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Originalverse - Wine - Relax - Clean Lines - Edit  by Aisuryuu Originalverse - Wine - Relax - Clean Lines - Edit  by Aisuryuu

:pointr: Please link me if you colour my line art! And make sure to include credit to me for the lines.

[GOD it didn't save my huge long comment here when I first tried submitting this...]

Maybe if I look at this later and don't hate it... I might colour it. I left the glass empty b/c I was just gonna colour the wine/whatever in when I got to doing flats |D;

I just felt like trying to vector my line art over top of my figures and sketches again. Haven't done that for a while.
Sorta takes longer doing things this way, but my lines are cleaner and more consistent so... in some ways it's also faster XD;

Originally inspired by a thing on tumblr about reblogging with an image of your RP chara being sexy. ha ha that was fun to imagine but... that's not what this is. I really don't know how I'd draw Draco intentionally being sexy |D;;;; I really don't. It's just OOC.

So I just imagined him drinking wine. Didn't wanna draw his dress shirt so I decided to... attempt some kind of tunic thing for originalverse Draco.

I also imagine this is him on some downtime. His dad used to give him wine a lot, so he's used to drinking it about as often as tea. Though he hadn't been able to drink it much since he started travelling or staying at Bali's palace.

If he's still "underage" I can imagine Bali lecturing him about underage drinking. But he'd just bring up how his dad always gave him wine when he was even a young hatchling.

Quite honestly... I'm not sure if they'd have or use those kinds of glasses in the originalverse XD; I just drew it for convenience sake though.

Fortunately for Draco [and maybe to his father's disappointment] Draco has a crazy fast metabolism. So he can't really get drunk |D;

Tools: PureOrange optical mouse, Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Draco Vesylia (c) myself
whitemistrose Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
HAHA very fortunate that he can't really get drunk, then, if he likes drinking wine whenever. |D That's something new that I didn't expect!

The art looks great, and the lineart is so CLEAN. <3
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha yes |D Well you can thank his dad for getting him used to drinking wine often. It's more habit than him actually liking wine? Well... yeah. All versions of Draco have a high metabolism. I did try imagining or drawing Draco drunk a few times but... no I can't really see it happening.
About the closest you'll get his him getting hyper if you expose him to Dragon Nip XD;

aww thanks! lol yeah. people tended to comment on my line art. I vector my lines using the curve and line tools in SAI. I also use the mouse for vectoring rather than the tablet. It's just easier on me that way XD;
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