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giftart - Baliraj n Draco by Aisuryuu giftart - Baliraj n Draco by Aisuryuu
:dummy: Happy Early Birthday, Pidge! :dummy:

OTL I'm sorry this looks so crappy... I've never been able to do Bali justice! /sob
hope it amuses you anyway XD;
Bali's wings are too big... and they were drawn pretty crappily overall XD; Wasn't sure what to design his sword as |D; so it's rather plain with some feather engravings.

I still haven't pinned down Draco's design for the originalverse... so I just drew his finals outfit and new hair |D;
He doesn't look at all like himself... even though I added the glasses to try remedy that it didn't work...
Wasn't too sure about Bali's design either XD;

Only for you pidge. Only for you would I go through so much torture of my own free will.

Okay! talked it over with pidge and went with removing the glasses~ I'm happier this way, and she was okay with it |3

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Baliraj (c) ~pigeon-wing
Draco Vesylia (c) myself
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SwerveStar Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is what their poses scream to me...
Right: ...The hell?
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ha ha really?
that's cool~
Sireinita Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011

i saw the sketch on tumblr and recognized draco and baliraj right away, but for some reason i thought it was going to stay a sketch so i totally did not expect this!!! so i'm sneaking onto da during work and SEE THIS IN MY INBOX AND OMG CANNOT STOP GRINNING AHAHAHA!!! i am def leaving an actual comment when i get home, i just wanted to leave my initial reaction asap haha <33
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

hee hee I knew you'd recognize them~ I also notice you liked the sketch!
Yeah... I'm glad it gave the impression of staying a sketch and this surprised you >D
LOL is it a bad thing for you to be grinning like made like that for work...?
Okay thank you~ I'm glad you just liked this XD I was trying to get it done in time for your bday, at least I got it done before~
As I signed up for two secret santa events and I have an AT in the wings...
Sireinita Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
of course!! and LMAO luckily no one was around the front desk when i was oggling/commenting on this picture, hahaha. x'D

even as stick figures the poses were just so THEM, haha: the easily excitable bali and the less than enthused draco. x'D love how they are bros even with their completely discrepant personalities (and looks! i am so digging how obvious their opposite skin/hair/wing features are here). i haven't designed bali's sword yet, but the feather imagery here has sparked some ideas...! now i just wish i knew what was going on in the picture, lmao....!! *m*

let me know what elements of draco's design here are most likely to be finalized...! :3c
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL yes. That is a stroke of luck there~

<3 I'm glad you thought the sticks looked like them! I was trying to go for that being capable of expressing who it was. I just got hit by sudden inspiration for it. I had to get it drawn out at that moment. But I was on my laptop... and I wanted it to be digital b/c my scanner is having issues atm |D; So I had to make due with trying to express it as best I could with the touchpad on my laptop XD; luckily I at least had SAI on my laptop! otherwise I would've had to have used MSpaint XD;
Ha ha yes... personality-wise I'm amazed they can be bros [that and if he was into the Knights and quests and everything... I wonder why he wouldn't try slaying Draco rather than befriending him XD;]. I was just talking to Anu and wondering HOW they could have become friends in the first place. As it seems to be a mystery. You might be interested in some of the ideas I tossed out to her about it XD
[I didn't really pay too much attention to that about their looks but yes! It's funny because... next to most others Draco looks tanned or to have darker skin. but next to Bali he looks pale XD; though I guess the contrast to Bali's lighter pallete and his dark one makes his skin seem paler? I really had no idea what hair to give Draco XD; I sort of assumed this seemed more realistic for the warrior he is in this fantasy universe. As it would be less maintenance than his first short hair style, but it's also short so he won't have to worry about long hair getting in his way or being a disadvantage. Though with this sort of hair style he'd also probably need a way to keep his hair out of his face if he's actually fighting or something. Otherwise it'll just get in his face |D; So it's not decided for him to have this yet]
Ooh really? Well I'm glad the feather imagery sparked some ideas then 8D I just figured he wouldn't have something plain, and it had to be ornate in some way, as he's a nobleman's son and everything |D
LOL I have no idea what's going on. It sort of evolved while it was being created. I'm assuming Bali's pumped about something, or he's telling Draco a story.

ha ha I will! but I really have no idea atm OTL
All I seem to know so far is that dragon form is actually his default and preference (though he will scale this down so he's a small dragon rather than his full size all the time). He takes human form for Bali's convenience. As it would probably be easier for Bali to communicate with Draco that way. He doesn't speak much, but I don't really know if dragons can speak in anything but growls and such in full dragon form. And if they can, it's probably not something they are born capable of doing and it must be learned/taught to speak other languages when in dragon form.
Also... Draco seems nearly emotionless in the originalverse |D; He doesn't express much, and he'd have a pretty quiet and monotone voice as well. Though body language would probably help. Bali might need to learn what Draco's subtle tail and wing movements mean, as Draco's quite stoic and he'd not have much understanding of emotions or human culture.
Sireinita Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
oh, def. like i said, i could tell right away!

how they come to know each other would make for a very interesting episode indeed! i can see bali reading his stories and thinking dragons are always monstrous, terrible things -- then he actually meets one, only to find that draco isn't at all what he expected! he'd have to wrestle with the false dichotomy of his thinking after that. (you should send me those ideas over aim, omg)

oooh i did not know/remember this! that his dragon form is his default, i mean (i think it's the opposite for aoh -- he has trouble attaining full dragon form, no?).
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

yes! Exactly! Ha ha I'd have to say Draco's sort of a black sheep himself, but yeah, he'd be nothing like what Bali would expect based on what he's read about dragons. [ha ha okay! I'll go try gathering them together~]

Yeah, Dragon is his default in the originalverse. [It is very opposite for AoH. He hasn't yet been able to attain full dragon form, but it's one of his fondest wishes. And it's proving exceedingly difficult XD;]
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