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work doodles - pkmn + AoH by Aisuryuu work doodles - pkmn + AoH by Aisuryuu
:pointr: Yes! Mich actually does know how to sew.
At first is was mostly for first aid reasons... but he's not too bad at sewing clothing either |D And random fluffy sleeping at his feet~
:pointr: ha ha Wal just having fun making... a stew? soup? I dunno, he's cooking something in a big pot over the fire XD; I think Lucy's getting into mischief behind him XD;

:pointr: LOLOLOLOLOLOL was listening to "like a boss" at work... and the thought of Mich randomly saying that around William came to mind. I don't think Wal appreciates it XD; I probably would've draw him punching Mich... but I didn't.

:pointr: wanted to draw some Draco. Can't remember what I was going to make his new oufit like |D; he ended up in what you see there. Not what I really like but close enough...?
and random Kiri nearby XD; I totally forgot what her winter outfit looks like OTL

:pointr: Initially I was suppose to be drawing some Paul frowning down at Ash... somehow it turned into an angry Mich about to pulverize some poor Pacad sap XD; I think he was talkin' shit about Rene |D So Mich is totally going to enjoy beating the shit out of him until Officer Jenny comes along and he gets a restraining order slapped on him XD

:pointr: Originally it was just going to be Fred... but I had to scribble in lita. after adding her... I totally lost track of what Fred's pose should be XD;

Tools: random pen at work, random printer paper at work, Canon scanner

Pokémon, Luxray, Vulpix (c) Game Freak
Kiri Akuma (c) ~sarahuchiha
Lita Volair (c) ~pigeon-wing
Micheal, Fluffy, Wallace, Lucy, William, Draco, Fredrick (c) myself
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January 23, 2011
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