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Draco's Father + weapon by Aisuryuu Draco's Father + weapon by Aisuryuu

Well... I've been wanting to draw Draco's dad holding a scythe for ages now |D
[outfit may still be subject to change]
You're not suppose to really be able to see his eyes most of the time XD; or sometimes not even see his face...?

And I haven't actually gotten around to designing each of his rings yet. so atm they just look like bands of metal XD;
but each on is a magical item and probably not all made of the same matieral, they're inlain with gems or carvings, and he's got one on each finger and both thumbs.

He's actually got a whole mess of weaponry in his castle. So this is probably only ONE of his scythes |D
Not sure if this one is enchanted or not. But he likes both enchanted and non-enchanted weaponry. And has a thing for collecting enchanted items in general.

His top interest is gathering knowledge. And most of this is done though experiments he conducts himself. But he also gathers tomes.
His experimentation data is top secret. He has it encoded and hidden. Probably protected by spells as well.
And he doesn't really let very much stop him by the way of ethics for his experiments XD; [as his son and wife have experience].
Though, he is very charismatic and does a good job of looking/seeming harmless on the surface.
He's very talented with spells, but he also has a good grasp of physical combat.

I just threw in something random for the bkg XD;
But I guess this could be somewhere on his castle grounds.

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Mr. Vesylia (c) myself
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July 29, 2011
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