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Draco Vesylia - Casual Wear - Casual Training by Aisuryuu Draco Vesylia - Casual Wear - Casual Training by Aisuryuu
I am just so sick of working on S5 exam comics. I have been working on this off-and-on while doing exam comics. But I happen to be finished now XD;

Eh... Not so hot on the design. Mostly kept with it as a joke (and to pair it with Anu's new ref of Reisei she is working on). This is the result of me trying to design Draco a second Japanese-ish outfit based on Rei's influence. (Was not too sure on the colour of his clothes besides the trim being black. The gloves and shoes had a set colour already. But I guess this isn't so bad)

Anu said Rei has (or had?) a preference for the zig-zag look. It was part of her design for quite a while. I know some Japanese outfits have the criss-cross (some zig-zag?) stiching at the sholder of the sleeves. That is what this started out as. I ended up adding it to the sleeves and pant legs because Draco usually prefers to wear clothing that he can adjust to be wide sleeved/legged to more snug fitting. I solved this with zippers in his last design, and just plain slits that he could not close before that.
I wanted to keep the design consistent so I used the same zig-zag stich on his shoulders for his sleeves and pant legs, except I made it so you can pull the string and tighten up the material. Using the length of string you get from tightening you fold the sleeve and pant leg over slightly and wrap once with the string, then tie it with the extra little bit of string attached to hold it closed. That way he can tighten up the sleeves and pant legs to be a bit more fitted if necessary while still having the option of it being wider for ease of movement or comfort.

I am not sure if Anu wants me sharing any of her old art of Rei (though there is not much of it) but I did come up with a sort of test redesign for Rei I don't even remember how far back. Which was inspired by her old initial design from when she first joined AoH, but mixed with me trying to make it actually function or be somewhat physically possible while maintaining the fantasy elements, fishnet, and large sleeves Rei was so fond of.
Though the third is mostly aesthetics I figured it could have given slight support being made of leather. as a corset or conventional bra is not really an option for people with large wings or wing webbing all down their back.
Reisei Clothing Tests by Aisuryuu

I didn't really feel like having him wear the same sandals as his last option. But because of his heel claw and toe claws it makes giving him footwear a bit difficult. I ended up just designing him a whole new open toe boot with an open heel as well. the ball of the feet and the heel are padded with leather and the fold over design is held closed with silver buttons. I figured if I went with this sort of fold over design he would be able to slip his foot in even with his heel claw, then button it up to hold the shoe on.

The gloves are the same as his other gloves. His glasses also have the same design as an even older design than his most recent before this.

Figured I would just give him a full braid rather than the half-braid he had in his other Japanese-inspired design.

For further details (like under the layers) you can check:
Japanese-ish 02 [underclothes] by Aisuryuu

Tools Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Draco Vesylia (c) myself
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October 20, 2014
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