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:iconorzplz: all my recent journal entries are about kiriban's...

Sorry! I don't always like to just put random things in journals. I use the status thing for quick thoughts or announcements I guess?

But less than 200 away from 94,000 holy man!
I never imagined I could get that many views.

As usual if you can catch the kiriban and note me proof I'll see if I can give you a simple sketch as a prize!

We'll have to work out the details later, but nothing too complicated and it will likely be waist-up. I am not very good at furries or animals in general but Kemonomimi's or Gijinka or pokemon I can maybe try!

In other news the new class session for AoH has been out almost a month now. I am working on it! Sefem's taking at least two classes right now, Inscprition: Capture and Reflect Magic as well as Wind: Path of the Wind.

The wind class is the one I'm working on currently. I have so many ideas but I'll try parse it down so I have less work XD; But if I have to cut too much I'll probably save the ideas and just make bonus comics for it that I can work on at my own pace?
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Aisuryuu Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Welp looks like I missed it |D;

Ah well, 95,000 feels like a bigger milestone anyway
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April 25, 2017