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AoH - Sefem's Halloween Dancehall costume by Aisuryuu AoH - Sefem's Halloween Dancehall costume by Aisuryuu
Points to Azureus Please!

ha ha I know you can't really tell without colour (which I'll add later) but this is Sefem cosplaying as Draco |D;

Long story short he was told for Halloween you dress up as something scary by human standards. In a seemingly doomed to fail attempt to try trick spirits you aren't who you really are?
Sefem couldn't really think of anything "scary" per se... so he just tried to imitate Draco b/c that's the scariest thing he could think of dressing up as XD; Because he's scared of dragons, and he also already has an Azu uniform he can use |D all he really had to do was change the way he styled his hair, colour his hair navy blue, paint his scales, and add on a spade shaped like Draco's to his tail tip!

Sefem did go to the dance! He didn't stay for the entire first session. So He didn't get caught up in the Silhouette Dancer drama. Hearing about it ensured he wouldn't go to part 2 as well XD;
But he did go to the first part for a bit with Talim, and as he was leaving he gratefully met Ara |3 He also was introduced to Noin who was with Ara.

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tabler, SAI

Sefem, Draco (c) myself
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November 10, 2013
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