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Charaine n Mich - traditional art practice by Aisuryuu Charaine n Mich - traditional art practice by Aisuryuu
Because Charaine is bad ass and I rarely draw her I wanted to try remedy this by drawing her more often.
This probably has a lot to do with how she had died before my protagonists (Wallace) plotline even started XD; And it's not like Mich carries pictures of her or talks about either of his parents. (this is also a younger rendition of her from before Mich was born and she was still a Dragon Tamer rather than the Researcher she became later)

I found a lightbox app and wanted to test it out.
I guess it works alright? It doesn't work as well as I hoped. But then I also use an iPad mini so the surface isn't that big either *sigh*

The Charaine is a REALLY old sketch I drew on iScribble of all places!
(I know the anime isn't very good with proportions or matching game lore and stuff but... her necklace is suppose to be a dragon fang made into a pendant. But based on a screen cap of a dragon fang shown in the anime it's actually the length of an adult hand >_>; )
It was hard to line art because the colour made it a bit harder to make out the lines through the cardstock on the lightbox:…

The Mich is from an old scribble of me trying to draw Rene's mom that wasn't planned to be a comic but adding the dialog made it a crappy comic page |D; I'm not happy with it. That's why Mich's headshot is the only thing on the page I deemed decent enough to line art traditionally ha ha...
It was hard to line art because the light wasn't bright enough for me to see the sketch clearly through the cardstock and I zoomed in so they were thicker as well.
I also messed up my line art in some places. I wasn't too happy with some of the proportions on the sketch so I shifted the paper around while line arting to try get some of it to look more satisfactory:…

Overall both of these were just an excuse to test the lightbox app (which I'm not big on. I don't find it working so well for what I want to use it for). But since I was going to be using the light box I figured it'd be a good chance for me to also practice my copics. Unfortunately I forgot I don't really have any violet or purples so Charaine's dress looks the wrong shade but, I guess it's alright.
I wish I kept track of what markers I used for her hair. Or how I made those strokes. Goddamn I really shouldn't art when I'm sleep deprived because I remember almost nothing about the process.
I tried doing the same thing with Mich's hair but... yeah that didn't turn out for some reason. Though his hair is suppose to be darker I just gave up because the look wasn't what I wanted anyway.
Charaine's hair is suppose to be darker brown too but I was too shocked by how her hair turned out at that shade that I left it because I didn't want to mess it up by layering more.
I think her eye is too bright of a blue. Honestly I couldn't really tell from the sketch on my iPad what colour her eyes were XD; And since I almost never draw her, especially in colour, I don't even remember her eye colour. Mich got his dad's eye colour but was suppose to have gotten her hair colour/texture. (his expression/facial structure is also a lot more similar to hers)

I also had trouble blending because the lighting in the living room is absolutely horrible. So I coloured Charaine in dim lighting and that seems obvious looking at it now. Especially when scanned. I brought my desk lap in for colouring Mich and it turned out a bit better because I could actually SEE what I was doing better.

Tools: lightbox app, old sketches, cardstock, 01 pigment liner, Copic Markers, jelly roller white gel pen

Pokémon (c) Game Freak
Charaine, Mich (c) myself
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