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Dandelion AU - DracoLen by Aisuryuu Dandelion AU - DracoLen by Aisuryuu
:iconbluesparklesplz: :iconaoh-azureus: :iconbluesparklesplz:
Collab with :icondarkdragontanis:
Reference to this Let's Play:
Sketch by DarkDragonTanis
AzuColours for Draco's clothes [here]

I started the line art on this months ago. Been slowly trying to add shadows. Trying to figure out how to shadow the hair was probably the hardest (took inspiration from Horikoshi's shading for Izuku Midoriya).

This still makes me laugh XD I love it.

Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch, SAI. Photoshop for the polkadots

Dandelion (c) Cheritz
Lendys (c)
Draco Vesylia (c) myself
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DarkDragonTanis Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
this was so mutch fun to make and ive ben so inactive with len stuff that im really thankfull for this to come out XDD
( we still have to finish hussle cat one and the life is strange XDD )
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
It was a tons of fun! I had to try not laugh too much when I started the inking. I had a lot of fun with the details for the lines. I wish I had upsized he canvas so you could see my detail work better. Especially for her unique eye type and tail scales. I even did some smooth blending for the colours on the... webbing on her tail?

I’ve been writing fic for Hero Academy more than AoH art XD;
I’ve wanted to finish this for so long! But I was experimenting with a lot of things so it took forever...
I redrew lines for Lendys outfit like three times. I kept redrawing for Draco for certain parts. Even after adding colour and shadow I was erasing and redrawing some of his lines XD;
Trying to figure out how to shade her hair took me a long time |D;

(Yeah! I’ve been thinking about both of them a lot lately! I’d love to finish both sometime)
NaitomeIya Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like their outfits. *A* Not only can you design characters very well, you can also do FASHION DESIGN! O)-<
Hmmm I like this coloring style!
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Their outfits are literally just what the characters in Dandelion wear XD; so I didn’t design them. That’s why this is an AU.
Thanks about my colouring though! Experimenting to see if I can find a type I like to do or is easy enough to replicate in more of my work. I can’t art much so the shorter a time it takes the easier it is on me.
NaitomeIya Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh I see I see! Welp, the outfits certainly fit them perfectly that's for sure. >u<d
Ahhh okay! It looks like cel shading not only looks good on your art style, but it's also faster to do. Keep up the good work! >u<d
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, when Tanis and I were watching Cry and Dodger's LP we thought the chara's suited Draco and Lendys XD so she sketched them up and I told her I could line and colour if she wanted to make it a a collab. I also did an "Azu version" palette swap (with the addition of a little engraved plate on the bag) for Draco lol Just because omg the original design here kinda burns my eyes.

lol well yeah, cell shading is my go to. I originally tried some soft shading but... it was taking forever and I wasn't happy with how it was looking. So I had to basically redo it with cell shading.
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