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AoH - Spring Fashion - Sefem 1 by Aisuryuu AoH - Spring Fashion - Sefem 1 by Aisuryuu

Something IC and practical for him first |D; [tough deciding on a bkg so I just painted in the first thing that popped to mind]

He has a specific tailor he goes to for clothing, the same one who designed his pirate costume for the ball. This is the outfit she made with Sefem's comforts in mind. But she's pretty pushy and seems to find it exciting to dress up Sefem so he has [another outfit] (he got for a discounted price, and because he opted to buy it this above outfit was also discounted) that I'll be working on getting finished up soon.

This is mostly designed with rain in mind more than "homg SUN, I must bare much skin!" Seeing how spring and fall are so short in his region they kinda blend right into summer. Not to mention his "summer" is more like spring weather to most other regions (and is also very short lived. Winter takes up like 3/4 of the year) XD;;; So for Sefem "spring" is more known by "rain season" than anything else.

The capelet is removable and the hood is attached to the caplet. I do have lines for the jacket under the capelet so I'll try get a ref sheet showing that and a sketch of the back up at a later date when I have more time. I'll also have to include the custom gloves I've given Sefem.
They aren't fingerless gloves but I have a certain design to them so that he can wear them and put them on over his claws without needing to use shapeshifting magic.

Tools: Wacom Pen and Touch Bamboo tablet, SAI (Photoshop for cropping the bkg to the right size)

Sefem Sonak (c) myself
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April 17, 2015
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