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Kneeling together seated at the low table in the dorm Sefem and Talim just finished explaining to Draco the classes they signed up for and the new ones offered this semester.

Draco’s quiet for a few moments, leaning over the table with his forearms resting on the tabletop and hands slowly clenching into fists with an intense gaze fixed onto Sefem. Which is making Sefem squirm in discomfort with his fingertips pressed against his cup of tea. Talim sips his tea before setting it back down and glancing at Draco’s untouched cup.

He hasn’t touched it since they served him and sat down while Sefem brought Draco up to speed. Talim glances into his own cup. It tasted fine to him and they’ve served it before…

Pressing his lips tight, exposing his fangs, Draco’s expression shifts from blank to a glare he directs away from Sefem and Talim to just over the edge of the table while his ears begin folding down and the left tip twitches occasionally.

Sefem frowns and is about to look to Talim before Draco suddenly throws his hands in the air in front of him and to the sides of his head, which startles Sefem into straightening up and keeping his gaze on Draco.

Draco’s normally soft voice is raised to a level neither of them almost ever hear while he begins speaking Common but Sefem can’t tell if he’s addressing either of them or is talking to himself, “Oh, well, is that not just IDEAL! Finally, an actual offensive Ice Spell!”

Sefem shoots a nervous glance to Talim, who blinks and shrugs in confusion. He’s acting strange for sure Talim signs to Sefem who nods in reply.

Sefem jerks his attention back to Draco and grips the fabric of his pants when Draco slaps a palm on the surface of the table, rattling the cups, while Draco’s other hand remains clenched into a tight fist. Hunching further over with his expression hidden Draco continues in a strained but thankfully quieter voice although he also seems to have unconsciously swapped to what Sefem believes is ‘French’. He only recognizes what sounds like the name for the Wind spell Talim is taking this semester and Tien’s name somewhere in the mix. The speed with which Draco speaks is a lot quicker than when he speaks in Common. Sefem assume’s Draco’s picked up the pace of his speech because he is more fluent with French. Neither of them are fond of using Common but it is their only shared language. But sometimes speech is easier than signing to communicate he won’t argue that.

Draco shakes his head violently before jumping to his feet and spinning to turn his back to the two still seated and face the sliding glass door leading to the balcony circling the entire sixth floor. He’s got one hand clamped at his elbow as the other hand seems to be lifted to his face. Sefem swallows thickly and the tension in his body seems to be building while he’s momentarily forgotten about Talim seated next to him and keeps a worried gaze on Draco’s tense shoulders.

Draco’s tail swishes behind him he continues speaking at a rapid pace and Sefem can only barely pick up the mention of what sounds like Dys’ full first name as well as Fantine and Celie’s name.

Sefem shrinks back and when he recognizes Talim exhaling he edges closer to him, turning his face down but keeping his eyes on Draco. Talim has tensed, sitting straight-backed and glances at Sefem through his peripheral vision for a moment before shifting his attention to a watchful gaze on Draco’s back.

Draco’s tail tip flicks up before the spade thumps onto the rug making Sefem jump and Talim slip one wing around Sefem and press him closer, frowning, and Sefem trembles slightly.

Leaning forward Draco steps off the raised platform the low table is set in the middle of and presses his palms onto the cool glass of the sliding door exhaling. He’s shifted his speech again to what Sefem’s vaguely recognizes as 'Draconian’ based on the increased hissing and growling and continues to rant while his minimized wings flicker open and closed and his tail flicks side-to-side. Though Sefem can’t understand Draconian, the occasional sound registers a vague similarity.

Suddenly tensions leaves Draco’s body and he’s slumped forward, hands making a small squealing noise as they drag down the glass and he’s inhaling and exhaling slowly.

Sefem gulps and glances up at Talim who gives him a small smile and pat on the back. Sefem gives a strained smile in return as he pulls away from leaning into Talim and inhales a slow breathe and exhales.

Straightening up Draco gracefully climbs the platform and smoothly kneels back down at the table and tucks his legs and feet underneath himself, pushing his glasses up by the bridge using his tail and fixes a blank expression on his face as he looks to Talim and Sefem who have their wings pressed against one another and resting on the floor between themselves.

When he opens his mouth to speak neither can understand him.

Being met with Sefem squinting at him and Talim’s uncomprehending gaze Draco blinks in confusion before realization flits across his face and he clears his throat and raises his hands to begin signing to them. He doesn’t think he’d be able to speak in Common for them after this. At least not for a little while.
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[Tumblr ver.]
[Full View of the WIP image]

I still can't decide if I want this canon or not. It feels a bit TOO OOC for Draco |D; But at least it was good for practice. [I never get to write/draw him freaking out. He might do it in his head but he's way better at keeping a handle on it and not showing anyone.]
Originally I was going to try draw this idea as a comic. I had a few different takes on how this encounter would go. Somehow this is the one that got written. I admit I got a bit carried away XD;

I might re-write or edit this some if I do want to make it canon but eh figured this is okay for a first draft.

I also just need some practice using Sefem again. Been writing too many drabbles or developing too many ideas with Draco so if I wanna get Sefem's class comics done I need to get back in sync with his character in order to be able to even make outlines for his assignments.

Also not quite got approval from Anu yet but... normally she tells me I'm pretty on point with characterization of her OC's. And it's more canon for Talim to be there considering they both give over information to Draco as payment for the crystals Sefem needs from him.

I admit I did also want to just try write or develop more about Sefem and Talim's suite/apartment in the dorms |D The live on the sixth floor so they have a shared living space and just use separate single bedrooms. I figure Sefem is used to just sitting on the floor and using low tables. Draco's accustomed to that because that's what the Azureus Tea House used when they first opened up in Semester 1.

I figure I'd need to raise it up a bit off the floor though to try help accommodate space for Talim's tail feathers though. If he kneels/sits at the low table it'll likely be uncomfortable or painful. So they have a small platform the table sits on that gives some room off the floor and help with Talim's tail.

I also just figured I'd set it up near the sliding door to the balcony. Seeing how all three of them are fliers they actually tend to use the balcony as their entrance to the room more often than taking the stairs?

But I figure Sefem and Talim swapped a lot of furniture in their dorm to accommodate both their wings and tails. They kept a couch but they mostly sit on top of the back of it because their wings are too big for them to sit on it normally. And for the island by the kitchen I figured I'd just have bar stools.

welp I guess I started rambling sorry XD;;;

Talim Swyftglide (c) Goddess-Anubis
Draco Vesylia, Sefem Sonak (c) myself
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