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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 10, 2009, 6:47 PM
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It's in English GN form FINALLY.

ha ha that probably means nothing to any of you |D;
I dunno if any of my watchers even know or heard of YGO R other than pidge =
and know how much this means to me *cough*


over at XIII's Duelist Kingdom forum I was freakin' out about it XD
and I was obviously talking about it with pidge on IM last night too~

oh, and we need more members at XIII's forum <3
check it out please?…

we're also working on his site too |3 after like two years of hiatus it's getting back online~!

and just a few days ago I found my dueling deck~
it's totally a sign guys |D

[ ------- Edit -------- ]

ha ha okay |D;

KIRIBAN COMING CLOSER. last I checked it was @ like... 29,993!

and I filled a meme |D; some of these are so similar that it can be hard for me to tell if I really HAVE filled them out before or not... but I felt like doing this one XD;

Stolen from a number of ppl I watch

*Why did you join this site?
It's hard to remember WHY exactly. I know I knew about it years before I joined or something. I did know about it quite a while before I joined I know that much. b/c pidge and what's-her-face on ES would talk about it and link to their shiz there while they were chattin'. I don't think it was until sk was goin' down that I figured on joinin'. That way I could keep in touch with Ginny and Edrian a bit? [sadly lost contact with both now] It was also an easier way for me to archive my scribbles and link to Ginny and the girls at sk, our other forums, or IM.

*What does your username have to do with you? Is it a combination of your favorite things, or a character of yours?
*sigh* it's this question again.
It's a nickname one of my close buddies gave me years ago. It just seemed to stick. Especially after I used it as my username here. I picked it b/c I always had trouble thinking up my own usernames. It's so much work! It also ended up being my penname. Transliterally it's Japanese for "ice dragon" but I know there are other [and, yeah, probably better and more correct] ways to spell it.
But yeah, it's also the name of my main YGO OC. she's got a lot of re-vamping ahead for her though XD; she's a REALLY old OC of mine so I need to fix a lot of things. I lost any of her old profiles so... I'm mostly recreating her |D; She's a KC employee though. And she can duel, but focuses more on work. She doesn't have any special powers or super secret awesome cards or any Millennium items or what-not XD; She's more of a serious person. Very rational.

*What is your current icon of?
Of one of my all time favorite characters EVER. I love Seto Kaiba. cherry-san drew it for me. Part of a YGO icon family.

*How many watchers do you have and how many people are you currently watching?
ugh, checking stats always takes f'n forever *waiting for it to tally it up*
Okay, wow, it didn't take like 45 minutes this time, my gawd.
I watch 328 ppl and 161 ppl watch me. ha ha too bad it's not 151 ppl watching me XD! *shot*

*Do you have more than one account?
ah... I guess techinically yes? but both are club accounts.

*Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA.
YOU DARE MAKE ME?! no particular order
*sorting through her watch list to find someone else*

*What deviant do you admire because of their personality?
Hmm... that's a tough one. I don't think I really KNOW any of the deviants very well. 'cept for Michy and Hoops b/c I've known them for years and years offline |D;
ha ha as much as I'd like to say chesseboy... no. and I don't really know Glay. And... I dunno what I can say about Pidge. A true friend is one who knows all your faults and loves you anyways right? ha ha /wrist that sounded so horribley mean!
LOL I guess I'll have to say Lili |D [LiliNeko] aka :iconlilineko:
There is like... nothing we have in common other than being the same age and our deep deep DEEP love for Gary Oak. We're pretty opposite on everything else. but we're still HELLA TIGHT OH YEEEEEEAH!
I just luv ya gurl! :heart: even if I wanna rip up and shred your fav girls! Yoooooouuuu make it so I don't! Or don't even really want to anymore! My love for you is that hella strong :aww:

*How many people on here do you actually know in reality? Post their avatars.
ha ha only three. and that's one more than I thought XD;

*Do you comment, fave, or both?
Mostly only Fav. I rarely comment

*What do you typically post on deviantart?
Pokémon related sketches. Mostly my OC's or some of Pidge's |D

*Do you participate in clubs or contests here on DA?
I run a club, and am co-owner of another. I don't really participate in contests all that much.

*What is your most popular deviation?
I'm NOT going to count desktop screen shots =| should really just delete all those from my gallery
and I hate what's most popular... an oekaki image I only drew for my love of :iconmiyatoriaka:
It's for a pairing I really really don't like.
AaMl - Pokeshipping by Aisuryuu

*What's your favorite submission in your favorites gallery?
I can't pick one! I don't even remember all the shiz I got in there. b/c I had a shitload of fav's in there before dA made the folders for you to organize them.
buuuuttt... for the sake of putting something here I'll TRY pick one.
Seto and Mokuba by Achiru-et-al
Because I just love the Kaiba Bros. <3 SO VERY MUCH. Especially together~
platonically of course. but I am CERTAINLY not adverse to tabloidshipping |3

*What are the things you wish you could draw better?
PFFFT. Like a lot of ppl I'd say everything XD;
but I never ever really TRY very hard so... I guess I should try see what my limits are before trying to go beyond them, neh?

*Are you a subscriber?
Mmhmm. I'm addicted to it |D; I had to save up a while to renew my year subscription XD;
I was subby-less for a while. maybe a few weeks or months?

*How many hours a day do you spend on DA?
I have no clue. I multi-task when I'm on-line. I'm usually always logged in when I have my comp on, but it's not always dA I'm on. And I usually shift between tabs/windows.

*Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
I'd say Medium-slow

*What is your favorite emoticon?
:manhug: ha ha

*What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
= I'm not sure. ppl don't generally ask me questions on here much. I can't think of it atm, sorry. I'm sure there are a few though.

*What is the most annoying comment you get?
ha ha I don't really get comments at all |D;
So I can't think of what to put here atm either OTL

*What inspires you?
a lot of random things I guess. Mostly music though? But also situations I can imagine or that come from being built off real life experiences. Maybe some pulled from other stories I've read/seen sometimes?

*Do you use any traditional media?
I LOVE using Steadtler Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencils. I really don't like to use anything else to draw with traditionally. Though I do have some mechanical pencils I used to use, it's been ages. I HATE using blue ink though. I only really like using black ink. And I don't like to paint much. or colour with pencil crayons or markers. I can't really draw on lined paper either. it usually has to be lineless and white |D;

*Do you associate people online with their icons?
Yeah, I guess so.

*Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation?
Never even considered the thought of doing so.

*Everyone has considered leaving DA once or twice. Have you? Why?
Yes, I have. Because things and people were just pissing me off so badly. I loathe online drama.
Especially if it's got nothing to do with me [not related to me or ppl I know or care about in the least. or not about something I can relate to or agree with] and ppl are intentionally going around and creating it b/c THEY think it's 'fun' or they're just bored.

:iconsireinita: since no one else ever really does these when I tag them anyway |D;

.:*:. Stamp Collection --- .:*:. Stamp Collection 2 --- .:*:. Clubs
.:*:. Gifts/Requsts/Etc. --- .:*:. Write-Out-Loud ---
.:*:. OC's Pokéventures --- .:*:. Manga Bullet Account

Journal Images drawn and coloued in oC or MS Paint. Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba (c) Kazuki Takahashi. Micheal, Wallace, Dragon design (c) myself.
LiliNeko Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

And I'm not gonna lie, totally don't know what was YGO R ish until like 5 mins ago ((wiki'd it on google :XD: )) So excited to hear of that story plot and now in english! Keekeke :giggle: ....Gawd I need to catch up on YGO and other mangas/anime in general :XD:

Well A-chan, I couldn't help but not reply right away after seeing that title of yours ;p hahah :lauhing: Much lovies and I miiiiiiiiiiis yooooooooooou :glomp:
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

ha ha yeah, I know, it's okay |D
I don't think many ppl would have heard about or know anything about YGO R.

lulz I haven't seen all of the YGO eps myself XD
I read all of the manga until Pharoah's Memory World [PMW]. Oddly enough... PMW didn't interest me A LOT. and I love ancient Egypt and dueling =\ I don't really get it |D;
I saw an ep or two, but they were RAW with no subtitles for PMW XD;

ha ha well thanks <3 it's a bit deal to me so a reply from you so fast is aawwwweeeeeesome! :glomp:
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