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Random Sparkle Dog Meme by Aisuryuu Random Sparkle Dog Meme by Aisuryuu
Still fun enough I suppose... enough so that I finished it |D
but definitely not quick or as easy as the other one.

The time it took me to colour the main body really took most of the fun out of it. I couldn't seem to just be able to use the bucket tool like last time =\ in either SAI OR MS Paint...
so I had to outline the dark grey area by hand then fill that in =\
The whole reason I did theses meme's was so I could just bucket tool and pretty much not pick up my tablet much at all...
and TBH I think I had more fun doodling in the box |D;::

Also being told to do whatever I want with so many of the colours also cut out some of the fun for me. But, that's just me. I'm sure other people had a lot more fun doing anything they wanted with the colours. I mostly wanted something where I just dropped paint and used less of my brain for creative thinking XD;
Guess I should've picked a diff meme then huh?

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF- I misread 7 as asking someone what colour they think describes their personality... not mine!
And I think I remember pidge telling me she thought grey described hers? so that's what I used XD
And I might have not used a dark enough brown for 2...

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February 13, 2011
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