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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2008, 2:15 AM
  • Listening to: River Below- Billy Talent
  • Reading: Dreamcatcher - Stephen King

:heart:Terranian-boy = Aisu's Net Husband :heart:


Yesh... I was busy today... but not in the way I expected XD;

I ended up not going to sell bottles today |D;;;

>_> I slept in...

and then in the afternoon Hoops came by. I could tell because it's impossible to sleep when Hoops is talking. and unless he's asleep, he never stops talking XD;

He was in my bro's room next door to mine, so all I could hear was his voice over my music... |D; I did try sleeping through it, I did. but it wasn't working. So I just pulled myself outta bed, visited the bathroom first, then went to my bro's room XD;

Hoops said hey, and I just looked at Wallace, "I tried sleeping. but it's impossible to sleep when Hoops is talking. All I could hear was his voice."

My bro nods, trying not to grin, "yes, v_v *nods* yes it is." (referring to how one can not sleep with Hoops around)

and speaking of such... Hoops just logged onto MSN XD; and IMed me |D;

Anyway, I dueled him. His 5D's deck AND his Elemental Hero deck. I won. I creamed him with my Blue-Eyes Ultimate the first time, and I forgot how I won the other one |D;

Then later on I was showing him stuph on the comp.
He told me about a few things to check out.

Then we were scanning his pics:
protoman by hoops1989 L by hoops1989 Fudo Yuusei by hoops1989
OMG by hoops1989

X3 Hoops and his little girlfriend "Micheal's" cousin that he lives with (b/c he lives with his aunt)
Hoops and Cora by hoops1989
:iconmoarplz: Hoops and Cora >D
one evil kid by hoops1989

Hoops' version of himself as a trainer. maybe I'll use this outfit sometime when I draw him X3
Pokemon Trainer Hoops by hoops1989

Hoops, Ryan (not Fredrick, different Ryan), and Jon
The Hoops, Ryan, Jon by hoops1989

something Hoops randomly drew... himself thinking. too bad you can't read what he wrote though.
hoops by hoops1989

something he drew using my oC and mouse 8D;
crazy hoops by hoops1989

Okay, enough about Hoops XD

*mumbles about "damn Hoops"*

didn't have a chance to do much today. was facing "Wallace" in Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 3
Yes, we still play the game.
Not really looking forward to the second Naruto game on the Wii. the first one was rather dissapointing. the one for the PS3 looks promising though.

XD and it seems most ppl want Wallace to be Nekid in my newest image, the one where he's holding the bomb swtitch.
New dialog for it:
Wallace: "You know, it's rude to interupt someone. Especially when they're having a shower. You'll be paying for that mistake now."

|D; so now I may try draw some water droplets from the tips of his hair...
and should I extend the image down and to the sides a little?
Lili suggested making him wear just a towel (so I'd likely end up trying to make it look like his skin is still a little damp/wet from stepping out of the shower), or low-riding pants, where you can see his boxers... :XD:

and now Hoop is spamming me with IM's that I can hardly understand. he's not very good with the keyboard... but even IRL his words don't always come out the way he seems to want XD;

<3 it was nice getting a comment or two from you Matt! :hug:

X3 and from Lili too.

Hope we can chat more later Kiko-chan XD

And maybe I will write up that Emoshipping bit in my last journal into a fic.

though... more 'explict' ideas are in mind too |D;;;

Still mostly listening to Billy Talent on repeat XD;

Not sure what else to say... so vid link time 8D;

What DOES the Scouter Say? [DBZ Abridged]…

Iris - GX AMV - Fianceshipping I think it's called
I blame you Hoops... I blame you. All b/c you wanted to see the image in the middle of the vid XD;…
though... I always loved this song...
|D; and I guess I kinda like the shipping. but I hate Jaden/Judai. If anything I like... did they call it rivalshipping?
>_>; but that's the same shipping name for Seto and Yuugi. Yes, Yuugi, not Atem.

Western Show on Super Mario World
I think this should be the original...…
New one I just found XD;…

Puppyshipping 8D;

Ooh Ooh Baby - SetoxJounouchi…
I Think I Love You, Seto…

Trustshipping X3

Seduces me…

Ishizu feat. Seto Kaiba - Turkish Delight (amv)…

Thanks Cherry-san, I was looking for this vid on You Tube XD
Enemy Controller YGO MAD vid…

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September 21, 2008