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AoH - Sefem Sonak - S7 - Winter by Aisuryuu AoH - Sefem Sonak - S7 - Winter by Aisuryuu

Okay well... I ended up getting sick then being too busy in the fall to draw and upload his fall outfit |D;
I did get to his winter outfit!
In truth I wasn't too sure what to do for his new winter outfit.
somehow I ended up with something I really didn't expect in the least!
And quite honestly I ended up drawing inspiration from Uryuu Ishida if that wasn't obvious XD;

Gave him cross belts so he has something to attach pouches or bags to if he needs them.
Tried something a little different as opposed to a caplet. He still needed a hood. Somehow it turned into some kind of vest thing?
The white top is something of outdoor clothing so he could wear just that outside and be relatively okay. He just feels rather naked if he's outside and doesn't have the option of a hood. He also tends to use his hood like an extra pocket if he's not using it XD;
But trying to put tops on him is always a challenge because of his wings and the webbing going so far down his back and having a tail...

Tools: Wacom Pen & Touch Bamboo tablet

Sefem Sonak (c) myself
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NaitomeIya Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess it's about time his seamstress/fashion designer/something stop making him wear feminine clothes? 8D //hitt
According to what I remember he has this friend that likes giving him such-- I could be mistaken though O)-<
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Puffy it's his seamstress at the marketplace yeah. She has a penchant for wanting to dress him feminine. He finds female fashion uncomfortable and impractical but has let her have her way because she intentionally makes the feminine designs cheaper.

His seamstress friend left the academy I think. The mun basically left dA altogether anyway.

But yeah it can be hard to design for him because he prefers to have something easy to move in, something that covers most of his skin, and something that can handle the winds of him flying around so much. And because he os an ice mage I try use as little metal as possible while keeping his clothing appropriate to the groups fantasy era theme.
NaitomeIya Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oohh I didn't think there are so many things to consider in designing his clothes! Still, I'm impressed that you're still somehow able to pull it off without making the designs look too simple. OuO
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Whether it's clothes or plot aspects I put this level of thought into any and all writing/design aspects of any project I work on. Of course I can appreciate crack, but I prioritize consistency and what would be reasonably in character over what would be fun or cool if it conflicts with IC too strongly.

Sefem grew up in a very cold climate where there is snow 10 months of the year. So it goes without saying he's just used to being covered and wearing thicker clothing (because he'd mostly end up wearing furs and leathers being considered part of a more "primative" society). His culture also doesn't have strong gender roles so there aren't really gender inclusive or exclusive things, let alone something so strongly binary as male-only or female-only without an option for something other than the two. That and a lot of fashion is more centered around function as opposed to aesthetics or social rebellion in his culture. So it ends up being he can't relate very well to "modern" or other cultures that are too dissimilar to his.
He was also a fisher by trade. But he doubled as a hunter. So not only is he used to being covered to protect from the elements, but he also is used to wearing something that is durable and doesn't impede his movements. (He and Talim also tend to procure their own resources and supplies. Meaning they do a lot of hunting/fishing/gathering and don't rely on shops or other people for their personal needs. They do trade with others, but that is more for social reasons like helping out people or for convenience of them doing less work so they can focus on other things instead of them not being able to be independent enough to take care of themselves.)
Most female fashion tends to be impede movement, just not cover very much skin, or have numerous superfluous accessories. So that's the only reason he's not fond of it. It has nothing to do with binary gender social limitations or expectations.
Even male fashion that would limit his movements or have a needlessly complicated design wouldn't be his thing. I mean for the Sakura Festival he picked the most "boring" Yukata because the others were too hard on his eyes by being either too busy or bright.

I also just make the personal choice to try pick more simplistic designs because it means less work for me. Sure it might be nice from an illustration POV to do a one-off design that's exceedingly detailed or complicated. But seeing how I focus more on comics or consecutive works I would prefer to use and have to constantly redraw designs that don't take forever each panel or every time I draw the character in the designs I made myself.
NaitomeIya Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhhh so his homeland culture is a bit reminiscent of Eskimo life. That's pretty interesting to know. >u<d

Ah, I know that feel! Picking simplistic designs because it means less work! That's actually what most theater film animations do too. They keep the designs simple so they can focus on cranking up the frame rate of the animation without working the animators too hard and therefore wasting so much time, effort and money. And me, as a person who takes pride on her animation friendly art style, prefers simplistic designs too.
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, just so you know the term Eskimo is considered an offensive name to use to refer to them. At least in Canada. Inuit is preferred.
But yes I drew a lot f inspiration from them for Sefem's culture. I figured that might be obvious, or at least his apparent similarty by coincidence to the Water Tribe in AtlA. It is mostly because he is Azureus that he wears so much blue and therefore bears resemblance since they were also similar to the Inuit. Otherwise he would normally be wearing natural leathers rather than blue or black dyed ones.

Yeah, I know that about animation. The same is true for most sequential art. And because AoH was originally suppose to be comic focused I would keep designs appropriate for sequential art. Though it seems more foucs has shifted to RP with little increase compared to the opening of the group for advice on how to help people improve their comic making skills, and more broad acceptance of illustrations as well as expectancce to RP or socialize in chat. Still, I joined AoH more for self-paced comic improvement over RPing and bandwagon jumping. It was a while ago but we had brought up before how offering more helpful critique and advice on improving your art or sequential art or even writing would be nice because originally AoH was suppose to be an art/comic improvement group with low pressure and an option to RP, it seems like shifting focus to RP, chat activity/socializing, and staff building/running their own plot for the group is what happened.
NaitomeIya Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh I didn't know that. _(<:3 / L)_ Thanks for the correction! Ahhh I guess the reading I'm doing around the net's still not enough. I tend to discover cultural connotations of words only through wikis and stuff.

IDK, probably the reason behind AoH suddenly becoming more RP focused is because most of its members were at one point more focused at it too. //shrugs
Aisuryuu Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No prblem! But yeah, I find even online information about Canada is sparse or not very reliable. Let alone something like First Nations and Inuit information. Even when I was in First Nations studies for Anthropology in college the textnooks or sources weren't always correct or had lacking information. it is rather disheartening to have your instructior looking to you for filling in the gaps or corrections because the text books are innacurate, seeing how we were paying for the classes and noto getting paid to teah or assist. But at leatFirst  Nations studies exits as a course now.

Well that is probably because we kept having large months long gaps that were filled with member driven RPing because there was no activity from staff for the group during those hiatus, and there was nothing else we could do but RP together since members can't really  contribute to plot development without having existing ties to staff IF they can be reached, or wrapping up events/starters that get left incomplete or forgotten by who started them. So the shift happened more as a way for us to keep the group alive than a conscious choice on members wanting more RPing over art improvement. And a lack of staff driven art assistance with more focus on "activity" over quality art production would naturally lend itself to less incentive to strive to improve art on your own when so much effort is put into being "active" and the quality of your art or rate of improvement is not a factor for activity judgment. Especially with generally short deadlines it is just less stressful to do an illustration than try finish an entire comic because warning for events is not given very far in advance, especially if events are released around finals, the beginning of classes starting, or holidays.
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