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sketch song comic - TeenMich by Aisuryuu sketch song comic - TeenMich by Aisuryuu
Lyrics: [link]
Video: [link]

I've had this idea since I don't even remember when. A long long time though.
Only now actually trying to draw it XD;

Didn't look at any of my notes [I'm sure I typed some up somewhere], I just put this on repeat and started drawing.

Related to other comics I wanted to draw. One to a new song.
And that other song is what I was trying to work on when I ended up making that animation last time |D;

Guess this is like a prologue to the other idea I was thinking of when I was about to try animating it.
But I think I'll make it into a comic instead. It'll be way easier, but probably more enjoyed than if I just wrote the idea out |D

But this idea is old like I said. Not sure if I'll leave this as is, or if I'll try draw for the entire song like I had originally planned. This was the initial inspiration though, and something that helped build an important event in Micheal's past.

Though I know the instrumental at the start feels like more than the two panels I drew up top XD;

I was just drawing this while listening to the song, and thinking about my initial inspiration. Wasn't actually trying to plan this to the lyrics. So that's another reason this might get left as is, and why it's all sketchy.

This song is sappy isn't it?
It still feels so weird to associate something like this with Mich. Rather than... say something by 3OH!3 or Papa Roach.
[the first song I associated with him was actually Knights of Cydonia by Muse!]
But it amuses me to associate the band's name "Dashboard Confessional" to Mich |D

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI, CISNET optical mouse

Pokémon (c) Game Freak
Lyrics (c) Dashboard Confessional
Micheal (c) myself

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Submitted on
February 9, 2011
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