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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 1:59 AM
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Gah... my tablet pen is really pissing me off now.

It's working less and less.

So I tried using my tablet mouse right?

-_-; Guess what. It's postioning is way off. It draws like 5 or so centimeters to the right of the cursor D<!!

So it's making me want to draw less and less, neh?

*sighs* I don't even want to know how much a new one might cost.

Just thinking about it gives me a headach.

I was working on an image. It's suppose to be Wallace as Lelouch and Micheal as Suzaku... but my tablet pen is pissing me off too much. All I have left to colour is their hair... but that's always one of the most agonizing things to colour. Hair.

I don't know if I even want to post that image here on dA.
I didn't draw them in easily recognizable outfits.
I drew Wallace in Lelouch's red jacket and black shirt and pants. Micheal is wearing that blue coat with the dark green inteior and yellow-ish shirt undneath.

Yeah, my bro said that Lelouch's likely most recognizable outfit is his school uniform. But I didn't feel like drawing it.

and I don't think I could imagine Wallace or Micheal wanting to wear it. I think the only outfit of Suzaku's Mich would wanna wear would be the one I drew him in |D; it's the one closest to his own style.
And Wallace certainly isn't one to wear 'fabulous' clothes. He doesn't have that flourishing Lelouch personality XD;

But... what I was suppose to be drawing was Fredrick as Mao XD;

And then I thought, "Well... why don't I also draw Mich and Wallace cosplaying? They can be Lelouch and Suzaku ~<3"

blah... after drawing it... they looked so much like Lelouch and Suzaku... that I think the only way you can tell it's NOT them, is by the darker skin tone and different eye colour >_>;
I also drew their hair a little differently [once I saw I drew it too much like Suzaku and Lelouch's hair]. It's hard to "tame" Wallace's hair. It can be done, yes, but he doesn't do it much, and prefers not to unless he has to XD;
Also, Micheal doesn't have the same wavy hair as Suzaku |D;

So it might just look like they [Suzaku and Lelouch] got tans, are wearing coloured contacts, and have messy hair XD;


it also ended up looking like a shipping/pairing image :XD:

Yeah, I also started on a new Dev ID
WIP - Aisuryuu Dev ID by Aisuryuu
just scribbling ideas as they came to mind, neh?
Not really trying to make it into a Pixel Fighter ID
It's obviously not a pixel ID XD; simialar idea though.

Also, if you want to be featured...
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October 29, 2008