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Wow... yeah I haven't made a new journal for quite some time!
Sorry I'm not that active. I don't have a lot of time or ability to draw lately. I'm working very slowly at chipping away at my WIPs!
I also have been doing more writing but... I don't really upload that here anymore so I haven't been uploading that either.

But! less than 500 away from 10,000 views! wow. I never imagined I could get this far! But I have been on dA for 13 years it seems? I'd like to do a kiriban to celebrate! Nothing too complicated though. We can probably talk about it more when it gets closer :D
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The time is upon us once again! [link]
Only because there was a twitter reminder (rather than an announcement?) did I realize this had opened!
I don't have a core membership anymore but... well here we go~

1. Draco Vesylia My first and main character for AoH~ he's a graduate but tends to come around and visit a lot.
:bulletblue: His hair is actually cut atm --> [see here] though you don't have to give him the braid. I do also like his long hair so if you wanna go with that go for it?
:bulletblue: [Hero outfit]
:bulletblue: [My fav casual wear for him]
:bulletblue: I am also [fond of the outfit] [Tanis designed for him] for the [Inscription class]

2. [Sefem SonakMy current student
:bulletblack: His [main reference sheet] and his preferred casual outfit? Probably has the most detailed references that can apply to the outher outfits where it might be unclear on details? Yes his entire back has the same scales as his tail/wings.
:bulletblack:  Again, I am also fond of [the design Tanis] created for them for Inscription class!
:bulletblack:  I suppose [this] is his equivalent of Draco's Hero outfit? He tends to wear the black face mask seen [here] with it and the googles in winter and outdoors 

3. [Lendys] This is DarkDragonTanis's student! She gave me permission to include her on my list. I prefer to have at least one female option XD;
:bulletorange: She honestly has a TON of outfits... you can check some out [here]? There are a few for the other two as well honestly XD;
:bulletorange: LOL if you feel adventerous or suicidal there is her [Annwyn event armor]

:bulletpurple: If you wanna draw a pair of them together? YES. I'd be down for that~ :icondragonnodplz:


Fan art options:

:bulletred: Katsuki Bakugou (Kacchan) from Boku no Hero Academia
Hero outfit: [1] - [2] - [3] - [without grenade gauntlets (and in skinny jeans with fixed hair lol)]
:bulletgreen: Izuku Midoriya (Deku) from Boku no Hero Academia
Hero Outfit: [1] [2] - [3] - [4]

:bulletpink: Again, if you wanna draw both together? yiss~
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A group I'm a member of is having a giveaway!
If any of my watchers are interested you can check out details here~
<da:thumb id="691426410"/>
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:iconorzplz: all my recent journal entries are about kiriban's...

Sorry! I don't always like to just put random things in journals. I use the status thing for quick thoughts or announcements I guess?

But less than 200 away from 94,000 holy man!
I never imagined I could get that many views.

As usual if you can catch the kiriban and note me proof I'll see if I can give you a simple sketch as a prize!

We'll have to work out the details later, but nothing too complicated and it will likely be waist-up. I am not very good at furries or animals in general but Kemonomimi's or Gijinka or pokemon I can maybe try!

In other news the new class session for AoH has been out almost a month now. I am working on it! Sefem's taking at least two classes right now, Inscprition: Capture and Reflect Magic as well as Wind: Path of the Wind.

The wind class is the one I'm working on currently. I have so many ideas but I'll try parse it down so I have less work XD; But if I have to cut too much I'll probably save the ideas and just make bonus comics for it that I can work on at my own pace?
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Since it seems apparent that whenever it's a couple hundred close it's too late to really make an announcement XD;

less than 500 already?! It's only been like a month since 92,000... wow. It's because I've started drawing fan art again isn't it? ha ha

If you can catch 93,000 and send my screenshot proof I can verify I'll see if I have time to give you a simple sketch request!
We'll have to discuss details if it comes around.
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Well I'm a couple hundred away from 92,000 hits I guess!
I have a laptop (for the moment) and it seems to be working with my tablet and SAI so far.
So if someone can catch the 92,000 kiriban I'll see about doing a simple sketch request to celebrate!
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Wow yes I am still alive!
I'm trying to do sketchvember this month but my health dictates I can only draw every other day rather than every day at most.
So maybe I'll stretch it across Nov and Dec?

Anyway yes! Almost at 89,000 hits?! CRAZY 8D
Thanks for the support~ :heart:
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Just a copy paste because I am losing my core membership in a few days

Bullet; Orange N/A

Bullet; Blue Ice Class Half Star (thumbnailing - 2 pages done)
Bullet; Blue Ninja Jesus & Isolating Emo (sketch line stage) Half Star 
Bullet; Blue Art RP (Collab Comic) with Tanis (Tanis' turn)
Bullet; Blue Sefem and Talim "Hakuna Matata" (thumbnail stage) comic/illust. No Star
Bullet; Blue Suprme Kai of Time Sefem WITH Trunks!Draco (hiatus) No Star
Bullet; Blue maaaaaaybe some random Sefem and Talim doodlz (hiatus) No Star
Bullet; Blue RP doodle - Talim catching Sefem in pouring rain (hiatus) No Star

Art Trades:
Bullet; White N/A

Bullet; Purple N/A

Bullet; Black random gag strip with Draco and his family Half Star
Bullet; Black possible Draco/Suzaku randomness with ema11's muse from meme things on tumblr No Star
Bullet; Black randomized sketch. Seto, bromine, anime. Kaibaman staturday morning anime lololololol

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Well not only did my computer die a while back... But I am also moving in June.
I won't have a desk in my new room so I likely will try get a laptop instead of a new tower. But I know I can't afford to replace my computer for a long time.

I do have some materials I can use for traditional art! 
But without a computer I can't scan any of it. I can take pics but I won't be able to take high quality photos OR clean edit the photos.

So I will be drawing. It's just the hat I am limited by lack of practice and the available materials traditionally. It will also take me longer to finish pieces traditionally.

Using my iPad makes it way less convenient to check dA so my activity here will also be slitly less after I am not busy with moving and settling in.

but I have the dA app so I can get notification! So I am going to be around I will just update more slowly and can only do traditional pieces atm so those also take longer than digital.
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well... missed the 86,000. Maybe I'll try for the 86,500?
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Wow really? I hadn't been looking at it much recently. I missed my 85,000 but it seems like 86,000 is approaching!

I wouldn't mind offering a single chara sketch for it~ As long as the design isn't out of my range |D; And you don't mind me being out of practice 

I'm also running out of my subscription membership!
I'm going to either try reorganize my points commissions page or do something along those lines to get it renewed.
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Wow... I hadn't looked at my pageviews in a while and that sounds crazy XD;
Thanks for the hits everyone~

I also have a bunch of projects on the go atm. More than what is on my mini-to-do-list actually. But the ones not on there are minor works by comparison.
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|D yes wow. I haven't done this for a while. I was having trouble figuring out what else I can make polls about!

Somehow I find it ironic or at least a bit amusing that despite me being a member of a group named "Academy of Heroes" I'd not only agree with preferring to living long enough to become a villain, but that it was an overwhelming 100% voting that everyone else who voted held the same viewpoint XD

I just find the idea of a great hero BEING a great hero, but either eventually crumbling under the pressure of their title or expectations of themselves or from outside sources... making a shift to "villain" territory quite interesting.
Because then you have to question what defined them as a hero when they were heroic? What defines them as the villain they became? Do they view themselves as a villain now? Did they view themselves as a hero before the shift? What could have possibly happened to cause such a seemingly drastic change in their behavior and beliefs?

Because really, all it boils down to is perspective.
A lot of people don't view every character the same way. Depending on the persons morals or values can change what they define as a hero or villain.

So when it comes to writing heroes and villains you need a consistent set of guidelines for what traits either hold. And then anyone who holds enough of one trait are slotted under the title.

If you can do that but still make compelling antagonists for the protagonist that you can sympathize with I consider that good writing.

If you set up rules for heroes and villains but never allow that to ever be questioned or challenged, THEN expect this to be FORCED onto others to accept without complaint, then I find that lazy or frustrating.

But it can be even worse if you never define what a hero or villain is, you just PROCLAIM a character is one or the other, then somehow we're suppose to be emotionally attached to your character suffering and even possibly doing terrible things despite being a "hero" when you only define heroes as agents of "justice". What is "justice" and what makes your character entitled to mete out rewards and punishments onto others for the sake of it?

Because if you never define what a hero or villain is, label your protagonist a hero, then they do terrible things or make others suffer, or suffer themselves, but we're still expected to sympathize with them and not feel any empathy for the people they've caused suffering to because they did it with "the best intentions" or out of sheer ignorance of the consequences that could happen and they expected other results... 

I can't stand being told how I'm suppose to view or feel about a character. Especially based on writer bias and the personal views of the writer I'm dictated and expected to adopt without question.

I find it a lot more compelling to be presented with a character, shown what they value, what hardships they've either lived through or suffer through, then being allowed the freedom to decide on my own if I relate to or appreciate that character.

If you can't be consistent with what defines a hero or villain because your protagonist is never allowed to be anything other than pure, loved, or just, just gtfo.

Because the defense of "protag is a hero so anything they do is good because all heroes are good!" seem to weaken the glorified title of hero.
Because if a hero can be excused of ANY repercussions of their choices or lack of action then I don't want it thanks.
Ah that time of year again |D


:bulletblue: Sefem Sonak
-My current student~The first is his most recent outfit, but any of the others is fine as well
AoH - Sefem Sonak - S7 - Winter by Aisuryuu  AoH - Sefem - Azu Uni by Aisuryuu  Sefem Sonak - Winter - S6 by Aisuryuu  S5 Exam Ref - Sefem - Airship Pirate Battle by Aisuryuu  Sefem Sonak - Supreme Kai of Time by Aisuryuu

:bulletblue: Draco Vesylia
-My graduate character |3
AoH - post S4 exam ref by Aisuryuu  Draco Vesylia - 'Hero' or work outfit by Aisuryuu  Hairspray and Denim by Aisuryuu  Sakura Fest 2015 Draco-flats by Aisuryuu

:bulletblue: Lendys 
- Tanis' student~ I have permission to put her on my list!
AoH - Winter Ball 2014 by DarkDragonTanis  Lendys Aoh Cs  by DarkDragonTanis   Combat Class 2  animation link  in descrip. by DarkDragonTanis  S6 class outfit by DarkDragonTanis  Combat Class 1 by DarkDragonTanis


Other OC's
:bulletblue: Juliet Vesylia (Draco's lil sis)
- Ha ha tbh She's only a few years old atm. But I use her in AU's so she has designs where she's older. I drew her in the Azu uniform just because. But seeing how she's an Ice Dragon it'd take a few human decades before she's even a few years old in Dragon terms so unless there is some giant ass time skip or something for AoH I don't think she'll ever be able to attend XD
Ref - Future Juliet by Aisuryuu

:bulletred: Micheal Woods
- One of my many Pkmn OC's. This is actually his teenage outfit. for my main story he's generally in his 20's-30's |D; but for his own storyline this is probably when he had some of the most development? He was also just a lot of fun at this age XD 
Updated Teen Mich Ref by Aisuryuu
- If you wanted one of his designs when he's older... he actually becomes a ranger once he settles down and you can see his pkmn
Ranger Mich - 25+ by Aisuryuu

:bulletblack: Rory
- my shameless self-insert Pkmn OC XD
Pkmn - Trainer Troubles by Aisuryuu  sketch dump - self trainer by Aisuryuu

Fan Art
Uryuu Ishida from Bleach - [1] - [2] - [3] - [4]

:bulletblack: Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-man (the top right grumpy looking one. But I suppose any of the three of the is fine |D. Lavi on the left, Allen bottom middle)
DGM-Allen-Lavi-Kanda by Aisuryuu
Mostly just for me to have this collected somewhere, and because writing it out would help me keep it in mind XD;
(my to-do list has what is more of a priority on this list, as well as some indication of how far along I am in some cases)

Just a note for myself on art/projects I have:

* Art RP with Tanis (ongoing - take turns with pages)
* Cold Surprise (Ice class) - Sefem (storyboarding. finally finished working out details)
* Onu Canteri (Gravity class) - Sefem (I have the lineart done. now for flats and the bkg)
* Post-Wyvern comic (I need to storyboard it out. I have the basics of what I want in a notepad file with specific dialog necessary to the plot)
* Sefem and Talim "Hakuna Matata" (still working out the composition)
* Supreme Kai of Time Sefem WITH Trunks!Draco (on hiatus b/c the above are more important)
* random Sefem and Talim doodlez (hiatus for same reason)
* RP doodle - Talim catching Sefem in pouring rain (hiatus)

Original/AoH AU's
* new strips for the newly revamped RomCom AU (the only AU with DracoRei as eventual ship canon. Anu approved)
* something for ManWhore!Draco AU (based on Draco in 30H!3 songs, or other Hip-Hip/pop songs)
* stuff for the "Family" modernverse (mafiaesque AU centered around Baliraj [Aka Aivan] and Draco's gay adventures [DracoBali is eventual canon]. Bali is son of "The Boss" and Draco is a hitman for "The Boss")
* "Magical Girl AU", get Draco's actual ref sheet past the stick figure concept stage, then try get other ref sheets for chara's to go with his (Rei as potential twin sister)

Fandom (lower priority)
* Draco and Rei Psycho-Pass cosplay (Rei = Inspector, Draco = Enforcer)
* Self cosplaying as Lavi (to compliment my ema11!Bak sketch)
* Yullen comic - Allen trying to share his ice cream with Kanda
* Yullen comic strips - a child for them with shenanigans of Lenalee being surrogate mother (for gag purposes)
* Draco illustrations/comic strips to "Snake Eater"
* Considering Drawing Draco as Myrmidon class and Reisie as Sorcerer class from FEA
* Might also try include Aivan as Lord class from FEA alongside above, and perhaps Valkyrie class for Kiri.
* 4KOMA or otherwise mini strips of the CEO crossover AU, which is centered on comedy/gag (includes Wallace as Johto Shipping Company CEO, Draco as gemstone/Jewler CEO), and Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corp)

* Continue "Trainer Tales" and likely cross-post from dA to tumblr
* Continue "Prison AU" but only post on tumblr
* possible drabbles for PokéPeeps, cross-post

[ - 80,000 Kiriban approaching! - ]

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2015, 10:24 PM

Less than two hundred hits before it is upon us~

Catch it and I'll see about giving you a small sketch request!

Thanks for all the support thus far!
I'll be gone literally all day saturday the 11th, however.

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[ - Kiriban Approaching~ - ]

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 5:48 PM

Ha ha well another big milestone coming up I guess?
Less than 400 hits away so that's still a whiles away, but I figure I'd post about it now for some heads up?

As usual I'd love to see if I can sketch something up if someone catches it! Most likely a bust or waist up. As long as the request isn't too complex, busy, or complicated, and isn't far outside my comfort level for what I feel confident in being able to draw!

In other news I am still tackling some long standing projects that have been in the WIP stage for a while. Some far too long XD;
Life has been crazy offline lately, so I squeeze in art time when I can. But it is also difficult because I am severely heat sensitive and we started getting crazy hot weather for my area way earlier than normal. And it's expected to only get far worse as summer stretches on...

But I'm doing my best!

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EDIT [ - Approaching 79,000 Kiriban~ - ]

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 7:31 PM

Ha ha damn. Well looks like I missed my kiriban and I didn't get any notes with screenies either! Ah well, hopefully next time.


Well! looks like I'll be hitting 79,000 soon!

If you catch it and can send me a screenshot I'll see about sketching you something up |3 depending on the complexity of the design and chara will factor into if it will be a bust, half-body, or what-not!

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[ - Awesome Homemade Cards~ - ]

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 19, 2015, 1:37 AM

Saw these awesome looking youtuber cards recently |3

<da:thumb id="527031113"/> BattleOfTheYoutubersSet 1 ONSALE

I thought that was a pretty neat idea 8D

Looking forward to seeing more. Though unfortuantely I personally don't know a lot of youtubers. Or at least I don't follow a lot of the really popular ones? I mostly like diy and duct tape or craft related ones. I only follow a few gamer youtubers. Markiplier is probably my favourite, even if I've only watched a handful of his vids so far. I actually tend to watch a lot of his vlog uploads XD; I'm just still dealing with anxiety atm so I can't feel comfortable watching too many scary game LPs. I also don't want spoilers for some games I haven't played yet so I tend to watch vids for games I've already completed XD; (which isn't many because I haven't been able to play games as much as I want for years, let alone own my own copies of all the games I want)

But if my obsession with YGO[Duel Monsters] (and it's many gaming incarnations) was any indication I kinda really love card games XD; I've played all kinds and have a range of different card games (or at least a starter/structure deck) of various card games. YGO was always my favourite, but I used to play a lot of Pkmn when I was a kid. I just kinda dropped out of liking YGO after GX came out because I didn't like the cards or decks, I sorta dabbled back in with 5Ds but didn't have the funds to buy many. I don't even know what the hell is going on with the incarnations after 5Ds. I tend to just buy decks or boosters for the series' I know XD;

I do have Naruto decks but only one person I know who doesn't buy them anymore was who I could play the game with. I have InuYasha cards but my brother only wanted to collect the first booster series and he never wanted to actually play. I got a bunch of Magic the Gathering cards from a yard sale but never bothered to look into playing. Seems like the rules change all the time from what I've heard of players and people from the card and comic book shops so I don't feel like getting into a series like that.

Before Pkmn came over to NA I know I used to play playing card games a lot (if it wasn't video games).

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[ - Another Point Givaway~ - ]

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2015, 5:38 PM

I saw this neat giveaway here~ 1500 Point Giveaway! (OPEN)

I also checked out the gallery and it's pretty cute |3

rose-tinted by crown-rachel  identity by crown-rachel  crushed flowers for eyes by crown-rachel  Astrid Palette Challenge by crown-rachel

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