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S5 Exam - Sefem - Sofya's Route by Aisuryuu S5 Exam - Sefem - Sofya's Route by Aisuryuu

S5 Exam Ref - Sefem - Airship Pirate Battle by Aisuryuu

When things started Sefem discussed with Talim what they should do. They had decided to try reason with the dragon directly, along with Huma. Finding and gathering some rope they flew up to talk to the dragon. This did not work out so they devised a strategy to temporarily tie the dragons mouth shut so that escaping back to the ship would be easier.

After that Sefem opted for Sofya's Route and handling the Sharks. Seeing how he can not use either water or ice magic he did not see much opportunity to handle the rabbits. Though he had some what of a natural protection against water, ice, and fire with the layer of Ice Eden that  shields his body naturally (though the Eden is thicker where he has scales on his body). It freezes water on contact, as well as prevents small masses of ice from penetrating. For fire it tends to negate it by causing steam to form on contact. He may also not have lightning spells or fire, but he did accidentally learn how to use the light healing spell offensively when trying to master it.

Originally he was fighting the sharks physically, as this is something he was rather familiar with back in his village because of fighting sea creatures/monsters while fishing on a regular basis. His new wings, tail, claws, and training with Talim on alternative hunting and attack methods this proved somewhat tedious but effective. Seeing how physical combat took a bit of time he thought he would try the healing spell. He intentionally used too much light Eden as well as using more lightning than necessary. But having stayed at the Academy and around impure Eden for so long, having absorbed impurity himself, as well as now being in an area of less impurity, Sefem miscalculated the volume of Eden of Eden he channeled and how much effort it would take to channel it. The spell worked and was able to destroy the shark... but he got a burn out of it from the heated water explosion resulting from destroying the shark. Only his hand where he was channeling the Eden was burned as the rest of him was protected from the water and froze it on contact before it evaporated on it's own.

Deciding it would be best to try get the injury healed before he continues fighting he pauses to look around and spots Aeollis and she is kind enough to heal him.

Surprisingly after it is healed the affected area is covered in scales like those on his tail and wings. Both of them are shocked but Sefem assures Aeo this is not harmful.

Leaving Aeo he goes back to fighting the sharks. Occasionally he will use the healing spell again, and the scales help prevent further burns.

Ah... ha ha my drawing schedule got majorly screwed. I could not draw AT ALL on Saturday.  Not only did unexpected RL plans get in the way, but when I tried to draw using the computer where I had to go that did not pan out whatsoever. I also have to work Sunday and won't be off until AFTER the deadline...
So this is about as much as I was able to line art. And I line arted near the end of Sefem's whole adventure because it would take less time than the battle sequences and the initial planning with Talim and the Dragon sequence.

Very big thanks to Ophelion for letting me borrow Aeo! It helped me out so SO much!!

I do plan on drawing more of this later on, but for now this is all I can get done in time for the deadline.

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Aeollis G. Fjorde (c) Ophelion
Sefem Sonak (c) myself
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October 12, 2014
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