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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2008, 4:24 AM
  • Listening to: Hotel California - The Eagles
  • Reading: 'salem's Lot

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Blah... so exhausting...

spent most of the day... sleeping? LOL
was awake for the afternoon. had to go to work after all.

And ended up spending the majority of late afternoon and evening with Wallace. Not really doing anything. Just hanging out in the living room, sometimes randomly chatting.

We were watching some Goblet of Fire, but I couldn't resist the urge to go to Huskey XD

I was able to resist the urge to buy beef jerky this time though |D;
And how could I resist buying a Crush Lime slushie? even if it was so watery it was soupy and didn't taste good after a while |D;

Anyway, got an art trade goin' on with Kiwi-Chan269 neh?
Asked her to draw Riley (and Lucario?) for me. And I'll be doing puppyshipping for her |D;
that's sorta popular to be asked of me?

Oh well. it's hard to think up something for it. Well, more to be motivated to work on it XD;
But I do have an idea I wanna try out.

Also... poll time for once! after like... how long? LOL…… "Ah, hello, Wallace! =D What is it?"

5 deviants said I want you. Right. Now.
3 deviants said Let's battle! :pokeball:
2 deviants said Oh... it's... uh... nothing...! :sprint:
1 deviant said Eh... i-it's nothing... ^^;
1 deviant said oh, nothing really. Just bored :shrug:
1 deviant said Where is freakin' Gary! :shakefish:
1 deviant said Have you seen where Micheal is? :paranoid:
1 deviant said I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are... :love:

Oh yeah... I'd been pretty sure that first one would be the most popular voted XD

I was thinking I might draw a 'response' image to this poll for whichever was most popular, neh?
I'm actually surprised there has been two votes for a battle though :XD:

Twilight feat. Zombiez by meru-chan
high tide 1 by whitedog1 high tide 2 by whitedog1 high tide 3 by whitedog1 high tide 4 by whitedog1 high tide 5 by whitedog1 high tide 6 by whitedog1

Dawn in a random outfit by samyhedgehog654:thumb104844991::thumb82177115:
Rentoraa for JupiterSG by FireAnne
Charmeleon by Witbik

Unfinished huge thing by emixoO
Kiss Meme: Azula x Sokka by laurbits

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December 1, 2008