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[ - About Halloween for me... - ]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2008, 1:38 AM
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sorry to anyone who saw this before... =_=;

I still haven't gotten used to this keyboard. and somehow it submitted before I even had a chance to put anything in the text box, or fix up the title >_>;

But yeah. was busy today. Actually didn't even get to work T_T
Meaning I'll have to do it on Sunday... again -_-#

Watched some more of my YGO season three. but this time with "Wallace" 8D!

Yes, he actually watched a little more of it with me.

I was watching it while taking the buttons off my old coat, and then sewing them onto my new one XD;

D: why didn't I think of it before it was after nine?!
I SO should've gone over to Sonny's in my Seto outfit. Toally should've T_T
[FYI, that's the card shop]

Poor Nat! She wasn't feeling good tonight, so Josie and her daughter didn't get very far for trick-or-treating. They didn't even make it up to my house before turning back XD;

So once my outfit was done, mom gathered up some of the candy we had, and I brought it over to Josie's house for Natalie <3 (sorry, I don't know how Josie spells her name, but she does usually call her Nat anyway)

After that I waited for Jose to come over and pick-up mom. I was getting a ride with them to Husky, and then was walking back home.

And no. No one was able to tell what/who I was when I went uptown...

I was asked by the cashier girl at Husky though. All I told her was that I was an anime character. She asked me what KC stood for XD so I said Kaiba Corp. She just replied with cool and kept admiring the outfit...?
When I left the store this dude holding a case of beer outside asked me what was on my arm. I told him a Duel Disk. He asked again, I repeated myself. He just nodded his head and starred at it. His two buddies starring just as cluelessly XD;
Some guy yelled out something about my costume being awesome or something, but not until I'd already walked past him a ways. I think I got one more compliment on my costume. other than that. Nothing. Which is fine XD that's what I expected.

I actually expected to be laughed at more or something XD;

The dude at Husky [some other customer] seemed to be trying to make fun of me. I had no idea what he was suppose to be. He was dressed all in black, and had a bit of black make-up on. I dunno.
He kept mocking me about dueling. Even though he doesn't even have a deck. And he was telling me I should've used a real card for my pendant. He made some other comments, but I mostly ignored him.

Nothing when I went over to Shoppers. I was hoping to find some Arizona Iced Tea there... but no such luck. They only had the red apple Green Tea at Husky... *sighs*
so I ended up not finding any.

I was suppose to go over to Video Stop on my way home, but I forgot. I was already across the overpass and on the other side of the street from Movie Gallery before I remembered.
By then I figured it'd be too late.
I just dropped off my beek jerky and juice from Husky at home, then headed over to Wal-mart.
No comments there. I just bought a couple bags of chips. I'd forgotten why else I'd gone there to begin with XD;

Came home. Wated that new Ariel DVD mom and I had been watching before I went over to Josie's... and then yeah. I came up here and got on the comp. Uploaded my pics from my SD Card.... then submitted resized versions to dA |D;

That's about it. Yup.

Well, not mentioning my appointment, but that's not important to any of you, neh?

But it's sad. We hardly got any kids this year. So we have tons of candy and chocolate left XD;
We got like... 150 or something last year >_>; this year it was hardly any at all.

When I was coming back from Husky I figured maybe it was because of our neigbour number four having died recently? But that made me think that might make more people curious and want to check it out, neh?

Mom was also joking it could be because she's always chasing the kids from the building next to us out of our yard. Yelling at them to get out of our yard and go into their own xD;

But Josie told me where her and Nat went... hardly anyone was handing out candy. And I didn't see very many people out and about when I went up town either. Not as many as I usually would anyway.

All-in-all it's been pretty quiet this year. So far.
Of course there were a bunch of fireworks being randomly lit off all over the place. But not as much as last year either.

and yes...
I'm still in my Seto costume. Minus my boots and the coat. I also took the elastic outta my hair.

I dunno... I just always loved this outfit XD;
Wearing it just as much as seeing it |D;

I remember Carlos telling me his favorite outfit for Seto was the purple one. And that the white one is over-rated and... cliché? I forgot what wording he used, but yeah.

Don't get me wrong, I love the purple one myself. but the white one is just more fun X3
His Duelist Kingdom outfit was kick ass too though ~<3

Well, that's about all I have to say atm.

TTYL everyone ~<3!

LOL oops... I forgot to but a thumbnail in for the cosplay pics XD;
Last Minute Seto Cosplay by Aisuryuu

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November 1, 2008