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Old Sketches - Pkmn OC - Teen Mich headshots by Aisuryuu Old Sketches - Pkmn OC - Teen Mich headshots by Aisuryuu
Wow... I... I drew this?! and way back in 2011?!
I remember the right side image because it's at the top of one of my old drabbles from the same time: (I also remember I drew this because I was experimenting with how to draw Mich's cig burn scar on his forehead for the first time)
  ficlet - MichRene Affection
"Rene" There is clear warning in Micheal's voice as he frowns at Rene.
"Oh, shush, Mich." Rene chides after having brushed back Mich's damp and freshly washed bangs. She's studying the burn scar on his forehead intently.
"Yeah, a horseshoe I think."
"Horseshoe." Micheal repeats with an edge of annoyance.
"Of course!" smiling Rene brushes her thumb over the raised scar tissue, "makes perfect sense."
"I fail to see your reasoning." Mich huffs in an irritated voice.
"Weeeeell~" Rene's hand slides down the side of Mich's face before she's holding her chin between her thumb and forefinger, "It's a clear sign."
Micheal continues to frown at Rene, but he's beginning to grow curious.
"It's the perfect symbol of how lucky YOU are to have me~"
With that statement she leans up to kiss the tip of his nose.
Unable to help himself, Mich let's his face relax and a small smile forms.
"Right, I'll remember that next time I'm attacked." The smile has transformed into a smirk. "Maybe next time I'll ask t

I don't remember the left image whatsoever!
Why didn't I ever upload either of these to my gallery?! I mean I looked and didn't find them...

But holy shit... *sob* it reminds me how much I always loved Mich. I can really see how much I loved drawing him in these sketches XD; I wish I could do more with him again but I've been so wraped up in AoH for like the past 4 years I haven't done much else BUT AoH art...

Ilu Mich. You're still in my comment tagline thing. Hope I can get back into my pkmn OC arting again.

Tools: sketch book and pencil it seems XD; it is so old and sitting on my hard drive I couldn't tell you what sketch book it came from or what pencils I used. Most likely steadtler drawing pencils because i use those almost exclusively if I'm not using mechanical pencils

Micheal Woods (c) myself
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