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AoH - S3 Final Exam - p.3 by Aisuryuu AoH - S3 Final Exam - p.3 by Aisuryuu

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Third page of exam

We Roleplayed out most of the script, Wulf, Anu, and myself that is.


Chance: So... What else are we looking for anyway?
Draco: We should keep alert in case we run into one of those Monroth's I expect.
Chance: Oh, the big things. Got it. I'll pull out the whips and chains if you two need it restrained.

Chance: Well, now quite that, but vines, at least. They can't be too big...
Draco: thank you, chance. That would be greatly appreciated. Though I heard they were between 40 and 60 feet in height.
Chance: Oh. Balls. Well, they are big. Christ.
Draco: Yes, so if possible I would prefer to avoid needing to engage them. But with three of us I'm sure we should be able to handle it to an extent.
Rei: If binds are needed I can assist as well.
Chance:what was that...

Chance: Where do we take 'em?
Draco: There was a clear area not far from here.
Chance: 'kay, lead the way, Draco, you see better than I can.

Draco: This way.
Chance: Crap... Horns.

Chance: Hmph.

Draco: I think Reisei needs help moving those she's taking care of..
Chance: She might want to lay off on trying to move them.

Draco: We can probably leave them over there for now.
Chance. Alright, who's next?

sketch, paneling by =Goddess-Anubis
linework by myself

Chance (c) =GLIECo
Reisei (c) =Goddess-Anubis
Draco (c) myself
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