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Journal Entry: Wed May 4, 2011, 5:30 AM

This will be updated or changed as need be.

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Academy of Heroes:
Draco Vesylia

AoH student - Azureus - Draco Vesylia by Aisuryuu
Azurues Wikipedia:…
Tumblr ask:

House Uniform - Azureus
AoH - Azureus Uniform by Aisuryuu AoH - Draco in Azureus Uniform by Aisuryuu AoH - S3 - Spring by Aisuryuu

Semester 3 Final Exam [battle] outfit - now training outfit
AoH S3 Finals - Draco Ref by Aisuryuu

Semester 2 Final Exam [battle] outfit
WIP - Draco - AoH Exam Outfit by Aisuryuu AoH - Finals Practice - Draco by Aisuryuu

Various outfits for AoH events
Draco - Spring Fest Kimono by Aisuryuu AoH - pkmn event - Salamance by Aisuryuu Azureus - cheerleader Draco by Aisuryuu

Former Training:
sketch - Angry Draco vs Kiri by Aisuryuu AoH - Azureus Fake Screenshot by Aisuryuu

Interview Meme: :bulletblue:… :bulletblue:…

Basic Info

Name: Draco Vesylia
Sex: Male
D.O.B.: December 25th
Age: 19
Hair: Dark Blue, left parting, past chin length
Eyes: Dark Blue
:bulletblue: Height: 6'5" [196 cm]
:bulletblue: Weight: 255 lbs. [ 116 Kg]
Bodytype: lean, athletic, muscular, limber
Siblings: none, he is an only child non-biological twin = Reisei
House: Azureus
Accessory: Snowflake pin from the Winter Ball
Element: Dark - main, sub-element - Ice
Likes: reading, swordsmanship, drinking tea, mountains, lakes, forests, and snow/ice.
Dislikes: noisy environments, hot weather, disorganization or sloppiness. As well as Dragon Nip
Known [fluent] Languages: Common DragonSpeak, English, French, Sign
-->Learning: Latin, Braille [from Reisei]

Personality Notes

:pointr: Draco is polite, intelligent, and quite curious. Though he tends to stick to cold logic, and is not always very empathetic as a result.
:pointr:  He is eager to interact with other students and try to learn more about human behavior and human culture.
:pointr: Naturally serious-minded and quiet, he also has an obsessive streak when it comes to researching a subject that interests him or training. He can tend to over work himself into exhaustion.
:pointr: Draco's biggest interests seem to be in the Ice Magic and Swordsmanship. Though his interest in the Healing Arts has grown a lot as well. And he would greatly love to learn more about the Dark Arts.
:pointr: Though he has had experience with physical relationships he does not seem very interested in dating. He is usually rather observant, but not when it comes to emotional or physical attraction.
:pointr:  Interacting with so many different people is a new experience for him. He tries his best to keep up a polite front. At first, behind all that, he would actually be nervous and a little unsure of himself. And he would often be found apologizing. He's a lot more direct, but just as blunt as he was before. He still tends to observe more than engage in socializing.
:pointr: He is most at ease in a quiet and slow-pace environment when it comes to socialization. He would most enjoy a small gathering with light conversation maybe some tea or other refreshments.
:pointr: You might often find him in the library or sitting outside with his nose buried in a book. More often than not he would be found at the training grounds... training.
:pointr: : Having gained a lot more muscle mass Draco has also become physically a lot stronger. Though this doesn't seem to have affected his speed much at all. And he is still very nimble and limber. He can be quite acrobatic in the air when flying.
:pointr: He tends to get irritable and moody when grounded.
:pointr: He seems more apt to express emotion than before. Though his range of emotion is still very limited. His tail and wings express much for him, but his facial expressions are also developing.
:pointr: He's also developed the habit of forcing on a smile and trying to mask most unhappiness. Though he is still difficult to anger, and he will readily express disappointment or dissatisfaction in himself.
:pointr: High tolerance to pain and suffering in himself, but not so much with seeing/knowing it being experienced by acquaintances/friends.

History Notes

:pointr: Draco grew up rather isolated from others. His mother kept him in the mansion and surrounded walled grounds for the most part due to fear of persecution for having wings and tail. Though he was always curious and eager to learn he never showed much interest in exploring beyond the estate or engaging with others socially.
:pointr: Though his mother would also fly him up to the forests in the mountains with her when she went now and then. And this was also how she taught him to alter the size of his wings for flight, or to minimize their size. Though he could not make his wings or tail completely disappear the way she could.
:pointr: Because of her protective nervousness regarding her son, Draco's mother began instructing him on combat at a young age. Though she also instilled in him the importance of proper etiquette and thinking carefully about what you are told or asked by others. Though Draco didn't fully embrace his mothers seemingly distrustful and sometimes almost paranoid outlook, he does try remain aware of his surroundings and not utterly believe everything he sees or is told without reasonable proof or evidence.
:pointr: Draco always loved watching his mother use the Ice Arts. Though he was disappointed he himself didn't seem to have the same degree of ability to naturally manipulate or conjure ice.
:pointr: Showing an interest in his father's abilities Draco was also receiving lessons about the Dark Arts from his father alongside the basic education his mother was having him tutored privately. Though he was never taught how to use any magic or spells he seemed to have an affinity for the Dark Arts.
:pointr: Draco discovered fencing through a book his father gave him as a gift one year, and he had his parents begin to accompany him to fencing matches. He found himself fascinated by swordsmanship. After watching a certain match as a child he befriended Aiden, one of the competitors, and began to show more interest in engaging in social interaction much to his father's approval.
:pointr: It was hearing of Aiden's experiences at the Academy, and then later being invited to the Spring Festival by Aiden and meeting others, that encouraged Draco to enroll at AoH.
:pointr: He tries to control his anger, and may force a smile or positive outlook in order to curb or mask anger. He fears falling into Berserk Mode again [pre-AoH event] and to do so he tries not to let himself feel anger by trying to disguise it or convince himself he is not angry. This may prove difficult if he's been grounded.


Father - Has a friendly and laid back attitude mostly. His father is a Dart Arts Factor. He tends to be traveling or shut up in his study researching and practicing the Dark Arts. Though he cares greatly for his son, he usually brings back a trinket or new book for Draco whenever he returns from a trip. He was overjoyed when Draco told him he would like to attend AoH. Refused to teach Draco how to use his Eden for spells, and even refused teach him Latin forbade him from reading his spell books [mainly written in Latin].

Mother - His Mother is a wealthy half-dragon half-human Ice Factor. She is quite reserved and a has an Icy and spiky sort of personality to match her element. She does not speak much [but can be condescending when she does] or venture far from her estate [but does make frequent trips into the surrounding mountains/forest]. Though she was strict with having Draco privately tutored, she also took it upon herself to teach him to control his wings and change their size as well as trained him for combat. She did not voice any objections to Draco attending AoH, but she did warn him to stay vigilant. From what Draco is unsure.
Is also something of a purist [common among Ice Dragons], thus detesting non-dragon species in general. Has a bit of an inferiority complex due to being half-human, of a runty size Dragon-wise, and lacking the normal strength [both physically and Eden-wise] of most Ice Dragons. Thus being shunned by other Ice Dragons.

League 2 [Freshman semester]

Draco was rather quiet and a bit withdrawn for much of the semester. Though he did go out to interact with others.
He's grown more accustomed to social interaction and feels less nervous being around others. Though he still feels most comfortable around those he already knows.
He's taken up smiling much more than he used to.
He greatly enjoyed his Ice Arts lessons and study sessions. Though it took a few tries and extra studying to get the spell down perfectly.
He had a little trouble locating a partner for his shinobi assignment, but in the end was able to complete it without mishap.
Despite the lags or set-backs during the final exam in Frozen Abyss he found it a great learning experience. And greatly enjoyed wielding Reisei's sword as well as chatting with Kristi.
After the exam he also got lessons from Reisei on how to use the night vision spell she learned from Dark Arts class.

Summer Break

Not a fan of the season for it's hot weather and intense sunlight, Draco spent most of his time retreating from it and trying to find ways to keep cool, being heat sensitive.
Much of his time was spent sitting in the shade people watching or inside reading. Though he also took a few opportunities to practice some battle movements [and swimming] with the ward bandages he received from Reisei. To get used to fighting and general movement while his dragon tail and wings were suppressed.
He ended up meeting and befriending Kiri, an AoH hopeful. Who did, in fact, make it into AoH for League 3.

League 3 [second semester]

Classes have yet to start, but he retrieved an Azureus House uniform and has been wearing it much of the time. He is also preparing for the upcoming Winter Ball.
Helping Kiri has also been something he's been spending some time on. Whether it be by lending her books on learning about social interaction [proper ways to undertake forging friendships and the like] or just aiding in helping her meet new people as hopeful friends. She has also agreed to help him learn to use his Eden to suppress his tail naturally, without the aid of the ward bandages, as she has one and is able to do so successfully.
Upon the third semester beginning, Draco discovered he had 2 new roommates: Chance and Madison. Neither of which he's been formally introduced. So he became nervous about asking Reisei if she'd agree to letting Kiri become their room mate as well. But having already mentioned it to Kiri he asked, and thankfully Reisei accepted her.
Draco had asked Reisei to the winter ball, as a friend. He worried about not finding a partner, so he asked Reisei as soon as he could. Also choosing her because he is quite comfortable with her and he had hoped she felt the same way.
She accepted and they even entered the King and Queen competition. Otherwise Draco had not spent a lot of time at the ball, sadly. He would have wished to spend more time there, but he must have been over training and was too exhausted to be there long.
Draco's friendship with Kiri has grown stronger. Though he remains oblivious to her romantic interest in him.
He's also becoming acquainted with Arthur Thompson, who he has just recently learned became another room mate, but also began dating his friend Reisei.
Otherwise Draco has actually been secluding himself from the other students, slowly, but surely. He is having less and less interaction with them and spending most of his time alone, using the excuse of training. He has become intimidated by the pressure for social interaction, and his experience with fast-paced situations spiraling quickly out of control at the tea house when he does visit, he is generally avoiding the others. Even going so far as to not being in the dorms very often.
Though Kiri tends to find him in the woods and spends time with him now and then.
However he is hopeful for classes to begin, and then force himself to try interact with the others once more.
Kiri confessed to Draco, finally. Though he did not understand at first, with help from Reisei he got a better understanding. However he tried to let Kiri down easily as he does not return her romantic feelings, but assures her that he cares for her in a platonic manner.
He also seems to have grown more fond and closer to Reisei. He would likely be one of the first people he would turn to with a question. He's found speaking to her in DragonSpeak tends to work wonders with things he does not understand.
Was happy for Reisei and Arthur when he heard of their new relationship, and then later for the expectation of offspring.
Overall things at AoH have been going well. Though he is growing ever nervous about graduation and returning home to encounter his mother once more. He fears disappointing her with his progress in both social skills and combative skills.
He seems to be spending more time training than socializing. So even if his combat skills are improving, his social skills have mostly stopped developing at all. And he seems to have developed an anxiety about socialization.
Has actually been opening up to Reisei recently. Seems to be steadily increasing his emotional range. With his transformation he finds controlling and suppressing his emotions is much more difficult. And he seems to be expressing his emotions more actively in an unconscious manner.
Draco is currently angry with Arthur and prefers not to speak to him if possible.
Has temporarily left the Dorms, again. Will move back in again once Kiri is no longer in heat [lol].
Also having more and more trouble keeping his cool. He keeps shifting to being angry and frustrated. Still having trouble controlling his Eden. It seems to keep pouring out whenever he tries to use it.
Though he was able to suppress his claws again, he tends to leave them out and remain shoeless. Is able to retract his spines some, making them smaller/shorter. But is not able to retract them the entire way yet.
He's also figured out how to make his tail thinner. Though this seems to make it longer as well. Still unable to suppress his tail fully.
Has not even attempted to suppress his horns, shift his ears back to a human shape, or shift his wings back to their natural state.
Is able to shift his teeth if he concentrates, but most of the time he forgets and they remain long, curved, and needle sharp. Much like how they were when he first hatched. Even when he shifts his teeth back, hsi incisors seem to be more fang-like, a little longer and more pointed than most human teeth.
Is avoiding people and seems be be turning more feral as a result of  self-induced isolation mixed with intense frustration.
Exam time comes around, and he teams up with Reisei and Chance. Draco has mastered suppressing his dragon appendages and is able to look human, other than shifting his eyes. Though much of the time he keeps his wings and tail out. And will shift his ears to fin form for better hearing, or even make his claws appear if he feels it necessary.
They are told Kaedynn is their examiner.
They choose to save the library over the church and observatory. Draco sustains some injury, but Reisei sustains greater injuries after they fight the Monroth. Chance was of little assistance in the battle and received no injuries.
Draco's time in the infirmary is hazy and blurred. Stress from his injuries mixed with Kiri binding his wings and never letting him leave the infirmary is really getting to him. There are few instances where he seems fully conscious and seems to lapse into a state where he's relying fully on his dragonic instincts. He seems unable to speak any language but Dragonspeak. He thinks he's been in there a few days, when it's been a few weeks. And has not eaten anything but a bag of chips the entire time.
Draco had gone feral for a while, but with Rei bringing him rabbits to eat he's slowly coming back.
Draco seems well enough to hold conversation. Though he is still only able to speak Dragonspeak. He is angry with Rei for letting herself starve to the point of where she can only handle drinking liquids, and yet she was feeding him.
Once Reisei leaves to Arthur's home town with him Draco leaves the infirmary. As he was only staying to keep Reisei company.

Leauge 4

:pointr: Draco is being asocial and staying in the forest all the time. His displeasure with Art has increased, and his frustration with Rei's drastic change in personality, lack of self-preservation, self-worth, and insane clingyness to Arthur is overwhelming.
:pointr: Art and Rei break up, Draco tries to help her, shit goes down, he lapses into "robot mode"
:pointr: Rei spends a few days trying to snap Draco out of it. Eventually succeeds. After trying to have Kiri help and that failing.
:pointr: Rei gives Draco his new clothes she's made for him. sheer shirt and rayon pants. Draco dons open toed sandals to go with it.
:pointr: Draco is still in a bit of a state of confusion. Prone to headaches. Vision worsens headaches. So he borrows a blindfold from Rei.
:pointr: He's recruited to help Kiri with her booth for the festival, and meets Lexyr, who is also a host for the booth.
:bulletblue: :pointr: Visited home for about a month, Reisei accompanied him. Had some issues, obtained a collar from his father that's enchanted to force him into a fully human body... in an unpleasant way.
:bulletblue: :pointr: Teething symptons flared up badly when he returned to the academy.
:bulletblue: :pointr: Stayed with Reisei while she birthed Saber, then stayed with her a few days afterwards.
:bulletblue: :pointr: Teething finished, though dealing with the pain of his new teeth pushing through all at once [bottom ones] as well as changes to his wings caused him to go into a blind destructive rage, not quite falling into Berserk mode. He injured his hands, destroyed a lot of trees, and gave himself scratches over exposed parts of his body.


I will add or alter this as need be XD;


Aiden Adare - childhood friend: They met while Draco was watching a fencing match. Draco approached Aiden after the match was over and they soon became friends. They keep in contact mostly through letter. Reading Aiden's letters of his experiences at the Academy and the time Draco spent at the Spring festival were key factors in having Draco decide to enroll at AoH. Draco is most comfortable, relaxed, informal, and least guarded around Aiden.
He was shocked and saddened by Aiden's sudden departure from the Academy, but understanding.

:bulletblue:Snow  Mishibari - Acquaintance: They met through Aiden at the Spring Festival. Hearing some about her in Aiden's letters had piqued Draco's curiosity and hew as eager to meet her. Snow's interest in Aiden can sometimes cause some awkward times as Snow is a little jealous of Draco's closeness to her crush Aiden, but they get along quite well otherwise. He used to speak with her now and again in his first semester, but he rarely sees Snow at all anymore. Though he did briefly meet her at the Azureus Halloween Party, it was a very short conversation.

Fereinn Starc - Acquaintance: One of the first students to greet and welcome Draco to the academy. Draco appreciated the welcome so soon after joining and the pleasant conversation that followed. He did not see him after their first meeting.

Loucetios Alenoush - Acquaintance: They met soon after Draco was accepted into AoH. Loucetios came running up to Draco welcoming him and was impressed with his wings. Draco was nervous at first but soon began to relax after Loucetios pet, a dragon, began to show interest in him and also welcomed him. Though Draco has not seen him since.

Mayur Kamal - Acquaintance: Draco was comforted by Mayur's warm welcome and offer of help in the academy. The two found they had common ground and hit it off quite well. They also discovered a they both had a mutual friendship with Aiden.

Reisei - Room Mate + "sister": He'd seen her around the school a few times, but he had never spoken with her until just before his first exam at the academy. They decided to team up for the finals. They became room mates and eventually very close friends. They have a sibling like relationship. Though there was a lot of strain felt by Draco when she was dating Arthur, a lot of that has dissipated now. Though he's lost most of is trust and faith in her.

Razelein - Acquaintance: Someone he met a the spring fest and ended up seeing now and then around campus.

Kristi Lynn - Acquaintance: One of his party members from the final exam. She was already a part of Reisei's team when they decided to work together. Her cheerful nature appeals to Draco, and he enjoys conversation with her. But has not seen he since the second semester exam.

Kiri Akuma - Friend + Room Mate: He met her during summer break last year. They became freinds. She has feelings for Draco, he was oblivious for a long time. She confessed, he rejected her but asked to remain friends. They remain friends.

Arthur Thompson - Ex-Brother-in-law: =| Don't even ask me to try explain this anymore. Because I wouldn't be able to. But Draco is not very fond of him to say the least.

:bulletblue: Lexyr - Acquaintance: Met him while helping Kiri and Reisei set up their booth. Other than thinking he's a bit unstable he has no real opinion on the male. Was a new mate interest for Kiri for a time. He did somewhat enjoy his conversation with the other dragon at the edge of the island some time after the festival event, though he has not seen him since then.

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ninjajermz Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Arthur: I know, it's ok. You just can't think of any words to describe my pure awesome. It happens.:iconfuckyeaplz:

Amg, you put so much thought into everything.. :iconrlytearplz:
I should do one of those relationship things too, if Arthur didn't know SO MANY PEOPLE. OTL
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
[lulz! I just have no idea how to sum up his interaction with Arthur... mainly because I don't really remember much about their interactions |D;]

Well... that's because of how I created him. He was initially created FOR AoH. But a lot of his core is tied to an Original Universe Story I've been working on for years. His species is the main thing I drew from there, as it's tied to one of my main characters in that story. Though he is neither a descendant or ancestor of my character, they are distantly related through ancestry. Other things I tailored to AoH. But he has a place in my originalverse now as well. But they are pretty much considered different characters.

Ha ha! and yeah, Draco doesn't know that many people and he's close to even fewer. So that's why I was able to write up the relationships section as I had |D
I wanted to design this profile up so it was able to be used as a reference like it would be for my other story characters or fan characters.
ninjajermz Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((Their interactions may have just been slight handwaves and quick hellos. |D))

Oooh! I created Arthur just for the academy, and didn't really have my own universe at the time, so it was a from-scratch thing. XD
(And I only just began my own completely seperate storyline, so. |D)
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
[[made smaller b/c it's such a text wall *facepalm*]]

[That... sounds accurate. But I don't remember them talking much at all XD;]

Yeah, there is no way I could create a character and be satisfied with them from scratch on such short notice. I think it was a span of a few... weeks? Days?
Not very long though. As AoH was going to open up for applications again soon. So I had to find SOME way to create a character basically out of thin air, and to have him feel rounded enough for RPing immediately.
Well, it was actually for the Spring Festival that I had to create him before. And then later apply to have him accepted to AoH.
So the best I could do on short notice was pull a species from my originalverse and give him a lot of personal and personal favorite traits that I thought I could pull off in an RP XD;
:dummy: and thus Draco was born!
His name was hard to figure out. I wanted something good, but naming always takes me forever. So with feeling the "english" vibe from him... I ended up going with "Draco" b/c of HP influence, and I liked the name. I hate how it's not very original sounding or like it's a bad pun... as he's part Dragon |D; but he's stuck with it now and I'm used to it.
He might get a name change for my originalverse in the future.
(seeing how I pulled things from my origianlverse to create him... he's always had a foot in there since I started building him |D)
ninjajermz Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I think... :iconimthinkingplz: Arthur took a good month to get his character down, though I uh.. had to retcon a lot of his history for AoH. orz

Come to think of it, I don't really remember where his name came from.. I just sorta like it, I guess? LOL. Personality was just.. quirky, easily angered, srs at times, and I figured I'd wing the rest of it :iconrlyplz:
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ha ha yeah, I'm pretty sure a lot of pre-existing OC's probably would've needed some retconing to be used for AoH?

I really struggled with developing Draco... he had like zero personality for the longest time XD; so that's how I knew he was a very serious individual. And then figured out how dense he was about social interaction and relationships XD; He is intelligent, he's just not quick to pick up on the subtleties of social interaction |D At least he's supremely loyal, studious, and has a sense of justice? If not a bit stubborn with an obsessive streak XD;
ninjajermz Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Arthur's always been sorta...quirky? XD
Like, he's never been terribly good with social norms, but he picks up on them quickly, and always tries to be social..?
And he goes from a complete goofball to serious in a matter of seconds, and makes an idiot out of himself a lot. Of course, when he's not actually being smart about things. XD
Loyal and protective as Hell though.. eAe
Studious..not so..much. XD
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
XD; I've never really understood how "quirky" is suppose to describe something. It sounds so vauge. Like calling something "red". There are so many shades of red out there, just saying "red" doesn't seem to help a whole lot.

what exactly do you mean by "never been good with social norms"? ha ha yeah, Draco's just not that great at recognizing them. Once he realizes/notices something he's pretty good at adapting?

Draco... I'm not sure. He's friendly enough I suppose [but it's more forced]. I think curious is a better description. He's very eager to learn about most anything. But very very serious. He can be cheerful with friends. And he tends to need to force himself to appear/be cheerful around strangers. Forcing the friendliness and cheerfulness is quite the strain on him. So he tends to prefer to be alone. He's not one who's very comfortable with people quickly in most cases. I think Aiden, Reisei, and Snow are rare exceptions of him being comfortable with someone right away.
I think if anyone ever came across him training on his own he would likely look scary and intimidating XD; He tries to tone it down if he knows anyone else is around. Being perceived as scary is something he'd prefer to avoid.
but he's quite quick and efficient with attacks. And he's got a keen mind for strategy and planning.
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