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Character Select - Reisei - Shadow Mage
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© 2014 - 2019 Aisuryuu

Yes I got Goddess-Anubis's permission to dress-up Reisei |D
Drawn just b/c... ridiculous female outfits/designs for RPG's and fighting games |D
[The colours are actually picked off the last design for her I saw Anu actually make, and that's her S4 exam part 2 outfit. So they aren't random choices!]

She should also be able to shift her wings back to flight size if she wants. But she's apparently picked up Draco's habit of minimizing wings when not flying.

Would have included the many scars on her back but... I have no idea where they are suppose to be placed. Same with not knowing where the damage to her wings should be located. I've never seen Anu draw either so I have no reference.

Also not sure what the deal is, but I've been seeing a lot of people using those ridiculous looking huge side-thigh cutouts for outfits that don't seem to serve any purpose?

Could have gone skimpier and less plausible but... I wanted to try something that at least seemed remotely physically possible.
The halter has a little decorative clasp thing at the bust in an attempt to try help keep it from sliding out of place. It also clips to the metal part of the belt in the back by the tail hole. Hopefully having claps in the back will also help keep the belt in place maybe?

Sheer b/c upping the fanservice. But also b/c Rei usually likes to wear sheer in hot weather. As well as wears long pants so I made the skirt long. Even if it's got giant cut outs on the side XD; If I made it short the cutouts would probably have to be smaller, or they'd just overall look less attractive.
She seems to also like long sleeves so those are attachable to the halter.

Included a random face sheer... for reasons.
Not only can it sort of lessen the intensity of light if she uses her eyes, but for aesthetics (if she cared, and she doesn't) it can also somewhat obscure her facial scarring.
Attached it to her horns for kicks.

Seems like Draco fixed her hair for her. Seeing how it's braided and using metal hair clips |D

There is actually a bit of an easter egg here. Not sure if anyone will be able to catch it though |D Included it for my own amusement and because I do something similar for a character of my own.

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI, PureOrange optical mouse

Reisei (c) Goddess-Anubis
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