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Ranger Mich + Rickshaw by Aisuryuu Ranger Mich + Rickshaw by Aisuryuu
Rickshaw = Charizard's nickname
[A different Charizard. Not his starter or shiny one. Not even totally sure if it's his XD;]

ah... quick doodle.
I totally messed up Mich's Ranger oufit |D; it's not suppose to look like that! Other than the hat I guess |D;

This ended up looking more like a simplified version of his dad's outfit!

I'm actually surprised at how this turned out. the hair turned out better than I hoped. I couldn't figure out where to place his nostril line though XD;
and I ended up simplifying this more than I intended =\
And the pose isn't what I wanted. but I used posemaniacs for a ref and this was the closest to what I had in mind... maybe if I ever find a ref/photo of the pose I had in mind I can re-draw this someday.

Also... I couldn't decide what outfit to put him in because this is post-wd sometime. Went with the Ranger outfit [even though I F'd that up] since I haven't settled on his Ranch outfit yet.

ha ha and I wasn't sure how to spell Charizards Cry XD; so I just went with that after replaying it in my head a few times and trying to figure it out |D;

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Pokémon (c) Game Freak
Micheal (c) myself
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April 20, 2011
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