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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 9, 2015, 6:35 PM

Yup seems like we're having one this year after all!

These all seem to be AoH chara's (or related) this year XD;

Sefem Sonak:
My current student OC and player character~ You can pick between a couple of his outfits. But if you really want you can try your hand at the Spring Ball one too. Any of them would be fine.
Sefem Sonak - Winter - S6 by Aisuryuu  AoH - Sefem Sonak - Winter Ref by Aisuryuu  S5 Exam Ref - Sefem - Airship Pirate Battle by Aisuryuu

Draco Vesylia:
My previous student character! A couple outfit options. Or just default to the Azu uniforms. Whichever catches your fancy.
Draco Vesylia - Casual Wear - Casual Training by Aisuryuu  AoH - post S4 exam ref by Aisuryuu  AoH - Draco in Azureus Uniform by Aisuryuu

Anu gave me permission to request her OC. If you are more inclined to draw female fanservice this might be for you! I designed this with her permission as well of course!
Character Select - Reisei - Shadow Mage by Aisuryuu

Juliet Vesylia:
Draco's sister actually. Just another female option if you if the previous didn't speak to you ha ha! She hasn't actually ever enrolled, she is too young for that. But I have her in an Azu uniform just for fun. Then a casual outfit for her. Pick either one you like.
Ref - Future Juliet by Aisuryuu

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January 9, 2015