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AoH - Sefem Sonak - S5 Ref by Aisuryuu AoH - Sefem Sonak - S5 Ref by Aisuryuu

Rough reference of my new character!
He's [hopefully] going to be replacing Draco for AoH this semester.

Name: Sefem Sonak
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Cool Gray-Blue (black slit pupil)

Personality: After the hardship he's endured recently he is a melancholic and very quiet. He mostly keeps to himself and tends to be nervous around others. He is afraid of how people will react to his appearance, but also afraid of bumping them accidentally with his wings or tail because he still feels awkward with them. He is honest and slightly curious. He may tend to be off on his own investigating something that has caught his attention or just watching things around him from a distance. If he can get himself to calm down he enjoys listening to stories, but is not quite as open to sharing stories of his own. Growing up in a very small and very isolated village he tends to get very interested in things he has never seen before.
Though he can be a little cautious around the use of magic and is not fond of overly liberal use of spells or resources. Wanton destruction or spontaneous explosions especially can actually trigger him into a panic.

Brief History: He heard about Academy of Heroes from Lucien, whose son is a former student. When rejected by his village after becoming a chimera Sefem decided to try and attend Academy of Heroes because of Lucien's encouragement. By attending he hopes to try learn to use magic and hopefully find a way to gain the trust of his village and so he can return as someone they can depend on.

Abilities: He comes from a family of fishermen so he knows how to net and spear fish. He knows how to use a spear for some combat, but his focus was on how to know how to use it for fishing. He knows a little bit about trapping so he can also use snares and is a decent tracker in the wilderness. He has a slight affinity for Ice Eden but does not know how to use magic. He has a bit of a chill that sits across his skin. This chill seems to help him withstand chilly environments comfortably and he tends to prefer cold climates. It can help insulate him in warm temperature, but if the heat slips past or exhausts his natural barrier he is sensitive to the heat and is more likely to get ill. When startled or excited his scales and wings can either emit a flash of light, glow brightly, or appear invisible. They don't actually disappear, they just seem to turn invisible. These reactions are a defense mechanism/instinct from the Ice Lizard he was mixed with. He also has enhanced night vision (eyes glow in the dark) and hearing. So he can find loud noises or bright light gives him a headache. His tail is fairly strong despite it's size. It can crush small rocks and crystals.
Notes: He hasn't had his wings for very long so he's VERY awkward with them still. He tries to keep them to himself but his motor control isn't that great with it yet. So he can extend or move them unconsciously at times. He's a little better at controlling his tail, but has to be careful if he wraps it around anything to keep from crushing it by mistake. He is from a cold climate, which is why he has fur trimming on his clothing and the hood. He also has a fear of dragons, something he's hoping to overcome.

[He's got the gloves on to help him keep his retractable claws from being used accidentally |D;]
I still might edit change some things.

tools: Wacom bamboo tablet, SAI

Sefem Sonak (c) me
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August 8, 2013
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