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Swan Prince and Dragon Knight Copics Test by Aisuryuu Swan Prince and Dragon Knight Copics Test by Aisuryuu

Larger than the previous set, these are 2.5 x 3.5 inches and in the card sleves i bought just for these copic cards I'm making.

For the Prince/King & Knight AU with Aivan and Draco |D; 
omg I know so much blue for Draco! I am trying to manage somehow ha ha
No Title - OC sketch by Aisuryuu

Just wanted something with more colour. Originally it was just Aivan, but I can't draw one without the other so I ended up drawing Draco as well.

Also wanted to try my gold and silver paint with the copics. And yes, I can put the paint over the copics and put the copics over the paint an dit seems to show up fine. I added the goldd fter coipocs, and did the silver first then copic layers.

I really need to try and draw better references for this outfit set. I like it a lot but it's so detail heavy making it a i tof a ppain to try draw oer and over lol

Tools: random cardstock my mom handed me, Copic Sketch markers, Sakura Gelly Roll  white gel pen, Royal Langnickle Nano-liner pens, Pilot Super colour Silver extra fine, extra fine tip paint brushes, Elmers Painters opaque paint markers fine tip Metallic - gold

Aivan, Draco Vesylia (c) myself
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May 24, 2015
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