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AoH - Pocky Game by Aisuryuu AoH - Pocky Game by Aisuryuu
Original Base:

Was browsing art on dA, saw someone the base thumnailed above. When I looked at the original base... I thought the skin tone and height difference fit Draco and Reisei perfectly.

I was hesitant to post this onto dA, and it's not going to the club because it wouldn't get us any points [Anu asked for me].
I feel the need to post something though. I have been working on things! Just... nothing I can post here yet |D; got a few projects on the go atm.

But yeah, they aren't really kissing. They were actually playing the pocky game. As Rei asked Draco about it. [Anu actually asked me first, and there was something of an RP about it maybe? I forget.] He said he'd never played it before, but he heard about it.
So then Rei asked if he wanted to try playing it with her. So he agreed.
By the time their lips touch they'd both have ended up wondering what the point of the game was XD; As neither of them would have broken the pocky stick so they'd be left standing there 'kissing' because neither of them are pulling away and losing.
And Draco would totally try using his tongue to steal the rest of the pocky Rei's got a hold on in an attempt to 'win'.
And... other than that the idea didn't develop any farther XD;
And yeah |D nothing really drastic happened as far as I can tell.

But the "pocky kiss" was a really old idea. I don't even remember when it happened tbh [do you remember Anu?].
But this image is new. I posted it on tumblr and according to that, I posted it two weeks ago |D

I had a really tough time trying to figure out what to draw Draco wearing. And I felt I had to add a little shading since he was in a dress shirt XD;
His hair was also difficult to figure out how to draw... as if I left his hair down it would've blocked their faces and everything |D;

Tools: Wacom Bamboo tablet, PureOrange Vancouver Canucks Optical mouse, SAI

Reisei (c) =Goddess-Anubis
Draco vesylia (c) myself
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August 20, 2011
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