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[ - AoH 2013 Secret Santa - ]

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 29, 2013, 9:43 PM

Yup! Signing up for it again this year~

Was trying to get a new ref for Sefem done up before I joined but... I couldn't get it done in time. Instead I'll just have to use his current reference as a placeholder. Hopefully when I'm finished his new one won't be that dramatically different anyway but... yeah. Okay! Well I got the new ref finished up and swapped in~ :D

AoH Character Wishlist

:pointr: Sefem's Reference, my current student.
AoH - S6 - chimera dude - Sefem by Aisuryuu  AoH - Sefem Sonak - Winter Ref by Aisuryuu
If you're not up to drawing his general outfit there is also him in the Azureus uniform:
AoH - Sefem - Azu Uni by Aisuryuu
References for the uniform, he'd probably also go with a short sleeve or rolled sleeve version if you like (the tie would be relatively loose if included at all):
   AoH: Azureus Uniform - male by LaynaFeynreique  AoH: Azureus Uniform - male1 by LaynaFeynreique 

:pointr: Draco's reference
If you wanna stick with AoH but don't feel up to drawing Sefem I'd appreciate Draco! for the above reference there are more thumbs for refs that give more detail for his eyes, hair, and claws if interested.
Though if that outfit/design doesn't strike your fancy I am also fond of this outfit for him:

:pointr: Kiri
Kiri Akuma - ref practice by Aisuryuu  AoH - LazyCryKiri by Aisuryuu
I generally try pick at least one character of the opposite gender of the majority. In case my santa has a preference between drawing male of female characters. Unfortunately I do not draw my girls as often as my guys |D; and they rarely get references that stay up to date! Kiri herself here is still in the process of getting redesigned but... I hope these are clear enough.

Alternate Options
Wow I know this seems like a lot but I hope this list isn't too overwhelming! This is just for in case you don't feel like drawing something Academy related. But if I had a preference I would prefer one of the previous options.

:pointr: Rory
Rory - coloured doodle by Aisuryuu  Sibling Duo - Rory and Harry by Aisuryuu Pkmn - Trainer Troubles by Aisuryuu  sketch dump - self trainer by Aisuryuu  sketch ref -sorta- Rory by Aisuryuu
She really needs a better reference but... she's an option! Hope this is clear enough.

:pointr: If you wanna opt for some female fanservice maybe? Then Rene's probably your girl |3
Cowgirl Rene by Aisuryuu or  Cool Couple Trad. colour... by Aisuryuu  -FWACK- Mich-Rene -incomplete- by Aisuryuu 

:pointr: Walt Summerfield
ha ha seems like these all ended up pkmn related |D; ah well! This is Wallace's alter ego used for Contests. The mini Haunter is included to indicate his signature pokemon.

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November 29, 2013