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Draco n Lendys - Art RP - 13 by Aisuryuu Draco n Lendys - Art RP - 13 by Aisuryuu

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OMG sorry it's sooooo late! long story short I got sick for like a month after Tanis uploaded her page. I have a craft fair this weekend and I had a lot of prep work for that AND I had a bunch of dentist appointments... the weather also has been hell on my arthritis and I had to switch computers TWICE and reinstall everything both times *sob*

Ha ha ha... yeah. Draco's always been quite verbose. Speaking in Common (aka English) only makes his word count increase exponentially :XD:
He was taught Common by a Nobleman's son who was raised on European fairy tales so he doesn't use contractions or many abbreviations.
It would take a lot for him to adjust to using colloquialisms.

He did also accidentally freeze his tea solid |D; It can take a lot to unnerve him, but when he loses his composure his Ice Magic can be uncontrolled. Though he has a high capacity he can't access most of it, or at least is unable to tap into most of it. He practiced so he can have high control over small volumes of his own Eden, but him being a half-dragon means he isn't able to easily use any magic consciously.

Tools: Wacom Pen & Touch Bamboo tablet, SAI

Lendys (c) DarkDragonTanis
Reisei (c) Goddess-Anubis
Draco Vesylia (c) myself
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November 30, 2015
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