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Candid Moments - Dance Practice by Aisuryuu Candid Moments - Dance Practice by Aisuryuu
Wow... this took SOOOO much longer than expected!
I had to redraw just the situation like 3 times |D;
Ended up with this one after sketching something rough out and leaving it for a while, then still being satisfied with it later (unlike the rejected poses...)

I'm still not really sure how to draw the burn scar on Rei's face |D; and I don't think she should even have eyelashes but... Anu hasn't really shown me an update for Rei after her revamp so I'll just have to make things up as I go I guess.

I suppose the hatchlings are napping. So Draco decides since they don't have anything else more pressing to take care of why don't they try practice dancing?
Have their wings hidden b/c it'd probably be easier to practice dancing without them maybe |D; (seems like Rei's used to just dragging her tail around. Draco might need to give her reminders to not just leave it lying around while dancing...? lol)

Outfits were my original focus, but then I started having the %Rising-Artists contest prompt in mind. So it turned into an entry for the contest XD;
Candid moment b/c it's just like a random snapshot of Draco and Rei's lives at the greenhouse? (I'm not really sure what the greenhouse looks like or the associated buildings interior so I made a rough guess with the bkg)

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, SAI

Reisei (c) =Goddess-Anubis
Draco Vesylia (c) myself
Redilion Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
Hi! Your art was featured in my journal here!…
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh wow thanks! <3
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November 17, 2013
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