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This Carousel Spins by Aisuryuu This Carousel Spins by Aisuryuu
Because Hoops has a slight obsession with Maze of Life and was haunting me with the song. (I think he considers it our theme song XD)

I've been progressively loving on P4 more and more. Sadly I've only played Arena/Ultimax and a bit of Dancing All Night. But Hoops seems to like it almost as much as me so he's generally the only one I can talk to about it XD; and we tend to share a lot about it.
So it was only a matter of time before I started fan art...

He's got a thing of insertion so that's what this ended up being |D;

Left: me
Middle: Wallace (my brother)
Right: hoops1989

Hoops isn't active on dA but you can check out his facebook page:

I've taken a couple quizzes on what P4 chara you are and I keep getting Yu/Hero/Protagonist XD; so that's why I'm dressed as him. Hoops got Teddie. I just drew my bro as Yosuke because reasons.

I just like the winter/mid-winter outfits. Problem is I didn't know what to draw Hoops wearing since he wasn't in the suit XD;
Originally he was suppose to be pissed off and throwing his arms in the air, and Wal was all deadpan.
It ended up changing because Hoops gave me some suggestions.

I was having trouble trying to figure out a setting so I just copped out and went with fog XD;;;;

I used an eye generator thing to pick glasses and stuff:
Person eyes - Trio by Aisuryuu
Persona Eyes Generator 2 by McGenio

Tools: Wacom Pen & Touch Bamboo tablet, SAI, Photoshop (text)

Persona 4, Yu Narukami/Souji Seta, Yosuke Hanamura, Teddie (c) Atlus
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March 18, 2016
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