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Which One Should I Use to Kill Hoops? by Aisuryuu Which One Should I Use to Kill Hoops? by Aisuryuu
I spent 7+ hours on a skype call with Hoops...
Much of it was spent working on this while chatting.
Hoops is actually the one who decided the dialog I'm using as a title instead of a speech bubble XD;

It was suppose to be a quick doodle but I spent hours on it! WHY.
He was able to draw like three damn images WITH colour by the time I finished this XD;

Persona 4 sort of but not really screenshot redraw. Yu/Souji -> Me, Yosuke -> Wal

It didn't feel right to just draw my borther and I in Yosuke and Yu's clothing XD; so I drew us in... something more similar to ours. But my brotherdoesn't quite have a coat EXACTLY like that. tbh what I drew is something more along the lines of Leon Kennedy's jacket from Resident Evil 4. The leather coat my brother DOES own was bought specifically for looking very simliar but not quite the same XD; I just refereced a random pair of cargo's for his pants and he likes green and generally just wears tee's so that's what he's got under the jacket.

As for me I do have a fav trench coat that's burgundy (it doesn't fit anymore but oh well). And I'd totally wear a plain white button down if I could find one that'd fit me...
I do have a belt that looks like that and tend to like wearing jeans.

Tools: Wacom Pen & Touch Bamboo tablet, SAI
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March 17, 2016
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