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doodle dump - 07-30 by Aisuryuu doodle dump - 07-30 by Aisuryuu
This is also already posted on my [tumblr]

I haven't drawn for too long. I haven't drawn traditionally in FAR too long!

Been dabbling in the Geass fandom again. I also have a couple projects for my bro I want to draw. I'm not a Lelouch fan but I do like his appearance or character design (I just have issue with his personality and writing) so I figured I'd have an easier time drawing him for practice because I'd be least likely to try apply my perfectionist tendencies and wouldn't get too attached to ideas or images.

Sadly I only seem to like the top right and middle right images. bottom left is okay for expression, but I don't like the hair.
Overall I'm not that pleased, but I'm amazed at how the top right turned out. It wasn't the expression or angle I was going for but...
I just have a hard time with the CLAMP style. I'm not a big fan of this elongated style so emulating it is not something I can or like to do. But then trying to translate their designs to another style is also difficult for me. I don't really think this looks enough like Lelouch myself. His hair and eyes are the most difficult to figure out for me. I still havent' figured out how his hair works in order to draw it properly. I'm also not completely sure about his eye shape.

Tools: cardstock, steadtler woodless HB pencil, Canon scanner

Code Geass, Lelouch (c) Sunrise or whoever
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July 30, 2014
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