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AoH - S3 Final Exam - p.4 by Aisuryuu AoH - S3 Final Exam - p.4 by Aisuryuu

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Script RPed by Anu, Wulf, and myself


Chance: Wait... Where can we expect the monroth?
Draco: I'm not sure where it is, but over to our right seems to be quit3e a mess where it must haev smashed up some of the library.
Chance: Yeah, the messed it up pretty badly... but let's just worry about getting other people moved. I can carry three at a time, so it should move quickly.

Chance: Think we'll be able to save most of the books?
Draco: I really hpe we can. It would be such a loss to lose too many. I hope Rei remembers not to be too reckless.
Chance: She'll be fine... she's a strong gal.
Draco: I have faith in her strength. It's her sense of judgement I can sometimes worry about.
Chance: Well, let's just hope that holds true...

Draco: The other two are this way.
Chance: 'kay, then we go look for Rei, got it?
Draco: Agreed

Draco: Chance, I think we should hurry. Reisei has sent her phoenix to us.

Chance: Ho' shit. Let's go drop off these peeps then, and then get to Rei.

Draco: It said there is no hurry, but I think getting there quickly is better.

Draco: The shadow technique Reisei told us about because of the poison?

Draco: Chance, she wants us to cast our shadows over ourselves to protect against the poison.
We go this way.

Chance: Holy fuck

Chance: We're boned...

Sketch, paneling by =Goddess-Anubis
line work by me

Chance (c) =GLIECo
Reisei (c) =Goddess-Anubis
Draco (c) myself
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