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Line Art - Grocery Run by Aisuryuu Line Art - Grocery Run by Aisuryuu

:pointr: Please link me if you colour my line art! And make sure to include credit to me for the lines.

Well... I don't even remember how old this idea is. It's pretty old though. I just remember the idea being called "Grocery Run". Little random scenario I built in my head |D
Basically has Wal going out to his truck to drive to the store and buy some groceries. Mich was outside smoking at the time [Wal, Jo, and Lita won't let Mich smoke in the house], so when Wal opens the door and finds him standing nearby he drags him to the truck, telling him that he's going on a Grocery Run with him.
Rene is nearby and spots them when they're getting to the truck, asks what's going on, is told, then decides to go with them. Wal doesn't really care, just means more help.
Or so he thinks.

Random not so exciting shenanigan's occur.
A little while after they start moving Mich and Rene begin exchanging dialog that seems rather childish. Wal is in srs mode and end sup being severely irritated by the time they get to the store. Then more Shenanigan's occur. But that's hardly got much to do with this image XD;

So I suppose this image is Rene and Mich exchanging a look before starting up their shenanigans.

And no, I have no idea why everyone is all living in one house together. But they were in this AU.
Also, this is post-wd if you couldn't tell |D so Wal's 19+ and Rene and Mich should be about 24+
I have no clue what the canon pairings are for this scenario either XD; But knowing me it's a polygamy and everyone joins the orgy in the house
And I'm reminded of something pidge said. About how the oldest of the group [Rene and Mich] can sometimes act the most childish XD!
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April 3, 2011
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