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Ref - Future Juliet by Aisuryuu Ref - Future Juliet by Aisuryuu
ugh for some reason my SAI won't let me save anything except in .psd format. so it doesn't look as clean with the conversion. I had to save it as .psd then open in in photoshop in order to save it as a .png >_>

I might wanna start drawing Juliet some more |D; So I figure I'll compose something of a ref and then why not post it?
This is a cut out from an existing deviation [here] With the addition of a colour palette and closer-up Eye ref.

If you don't already know, this is Draco's sister. Even though this is set in the future, she's not mature enough to have more claws on her wing "fingers" other than at the "thumb". She also isn't mature enough for more than little nubs for horns or spines.
However, she is a lot more gifted in the magic department than Draco (because of her overall lighter colouration) so she is easily able to use shapeshifting magic to hide her claws, fangs, and horn nubs. She still likes to retain some of her dragon features so she is normally in this demi form than a more complete human one.

It'll be decades before she's old enough to maintain this form without accessory/outside assistance, so I'm not sure if AoH would still be around when she's old enough to keep a human-enough looking form to attend. I just put her in the Azureus uniform for fun, and because of the idea for the image I cut this out of. [And she'd probably pick Azu b/c that was big brothers house. Regardless of her house she'd still wear his old Azu tie in some way.]
As for her casual clothes... she probably loves dressing up in different clothing. I just picked this to contrast her to Saber's eyeburning outfit. I don't know what her favourite colours might be or anything.

References for Azu uniforms: [though the skirt design I don't think was shown I just used a plain pleated skirt design in the dark blue colour]
AoH: Azureus Uniform - female2 by LaynaFeynreique AoH: Azureus Uniform - female by LaynaFeynreique 

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Juliet Vesylia (c) myself</i>
digital-Rat Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love concept character art like these! And Juliet looks like such a sweetheart. Plus, I'm a nut for little wings like that! : D Your linework is really nice too. Gotta love tablets! I remember doing all of my lines with the mouse and pen tool many moons ago... ugh.
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yes~ concept art can be so much fun to look at! Though it can be tiring and sometimes frustrating to actually draw though |D;
She's actually rather self-centered and bratty. Not to mention mischievous to be honest! But she loves trying to dress up, finding dressing attractively/cutely to sway others to do or give her what she wants.
You like my lines? Well thanks <3 though these are my "sketch" lines an not my clean/crisp ones for "lineart". Ha ha yes, I remember doing art with a mouse. Though I started with Kid Pix and MS paint so there weren't any pen tools like vector tools. Though I do use vector (or vector-like pen tools) tools for my "line art" and I still actually prefer to use my mouse over my tablet when doing line art.
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April 27, 2014
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