: Pairing wise...
Well Mich and Rene were an item at one time, so if you could draw them together it'd be great!
But if you'd rather go the BL route and go with Mich and Draco then be my guest |3
Pairing up Draco with Rene is also fine |D
Any of the options below are also up for the academy SS!

:iconbluesparklesplz:Azureus Secret Santa (extension section!):iconbluesparklesplz:

This is pretty much extra "couple" options XD Romantic or otherwise ;-)

:dummy: Draco and Lexyr! Neko-Saphira gave me permission to ask for her character with mine =P
AoH Lexyr by Neko-Saphira This pathetic human body by Neko-Saphira
:pointr: canon relationship...? not much of one tbh. But they don't mind one another. Draco's got no particular strong feelings towards Lexyr. Same goes the other way I guess. They share views on dragons mostly though I think. And their distaste for humans XD; Draco appreciates being able to use Dragonspeak with him however. Even if he can't have his wings out all the time, flying is another necessity to being considered a 'real dragon' by Draco's standards |D He's not fond of Lexyr's penchant for spitting fire, or surly attitude.

:XD: Draco and Kiri (she belongs to 1Black-Saber)! I... don't think she has an updated sheet for this time of year |D; oh well? :shrug:
:thumb182486253: summer Kiri...
kiris winter training outfit by 1Black-Saber Emo Kiri is Emo by 1Black-Saber Her training/winter outfit last year! but she'd have the hairstyle above I guess XD;
:pointr: Canon relationship... Well, they're acquaintances (and still room mates) I suppose? Kiri sort of fucked up messed with their friendship. For a while she was pretty much stalking him everywhere. Overall she was nice and pleasing to be around. After he rejected her confession and desire to be more than friends... she turned pretty cold on him. And her overall aggressive behavior towards everyone thereafter was a real turn off along with her procuring a lack of personal self-care and dropping of modesty. Draco never saw much of her after that, but she did notice her trailing after Lexyr a lot. He hoped for the best for them, and told Kiri herself this as well.

:evillaugh: Draco and Reisei! to be honest I have no idea what her ref should be :shrug:
Ask Reisei: Question 1 by TyrianRogue Ask Reisei: Question 2 by TyrianRogue Sketchavember 1 by TyrianRogue Sketchavember 3 by TyrianRogue
:pointr: canon relationship description... IT'SCOMPLICATED Ha ha well I suppose you could describe them as best friends? Through Draco's trust and respect for Rei is being rebuilt atm. She'd lost it for a while there, but she's trying to gain it back. It's happening... really slowly. And only after a lot of set-backs which only made his opinion of her worsen XD; They tend to speak to one another in Dragonspeak, only other dragons would be able to understand this unfortunately... so to others they sound to be hissing/growling/spitting at each other XD; And I guess Rei has an affinity to be affectionate with him. Draco can tend to return this most of the time.
AoH - Father And Son by Aisuryuu << THAT THERE EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

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